Malam–Team Ltd.

Wide ranging Advanced Services in the IT Sector from product sales and support Project Implementation, Consultancy, Outsourcing, Service Bureaus, Software Development, Communications & Sales to all Sectors of the Economy


Founding Year 1972
Address 7 Martin Gehl St., Kiryat Arie, Petach Tikva 4951254 - View Map
Phone 03-9278220/444
Fax 03-9219756
Email [email protected]
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Shlomo Eisenberg, Chairman of the Board, Malam–Team Ltd.

Shlomo Eisenberg

Chairman of the Board


Malam Team, the leading IT products and services group in Israel, supplies end-to-end computer solutions, while maintaining international standards of quality, service and professionalism. The Group combines innovation and decades of proven experience in implementing and integrating IT systems, via some 3,400 IT specialists in a range of IT areas, operating from the company's and clients' offices. Malam Team has strategic partnerships with international companies and is the representative for leading products in their fields.

Leading Executives

Shlomo Eisenberg

Chairman of the Board

Ilan Toker

Co. CEO & Senior Executive of the Finance Dept.

Udi Weintraub

Co. CEO & CEO Team-Netcom

Zvi Brunner

V.P. Technologies

Eldar BruckMeyer


Subsidiary Executives

Uri Salah

General Manager Malam Payroll

Dudu Getler

General Manager Comtec

Shmulik Rosental

General Manager Eltel

Zeev Kroizman

General Manager Mckit

Dani Marom

General Manager Most

Avi Norman

General Manager TIE

Malam Team Group’s Range of Solutions
Software & Projects:
Malam Systems has significant experience in designing, implementing and integrating software solutions and adapting them to an organization’s needs and requirements. These solutions are based on off-the-shelf products or software development including: Digital and upgrades, solutions designed for transportation, billing, documents management, import/export systems, information management, regulation, core banking, homeland security, municipal systems, Microsoft CRM solutions , Salesforce based solutions and more. The company is also one of Israel’s five leading SAP integrators. In addition, the Group is also engaged in providing advanced cloud and big data solutions, mobile systems, and social communications systems.

For many years, Malam Team led the outsourcing solutions and managed services sector with great expertise and professionalism. Malam Teams highly effective outsourcing solutions include; a quality and professional response to all enterprise computer needs, substantial savings in resources, and management time while maintaining high service levels and the ability to focus on core business without computer concerns.

The Team Infrastructure Division designs and supplies Computer Systems solutions, offers a complete package of services – combining needs analysis, planning, defining, establishing central and auxiliary systems for the highest critical mission levels of durability and availability including installation of software and data base management infrastructures. The service includes inventory management, control & supervision, managing systems performance, capacity planning, future growth analysis, while utilizing leading edge technology products. The Division provides computer solutions including products that are integrated from fore than 30 international vendors such as Dell EMC, HPE, Oracle and Lenovo.

Cyber & Networking:
Team’s Security and Cyber Division is a leader in Israel’s Security and Cyber arena. Tens of experts in this field integrate solutions from leading vendors and provide consulting, service and support. This division caters to all business sectors. The communications group works alongside the security and cyber team to insure advanced and secured communications.

Cloud Works:
Malam Team is very well positioned to lead cloud adoption in Israel. CloudWorks, was founded in order to focus Malam Team’s expertise in software development, integration, security, cyber, high availability and systems management on cloud adoption. CloudWorks is involved in the establishment of private and hybrid clouds (Cloud Builders)both on our customers’ premises or in our datacenter in Jerusalem, deployment to public clouds such as AWS and Azure and support for customers in incorporating the most advanced and optimal cloud tools available.
The Group also operates a secure and efficient datacenter where many mission critical customers host their server farms and private clouds.

Multidisciplinary Projects:
The combined abilities and expertise of the various subsidiaries in the Group enable Malam Team to provide large multidisciplinary solutions such as a country-wide traffic enforcement system, the National Customs and Foreign Trade system or and the National elections system.

Technology Center:
Malam systems has the largest and most diverse technology center in the Israeli market with experts providing full technological responses to developing enterprise software systems and infrastructures from architecture and planning, to collecting and processing data.

Advanced Printing and Imaging:
Team provides comprehensive printing solutions combining high-performance capability, reliability, service and adaptation to the changing demands of organizations.

Service and Support:
Team’s Home Technical Services Department operates as a support unit for organizations and provides clients with a full package of solutions and services in the life cycle of an organization’s information systems. Professionalism, excellence, and uncompromising service quality are the company’s cornerstone, while understanding the customer and adapting solutions to their changing needs and uses with the best mix of global methodology in maintaining servers, stations, operating systems, central storage systems, and auxiliary equipment.

Malam Team has subsidiaries specializing in unique technologies and solutions complementing the Group’s main areas of activity and act as an integral part of the company’s business operations: Malam Systems, Team and Team Software, Malam Payroll, Malam Provident funds and pensions, Comtec, Eltel,BeNoam Technologies, MalamTeam Transportation, Mertens Hoffman, Mckit Systems, Most, 4CAST, and TIE.

Strategic Partners
AWS HPE Microsoft
Cisco VMware NetApp
Checkpoint Lenovo Veritas
Fireglass CA Paloalto
salesforce Kana Oracle
CITRIX Imperva McAfee
Fortinet HP Ricoh
InfoBuild Intel Qlikview Veeam
Symantec Juniper Fireeye
Waterfall OpenText Webfocus
Autodesk Microfocus TRAPX
Brocade Agilepoint k2

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