Malam–Team Ltd.

Wide ranging Advanced Services in the IT Sector from product sales and support Project Implementation, Consultancy, Outsourcing, Service Bureaus, Software Development, Communications & Sales to all Sectors of the Economy


Founding Year 1972
Address 7 Martin Gehl St., Kiryat Arie, Petach Tikva 4951254 - View Map
Phone 03-9278220/444
Fax 03-9219756
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Shlomo Eisenberg, Chairman of the Board, Malam–Team Ltd.

Shlomo Eisenberg

Chairman of the Board

About Malam–Team Ltd.

Malam Team, the leading IT services group in Israel, provides a variety of end-to-end computing solutions in the field of information technology, while meeting international quality, service and professional standards. Malam Team is the most diversified systems integration group in Israel. The group combines innovation and decades of proven experience in the area of establishing, implementing and integrating information systems with the assistance of about 3,700 experts in a variety of information technologies disciplines, deployed either on the company's premises, cloud or customer facilities throughout the country. Each of the business units specializes in unique areas, whose integration as an integrated solution gives the highest added value to the customer. Malam Team has strategic partnerships with all of the leading worldwide IT vendors and manufacturers and thus it represents advanced solutions in their field.

Leading Executives

Shlomo Eisenberg

Chairman of the Board

Ilan Toker

Co. CEO & Senior Executive of the Finance Dept.

Udi Weintraub


Moti Pinhas

V.P. Technologies

 Eldar BruckMeyer


 Subsidiary Executives

Uri Salah

General Manager Malam Payroll

 Dudu Getler

General Manager Comtec

 Shmulik Rosental

General Manager Eltel

 General Manager Mckit

 Dani Marom

General Manager Most

Avi Norman

General Manager TIE

Malam Team Group’s Solutions Portfolio
Software Development
Malam Team has extensive experience in designing and implementing software solutions and applications on various platforms and customizing them to the needs of each organization, while using a systemic vision and proven methodology in project planning and implementation. The company offers solutions and products that are adapted to the business processes of all sectors of the economy, based on off-the-shelf products or development, including: Digital based solutions and modernization solutions, dedicated solutions in the vertical fields of transportation, billing, for document and workflow management, customs and foreign trade, knowledge management solutions, GRC, core banking, treasury management, municipal sector, Microsoft-based CRM solutions, Salesforce and more.
In addition, Malam Team is one of the leading implementers in Israel in the area of SAP ERP and under this framework we established Seidormalam, a company that specializes in cloud and digital solutions based on SAP.
The Group’s portfolio also includes advanced software solutions in the area of cloud, big data, information security, academic administration, training management and CAD.

Outsourcing and managed services
For years, Malam Team has been leading the field of outsourcing solutions and managed services with great expertise and professionalism, including the provision of expert services, via a team of experts with the highest levels of certification and Government security classification. Malam Team’s outsourcing solutions have many advantages, including a high quality and professional response to all organizational computing needs, significant savings in resources and management time while maintaining a high level of service that frees our customers to focus on developing their core business.

Infrastructure and integration
Malam Team specializes in the design, supply and integration of computer systems. In this framework, Malam Team offers the entire range of services: integration requirements analysis, planning, optimization and construction of central and distributed systems that require a very high level of survivability and availability, including the installation of information management infrastructure and databases.
The service includes inventory management, command and control, system performance management, capacity planning, analysis of future growth prospects using products that are at the forefront of technology. The company provides comprehensive computing solutions, including backup and storage, virtualization, design and implementation of advanced communications systems and more.

Cyber and Information Security
Malam Team’s expertise in implementing comprehensive technological solutions, along with the knowledge and skills acquired in the field, make us your choice in the world of cyber and information security and we are independent consultants of leading organizations.
Our cyber solutions portfolio includes: using the “Zero Trust” methodology for dealing with complex threats, advanced network security solutions, cloud and migration security solutions, SIEM SOC services and more.

The group offers comprehensive and end-to-end solutions, based on customized and tailored architecture and choosing the optimal technical infrastructure. This is accompanied by skilled professionals who accompany the project in all its stages, while providing a comprehensive solution throughout the life cycle of the project and the solution implemented.
Malam Team has extensive experience in establishing multi-system national projects for critical infrastructures such as Israel Customs, the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) national elections, the Histadrut Labor Union elections, the Municipal elections and more.

Cloud and DevOps
The Malam Team Group offers a variety of solutions for a large variety of cloud configurations, and for all organizational needs. We specialize in cloud building, cloud computing, communications, information security and disaster recovery in the cloud.
The group has extensive experience in implementing cloud technologies, including private, hybrid and public cloud, as part of proven activity in the public clouds of AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as expertise in the worlds of DevOps.
The group has an innovative Cloud Datacenter that enables the establishment of a private and public cloud that provides an optimal and safe environment for all types of customers.

Malam Team is a major player in the digital world and offers a portfolio of diverse solutions and services for digital transformation. Starting, analyzing, designing and developing websites, using Piont Technologies’, one of our subsidiaries, alongside advanced development services in the Nearshore model using Malam Digital.

Malam Team has an impressive list of subsidiary companies that specialize in unique technologies and solutions that complement the group’s main areas of business and are an integral part of the company’s business structure: Malam Systems, Team Netcom, Team Software, Malam Payroll, Malam Providence Funds and Pensions, Comtech, Eltel, Noam Technologies, Malam Team Transportation, Malam Digital, Piont Technologies, Martens Hoffman, Mckit Systems, Most, Edusystems, Rashim, 4Cast, TIE, Automat-IT and

Strategic Partners
Dell AWS Cisco IBM
Microsoft VMware SAP HPE
Lenovo Checkpoint Salesforce Autodesk
Paloalto Fortinet Veritas CA
Fireglass Kana Oracle Impreva
CITRIX McAfee InfoBuild HP
Veeam Intel Qlikview Juniper
OpenText WebFocus Microfocus Agilepoint
Ricoh AuthO Workato Couchbase

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