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Founding Year 1985
Address 150 Menachem Begin St., We Tower, 10th fl., Tel Aviv 6492105 - View Map
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Levy Tyller, Nardia, Har-Zvi, Braz & Co., operates in the fields of civil-commercial law and is one of Israel's leading firms in its areas of expertise. The firm was founded in 1985 by Adv. Dorit Levy Tyller, who was later joined by Advocates Mor Nardia, Lior Har-Zvi and Ran Braz. The firm is comprised of 12 lawyers and a supporting staff, and resides on 150 Menachem Begin Rd., WE Tower, at the heart of Tel Aviv's business center, and with close proximity to the courts.

Main Areas of Practice
Liquidations, Receiverships, Creditors’ Settlements, Company Recovery & Bankruptcies: Extensive experience in insolvency, enforcing bonds and realizing collaterals, realizing complex and special land and real estate assets, appointments as receivers, and executives on behalf of banks as creditors and courts as liquidators in a range of roles and range of areas including as active receivers and recovery arrangements. Formulating creditors’ settlements and stay-of-proceedings requests, trustees in stays of proceedings and creditors settlements. The firm serves as receivers, liquidators, and trustees in bankruptcies for organizations and individuals in a range of areas in all district courts and as part of debt collection. The firm provides comprehensive consultancy to banks in complex insolvency cases and represents companies in Israel and abroad in acquiring assets through insolvency procedures. In addition, the firm represents Tax Authorities in the process of insolvency and disposal of properties in receivership.
Real Estate, Urban Renewal and Tama 38: For decades the firm has handled private and huge commercial sales and individual real estate deals. The firm represents and assists residents and entrepreneurs with implementing Tama 38 projects. The firm represents the Israel Lands Administration, Nature and Parks Authority, businesses, private contractors and others in real estate sales and purchase deals, handling betterment tax, and property management. The firm represents banks in realizing private and commercial real estate assets, large and small, coordinates private real estate deals, handles development deals and master-plans, combination deals, supports contractors and advises in drawing up agreements for bank support in construction.
Banking: The firm represents Israel’s largest banks: Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, Discount Bank, Mercantile Discount Bank, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, Union Bank, First Int’l Bank, UBank, and Industrial Development Bank. The firm represents Israel’s banks in complex litigation on a range of banking topics in law-suits filed to collect problem debts, realizing mortgages and bonds and representing banks in lawsuits against them. The firm has achieved important legal precedents and major successes in all courts including the Supreme Court.
Litigation: The firm is rich in experience in court and arbitration debates including the High Court of Justice and Supreme Court in business disputes, financial lawsuits, employee lawsuits and labor relations, contractual and banking suits, administrative and tenders petitions, companies law and insolvency proceedings. The firm represents those suing and being sued in civil, financial and contractual suits, temporary injunctions including exclusion orders, temporary impounding, conducting intermediary proceedings and filing civil petitions. The firm manages complex trials in all courts and before arbitrators in civil, commercial and banking and has recorded thousands of appearances and significant precedents in a range of topics.
Commercial Law & Deals: Highly experienced in close legal support to companies, large and small, and business consultancy – routine commerce: deals, legal opinions about relations with suppliers, customers and employees, drawing up legal agreements, contracts, correspondence, participating in tenders, M&As, etc.

Dorit Levy Tyller: Founding Partner and renowned expert in insolvency, appointed in hundreds of receivership, liquidation and stay-of-proceedings cases including the most complex. A graduate of Tel Aviv University (LL.B.) and Bar Ilan University (LL.M.), commercial law. Member of the Israel Bar since 1981 with experience in civil-commercial law firms and the TASE Legal Department. A graduate of the Israel Bar arbitrators course and other advanced study courses focusing on the firm’s areas of practice.
Mor Nardia: Partner, Head of Insolvency Department. A graduate of the Law School of the College of Management (cum laude) and Member of the Israeli Bar since 2000 and the New York Bar since 2006. Engaged in companies law, banking and insolvency topics: liquidations, creditors’ settlements, receivership, and bankruptcy. A graduate of the Israel Bar course in receivership and company liquidations and in securities at the Meytav College for the Capital Market as well as diplomas from the Israel Bar in real estate taxation and drawing up agreements.
Lior Har-Zvi: Partner, Head of Banking, Litigation, and Finance Department. A graduate of law from the College of Management and Member of the Bar since 1997. MBA. Coordinates all the firm’s litigation matters. Rich experience and proficiency in close support for large and medium-sized companies, handling tenders, labor law, deals, banking and civil and commercial litigation.
Ran Braz: Managing Partner, Head of the Real Estate, Urban Renewal and TAMA 38. A graduate of Tel Aviv University (LL.B.) and Member of the Israel Bar since 2004. Manages the firm’s real estate and urban renewal department. An impressive record in representing and supporting sales deals including handling complex deals such as buyers groups, TAMA 38 (earthquake-proofing), combination deals, clearing, and building, realizing lots, etc.

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