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Founding Year 1994
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About Krief Group

The Krief Group specializes in providing logistics services for commercial cargoes, and international shipments, using the "ONE STOP SHOP" business model. The Group represents many airline and shipping companies and is among Israel's top ten leading companies in its sector.

Organizational Structure – Krief Group:
The Krief Group currently includes the following companies:
• Krief Group Ltd. – a privately held holding company.
• Krief Albatros Ltd. – a privately held company, providing international delivery services. Krief Albatros is the exclusive Israeli representative of JAS, a leader in international freight forwarding. The company provides a full range of import and export services whether by air or sea, as well as handling customs clearing and logistics.
• GCX Global Courier Express Ltd. – a privately held company for worldwide courier services. Specializes in E-Commerce shipments around the world, including customs clearance. GCX is Israel’s only company that holds the Standards Institution of Israel’s ISO 9001:2015 certification for E-Commerce.
• Krief Marine and General Insurance Agency Ltd. – a privately held company that provides insurance services for cargo imports and exports, general and liability insurance for businesses, vehicles, homes, health, nursing, etc.
• Rom Top Aviation Ltd. – a privately held company, providing GSA services to foreign airlines.
• Mara Shipping Ltd. – a shipping agency, privately held company, with expertise in Ro-Ro services. Mara Shipping represents several shipping agencies and provides its services to a wide range of customers specialized in the field of automotive and trailed imports.
• Ultimate Business Logistics Ltd. – A privately held company, specializing in logistics projects for infrastructure, power stations, energy and tunnel, oil and gas drillings.
• Visa Facilities Center Ltd. – a privately held company, providing services and logistics for the issue of entry visas to foreign countries, in close contact with foreign embassies in Israel.
• I.S. Europe Investments Ltd. – a property and investment company.

Stability along with Financial Strength
The Krief Group is a stable and financially sound concern, building on management’s consistent and rational approach to managing credit, allocating resources, and maintaining a strong capital position. A veteran and highly skilled workforce also contribute to the Group’s robust standing. The Krief Group boasts employees who began their professional careers with it when it was established. Management invests heavily in professional training for employees and provides for country-specific training in the countries where the Group operates. Many employees have been certified in international training during their tenure with the Krief Group. Employee promotions are dependent on their skills and perseverance.

Strategy for Success
The Krief Group has long been ranked among the top five leaders in its sector. Reuven and Irit Krief credit their success to long-term vision, dedication, and a bold outlook, which has characterized Krief’s operations since inception. The Krief Group’s investments in advanced IT systems and professional and high-quality staff has supported its successes.
From Krief’s early beginnings, its founders understood from the outset that they would not bring the Group to the next level by remaining static in international shipping exclusively and developed a “One Stop Shop” for vertical integration for logistics solutions. This approach led to the Krief Group’s entry into the previously untapped courier sector, forcing them to compete with well-established, large international companies.
The Krief Group has become professional in the vehicles sector, Government Logistics Services (GLS), gas, oil, and energy logistics projects, including the construction of power stations, and has become a leader in these fields.

With an Eye Towards the Future
The Krief Group differentiates itself by taking a creative approach with a long-term view while understanding global market changes and adapting them to the Israeli market. The Group has succeeded in developing significant and close ties with many influential global players. In addition, the Krief Group offers logistic solutions in the US market, and to promote its capabilities and service in this market, opened its Israel Desk in New York, headed by Eilam Yaari. Drawing on its extensive and proven experience in both the commercial and security fields, and through all branches of the JAS network, found throughout North America, Krief can provide solutions geared for classified military cargo.

The Krief Group has identified the growth engines of the Israeli economy and has already trained professional teams specializing in the gas, oil, and energy sectors. It has set up and worked with power stations and offshore drilling rigs in conjunction with projects involving ship leasing and air charters. This provides a global response via supply chain management platforms. Krief delivers dedicated solutions for this sector while building dedicated work processes with the appropriate customs units and authorities relevant to complicated logistics, integrating land, air and sea while providing services to foreign teams in shortened time frames.

Community Service
A culture of giving and assisting the community is well entrenched at Krief and takes the form of donations to non-profit organizations, financing summer camps for children from low-income families, or acquiring and distributing food parcels to indigent families, in cooperation with Krief Group staff. Furthermore,the Group has given substantial donations to several special units of different hospitals across Israel.

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