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Michal Liban-Kooby, Advocate and Notary Founder and Firm Head, Liban-Kooby Law Office

Michal Liban-Kooby

Advocate and Notary Founder and Firm Head

Moshe Avraham, Advocate and Notary, Liban-Kooby Law Office

Moshe Avraham

Advocate and Notary

Gilad Bergson, Advocate, Liban-Kooby Law Office

Gilad Bergson



Liban-Kooby Law Office is a leading boutique firm in urban renewal, specializing in representing residents in evacuation-reconstruction and TAMA 38 projects. The Firm is also involved in the real estate and commercial areas, including mergers and acquisitions, specializing in communications and the environment. The Firm practices in civil-commercial litigation and labor law, and represents employee organizations. The Firm has particular expertise in election law and the representation of city council members who are running in the elections. The Firm was founded by Michal Liban-Kooby in 1995 and has accumulated strong and unique experience in representing residents and house committees in various types of projects.

Advocate Michal Liban Kooby

Adv. Liban-Kooby is a member of the Israel Bar Association and received her LL.B. (Cum Laude) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1988, and has served actively since 1989.

She interned with the Honorable Judge Eliezer Goldberg at the Supreme Court, worked on the Elections Committee for the 12th Knesset, and at Haberman, Dovev Stern Law Office, where she also worked for two years, specializing in election law and real estate. Later on, she partnered at Avital Dromi, a law firm specializing in telecommunications and real estate.

Adv. Liban-Kooby served five years as legal counsel for Packer Steel and Negev Ceramics, both Israeli public companies.

Adv. Liban-Kooby was a founder of the “Green Yehud” non-profit association, which has for years fought for the preservation of open spaces and public integrity. She has also served as a member of the Yehud Municipal Council, the Yehud Monosson Planning and Construction Subcommittee, and as a member of the Yehud High School Board of Directors.

Adv. Liban-Kooby is a graduate of the Heschel Sustainability Fellowship Program, which is engaged in training social-environmental leadership to create a sustainable society and a better future in Israel.

She was active in the Open Line for the Prevention of Discrimination at Work and is an editor of “The Status of Women in Society and Law” published by Schocken Publishing.

The Firm’s Areas of Practice:

Real Estate and Urban Renewal

Real estate is a central area of the Firm legal practice. The Firm is a pioneer in urban renewal, and since 2004, Adv. Liban-Kooby has been involved in this area and accumulated wide and varied experience.

All Firm employees offer personal access to apartment owners, alongside uncompromised professionalism. The Firm is proud that apartment owners in evacuation-reconstruction projects represented by the Firm in Petah Tikva and Yehud have already received their new apartments, and that other projects across Israel are in very advanced stages of licensing.

The Firm has proven experience in the organization of owners, management of the entrepreneur selection process, negotiations of an agreement and realization of the project, including agreements with the banking system and receipt of collateral.

The Firm’s projects are well distributed throughout the country, from Kiryat Malachi in the south to Pardes Hanna, and include many projects in Jerusalem, Petah Tikva, Ramle, Givat Shmuel, Ramat Ha’Sharon, Yehud, Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv.

Besides representing owners in transactions, the Firm has experience in litigation, including proceedings at the courts, before the Supervisor of Condominiums, and in the planning institutions.

The Commercial-Civil Area

The Firm deals with various civil-commercial law issues while accompanying business owners from the stage of setting up the business, drafting all agreements required for this purpose, and ongoing professional legal guidance and services in all areas of activity.

Among the Firm’s clients are companies in the fields of communications, environment and recycling, tourism, sports, and a wide range of small and large businesses.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In recent years, the Firm has represented many small and mid-sized businesses that have merged or were sold, in a wide range of business fields,  such as an aluminum business, importers of dental equipment, metalworking, and electronic devices.

Election Law; Local Authorities

Adv. Liban-Kooby has unique experience in electoral law, which includes practical experience as a member of a city council, and in the representation of mayors and council members during the election period. Her experience includes ongoing counseling and appearing in front of the Central Elections Committee and other legal proceedings. Moreover, Adv. Avraham has extensive experience in advising local authorities, especially in Tenders.

Labor Law

For years, the Firm has represented employees and labor organizations in labor law. Among the highly publicized disputes that the Firm has handled – the representation of Bank Tefahot employees in its merger with Mizrahi Bank, the representation of the postal agents, the workers’ committee of the community centers, the workers’ representatives at the Haifa and Ashdod ports, and the representation of Moti Gilat against Yedioth Ahronot.


The Firm is dedicated to professional service, reliability, efficiency and personal attention while adapting to client needs. The Firm’s advocates are engaged in ongoing consultation, drafting agreements and managing claims and legal proceedings in all judicial instances, including arbitration and mediation. The Firm cooperates with the best experts in various fields, including architects, real estate appraisers, engineers, economists and tax experts.

The Firm takes pride in its contribution to society, working on behalf of the weaker sectors of the population and providing free legal service to the needy. With its over 30 years of experience in the civil-commercial law field, the Firm is a pioneer in the field of urban renewal, with a particular specialization in representing residents.

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