Maman Cargo Terminals and Handling

Logistics and aviation services


Nehama Ronen, chairperson, Maman Cargo Terminals and Handling

Nehama Ronen


Boaz Zafrir, CEO, Maman Cargo Terminals and Handling

Boaz Zafrir



Maman Group is proud to be one of Israel's leading suppliers of logistics and aviation services. The companies of the Group specialize in a broad range of services for all aspects of supply chain management (SCM), from the cargo terminal at Ben Gurion Airport through SCM and third-party logistics (TPL) to ground-handling services for passengers and airlines.

Maman was established as a state-owned company in 1974 and privatized in 1989. The Company’s shares are traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Company’s major shareholder is Ta’avura Holdings Ltd. (~66%), controlled by the Livnat family, and Allied Logistics Ltd. (22%). These shareholders guarantee the Maman Group’s financial stability along with its many years of experience and know-how in all areas of the logistics industry. Although the companies in the Group are managed independently, their interfacing areas of activity allow sharing of resources, professional know-how and experience, which create a synergy that guarantees customers the highest quality and reliability in the one-stop-shop format. The Group headquarters is responsible for the exploitation of these synergies and ensures dependable, flexible, and continuous solutions for all projects irrespective of their scope or complexity.

Maman Group utilizes advanced computerized technology and innovative logistics equipment to ensure that it is available to its customers 24 hours a day. Notwithstanding these technical capabilities, Maman’s most powerful asset is its staff. The Group’s dedicated employees pay close attention to the logistics and business challenges facing their clients, and strive to provide an optimal response to each client’s personal needs.

Maman Cargo Terminals & Handling Ltd. – operates cargo terminal at Ben-Gurion Airport, providing a range of ground services for imports and exports of air cargo in Israel.

LogistiCare – provides a comprehensive range of logistics services required for SCM, while meeting the highest standards and aspiring to excellence and constant improvement. Logisticare is operating a new sea port terminal at the back of Ashdod port.

LogistiCare Bonded – a wholly owned subsidiary of LogistiCare that provides bonded warehouse services.

Globus Packing & International Shipping Ltd. – held by Maman (51%) jointly with a second investor. At various sites throughout Israel, Globus engages in the planning and production of packaging, relocation of personal belongings, forwarding, packing and storing of artworks, storage, picking, sampling, transportation and packaging of hazardous materials, relocation of production lines and general logistics services.

Archives 2000 – specializes in storage, retrieval of material, and scanning documents. The company facilitates efficient and convenient management of stored records, while saving effort and resources.

Laufer Aviation GHI – the leading company in Israel in providing ground handling services for aviation companies and VIP services for individual passengers. the company held by Maman Group (58.5%).

Maman Aviation – specializes in providing outsourcing services for aviation companies. Provides general sales agent (GSA) services for passengers and cargo to aviation companies, as well as ground arrangements and packages for the independent traveler.

Tal Limousine Service – supplies transportation services to Ben-Gurion Airport from all parts of the country, as well as transportation services in over 300 airports in the world.

IsraLimo – Israel’s main provider of luxury transport and car rental services with a fleet of luxurious brands including private cars, jeeps and limousines.

IBT-Maman – Romanian logistic company held (65%) by Maman. Provides comprehensive range of logistics services: warehousing, distribution, customs clearance, forwarding, value added services and more. Operates across east and central Europe.

Maman Euro Logistics s.r.o. – manages and operates an advanced logistics site in the Czech Republic, near the border with Germany.

KLP Maman – provides security and loss prevention services to leading companies and organizations worldwide.

M.T.R. Railway Industry Enterprises Company (1999) Ltd. – At its manufacturing site in Dimona, M.T.R.  engages in the repair, maintenance, refurbishment, production and assembly of railway equipment.

Merchavim Tal – holds the concession to operate parking lots at Ben Gurion Airport. Held 49% by Tal Limousine.

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