Makor Haformaika Ltd.

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Founding Year 1978
Address 11 Shmuel Rozov St., Haifa Bay 3295331 - View Map
Phone 04-8811111
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Yaffa Pisso, Founder, Makor Haformaika Ltd.

Yaffa Pisso



The Makor Haformaika Ltd. Group imports, manufactures, coats, markets, and exports decorative wood panels for Israel's carpentry, design, kitchen, and furniture industries. The Group's unique combination of marketing raw materials, quality production, and customer service ensure its position as a major supplier of raw materials to the Israeli carpentry industry.

The Late Amram Pisso

Senior Executives
Meir Pisso

Yohay Pisso
Deputy CEO – Operations

The Group was founded in 1978 by the Pisso family. Over the last 40 years, starting from a small shop with a great vision, Makor Haformaika has championed excellence and has become the largest, most influential, and leading group in Israel in its field, both regarding product quality and unique clientele service.

Pisso Industries Group Ltd.
A subsidiary of Makor Haformaika, this unit serves as the Group’s industrial arm. Pisso Industries has the most advanced equipment and technology for paper impregnation. Today, Pisso Industries operates production lines of automatic presses for the production and coating of melamine laminates, lacquer, veneer, Formica, as well as specialty acrylic materials as requested.
Moreover, Pisso Industries has veneer production lines and impregnation lines for varnishing and melamine paper, enabling it complete flexibility in supplying its product range directly to its clientele all over Israel, within 24 hours of receiving an order. Thus, Pisso Industries enjoys a competitive advantage, which gives its exclusive status in the local market.

P.V.B. Adhesives Ltd.
A subsidiary of Makor Haformaika, this company serves as the Group’s commercial arm. P.V.B. Adhesives imports and exports raw materials and related equipment, which are sold to furniture and kitchen manufacturers.

M.M.B. Makor Wood Trade Ltd.
A subsidiary of Makor Haformaika, this company is involved in the marketing and distribution to the end user of products of the Pisso Industries Group and markets products imported by P.V.B. Adhesives Ltd. The company’s marketing department has many sales managers as well as a nationwide distribution network which operates a large fleet of trucks.

Pisso (2000) Real Estate Ltd.
This Company holds the Group’s real estate assets, leasing land and buildings to other companies of the Group.

Contributing to the Community
Makor Haformaika takes part in a rehabilitation project for released prisoners. As part of this process, the Company employs, promotes and cultivates this group to ensure a meaningful process for each and every one of them.
In addition, the Company has employees from disadvantaged population groups, who arrive through the National Insurance Institute. The Company also employs young army veterans as part of a preferred work project.

Environmental Quality
Makor Haformaika works diligently and uncompromisingly on recycling and protecting the environment. Since 2007, the plant has used wood waste to generate heat for the plant’s work processes. The leftover wood or broken surfaces reach the plant, are disassembled into smaller pieces and then are redirected to an automatic fire system that can regulate the required amount of wood products with the appropriate volume of air. The wood is channeled to generate energy, and thus reduces the use of polluting fuels.

* All Group products meet the required standards.

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