Mahamid Tawfik Ltd.

Development and Construction


Founding Year 1984
Address P.O.B. 4384, Umm al-Fahem 3001000 - View Map
Phone 04-6313784, 04-6115300
Fax 04-6313783, 04-6115311
Email [email protected]


Mahmoud Mahamid, Chief Executive Officer, Mahamid Tawfik Ltd.

Mahmoud Mahamid

Chief Executive Officer

Ibrahim Mahamid, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mahamid Tawfik Ltd.

Ibrahim Mahamid

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Hassan Mahamid, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mahamid Tawfik Ltd.

Hassan Mahamid

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed Mahamid, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mahamid Tawfik Ltd.

Ahmed Mahamid

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tawfik Mahamid, Company Presidint, Mahamid Tawfik Ltd.

Tawfik Mahamid

Company Presidint

About Mahamid Tawfik Ltd.

Mahamid Tawfik Ltd. was established in 1984 by Mahamid Tawfik. The Company is a construction company with a reputation, reliability and professionalism recognized throughout Israel, and builds throughout Israel.

The Company specializes in projects:

For the public sector: schools, educational centers, sports facilities, university campuses, and colleges.

For the public sector: railway stations.

For the private sector: saturated construction projects, detached homes, and residential towers.

  • The Company employs engineers, project managers, supervisors, and work teams that are among the best in the national labor market.
  • The Company has a dedicated quality assurance and control division.
  • The Company offers its customers quality work, with close follow on the execution and delivery processes.
  • The Company promotes safety at work, by using professional safety supervisors, along with a daily follow-up on safety rules.
  • The Company works with registered contractors and business owners, who hold the necessary national registration certificates.
  • The Company’s suppliers are certified for their quality standards and supply the Company with the best products available in the national and international markets.

Among the many projects completed by the Company for local authorities:

  • The Kfar Saba Educational Center,
  • 3 Educational Centers in Modi’in,
  • 4 Educational Centers in Rehovot,
  • 3 Educational Centers in Ness Ziona.
  • Various other educational centers with schools, classrooms, laboratories, sports centers, playing fields, dormitories, and all related development work.

The Company has also completed large national projects, such as Modi’in’s City Square, with promenades, tunnels, connecting bridges and connections to 4 other large projects; as well as three railway stations, with platforms, buildings, aboveground and underground passageways, overpasses, and tunnels.

The Company has also built campuses and science buildings such as:

Al-Qasemi College in 2002, over an area of 40,000 square meters, with underground parking lots; administrative buildings; classrooms; advanced structural work; advanced technology, physics, biology, and chemistry laboratory buildings; covering an area of 10,000 square meters.

The Ruppin Academic College, with classrooms, laboratories, administrative buildings, covering an area of 10,000 square meters.

Huge sports and cultural venues: such as a sports hall at Carmel Beach, Baka el-Garbiya, the Begin Educational Center in Netanya, the National Gymnasium in Remez – Kfar Saba, a gymnasium in Kfar Saba, and the Ness Ziona Sports Hall.

The Company also builds saturated construction projects:

4,000 housing units in Harish; 1,200 housing units in Karmei Gat; 300 housing units in Neve Zemer-Ra’anana; 500 single-family homes at Ha’ma’apil, Na’an, Ga’ash, and Mishmarot kibbutzim, 238 housing units in Harish, along with Sapir Civil Engineering and Development Ltd.

Projects developed by the Company:

The Company has been involved in the infrastructure and development work for all building elements of the following projects:

  • The Euro Tower – 126 housing units–the Europe Exit, in Haifa.
  • An office building in Umm al-Fahm.

The Company is now in contact with the most influential players in the market to promote national projects for government ministries, the Ministry of Housing and Transport, the Ministry of Defense and others.

Recently, the Company has worked with international companies as subcontractors on frame finishing and infrastructure works.

The Company has 10 BOT projects in process, which include entire towns, public buildings such as municipalities and colleges, roads, tunnels, and bridges.

The Company also owns foreign companies involved in production facilities for concrete, iron, and tools.

The Company also owns other buildings such as entertainment centers, buildings for rental, and luxurious office buildings.

The Company is now working on plans for housing structures in saturated construction and residential towers to solve the housing problem in the Arab sector.

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