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Roy Blecher, Founding Partner, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co., Law Firm

Roy Blecher

Founding Partner

Noga Rubinstein, Founding Partner, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co., Law Firm

Noga Rubinstein

Founding Partner

Amit Krispin, Founding Partner, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co., Law Firm

Amit Krispin

Founding Partner

About Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co., Law Firm

Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher ("KRB" or "Firm") specializes in solving complex issues and providing clients with top-notch legal services, efficiently and resourcefully, with the continuous personal and direct involvement of the Firm's senior partners, all to give the clients a comprehensive, professional and prompt response to their legal needs. Each of the departments in KRB is managed by a leading attorney in his/her field – Attorney Amit Krispin, who coordinates the energy and infrastructure sector; Attorney Noga Rubinstein, who coordinates a variety of regulatory fields; Attorney Roy Blecher, who coordinates the litigation field; Attorney Andrey Nickel, who coordinates the firm's competition activity; and Attorney Arye Liany, who specializes in real estate and in the execution of infrastructure projects in developing countries.

Energy and Infrastructure
Energy and infrastructure are significant fields of the Firm’s professional practice. KRB is considered one of Israel’s leading firms in this field. Attorney Amit Krispin is head of the Firm’s energy and infrastructure team and is considered one of the leading factors in shaping the Israeli energy economy and its regulatory framework.
KRB counsels most of the leading entities and flagship projects in the field, including power plants (conventional and renewable energy), construction and operation of natural gas distribution infrastructures, transactions for the acquisition of natural gas, as well as advising contractors and infrastructure companies. The knowledge and experience gained by the Firm over the years enables it to provide in-depth consultation at all stages of the project, both in the legal and business aspects.
The Firm provides a complete basket of services, from representation before regulatory bodies, through involvement in energy and infrastructure tenders, statutory procedures, and drafting of all project-related agreements such as EPC, O&M, natural gas procurement, PPA and financing.
Our Firm also has expertise in foreign infrastructure projects, and in particular with respect to projects in developing countries. This activity is managed by Adv. Arye Liany, a 25 year veteran which among others served as the General Counsel to leading publicly traded companies.

KRB specializes in the tender-aspects of large infrastructure projects, in particular in the energy and infrastructure fields, as well as in BOT, PPP and PFI projects. The Firm has a unique experience, both in the representation of public-government sector entities, which are the significant factors in the tender field and in the representation of private-sector entities that are submitting their tender bids.
As part of the public sector consulting, the Firm’s team plays a significant role at various tender committees, in drafting tender documents, determining the terms of tender preconditions, determining the criteria for selecting the winning bids, drafting the contracts, in the discussions of the tender committees, examining compliance with the threshold conditions and in ranking the bids.

Commercial and Corporate Law
KRB’s commercial team, also headed by Amit Krispin, provides its clients with ongoing legal counsel regarding all commercial activities. The firm works closely with each client’s management team to assist them in their day-to-day business activities, as well as in the formation and execution of complex local and international commercial transactions, responding promptly to any matter that surfaces, all the while taking into account all unique aspects about the client’s business. The Firm’s legal team has extensive experience in providing legal support to clients in a wide range of industries, including some of the largest corporate groups in Israel that regularly work with the Firm.
KRB takes part in complex international transactions while maintaining regular contact with the relevant government authorities and providing a full-care package to its clients in all regulatory aspects. KRB’s attorneys also advise as a matter of routine, companies and directors regarding corporate conduct, including corporate governance, financing, joint ventures, commercial transactions, mergers, and acquisitions.

KRB’s administrative team, headed by Attorney Noga Rubinstein, provides strategic advice in a variety of economic-regulation areas. Among the Firm’s clients are some of the most centralized entities in Israel, including banking and finance, infrastructure, transportation, health, food, mail, communications and media. In addition, KRB also specializes in privacy and data protection.

Competition Law
KRB is considered one of Israel’s leading legal offices in competition law. In particular, the Firm is known for its close working relationship with the Israel Competition Authority and its ability to achieve optimal results through its “out of the box” thinking. KRB’s legal team has extensive experience in consulting regarding various competitive aspects arising from its clients’ commercial activities, including advice to corporate-monopolistic entities, and approval of transactions requiring the support of the Head of the Israel Competition Authority, such as mergers and restrictive arrangements. In addition, the team is intensively engaged in the Centralization Law, the Food Law and the formulation of competitive methodologies vis-à-vis said Authority.
Attorney Andre Nickel, a Firm Partner and head of the Competition department, previously served as a team leader at the Competition Authority.

KRB’s knowledge of the communications and telecommunications field is well-known. The field is complex and has undergone, and is still undergoing, significant changes. KRB’s team routinely monitors government decisions and hearings and has experience in identifying emerging regulatory changes and resultant consequences. Inter alia, the Firm represents its clients at the relevant government bodies, including the Ministry of Communications, the various councils and public authorities who oversee the media and advise on emerging tenders.
Attorney Noga Rubinstein, head of the Firm’s communications team, served for six years as Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Communications, where, inter alia, she was responsible for significant reforms in the field.

Litigation and Conflict Resolution
KRB represents Israeli and international companies, as well as critical businesspeople and senior officials from the public sector. Its legal expertise, along with business expertise, allows it to strive for dispute resolution in a creative, efficient, and short-term manner.
The head of the Firm’s litigation team, Attorney Roy Blecher, is one of the most prominent litigators in Israel. He handles the department’s cases at all stages of representation, aided by the Firm’s well-experienced legal team. The department’s key areas of activity include:
Administrative litigation – the Firm handles complex administrative disputes and represents clients at all judicial instances, including the High Court.
Corporate and commercial litigation – the Firm handles a wide range of complex legal issues, including class actions, international litigation and arbitration, competition law litigation, internet litigation, and real estate litigation.
White-Collar – the Firm represents senior executives from the business and public sectors in criminal cases, in matters such as securities, competition, taxation, and money laundering, as well as representing clients before government and military investigative committees and hearings and proceedings relating to national security.

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