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Founding Year 2017
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Roy Blecher, Founding Partner, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co., Law Firm

Roy Blecher

Founding Partner

Noga Rubinstein, Founding Partner, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co., Law Firm

Noga Rubinstein

Founding Partner

Amit Krispin, Founding Partner, Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co., Law Firm

Amit Krispin

Founding Partner

About Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co., Law Firm

Krispin, Rubinstein, Blecher & Co. Law Firm was founded by four founding partners, each of which a leading advocate in their particular field - Adv. Amit Krispin in energy and infrastructures, Adv. Sagit Chen in commercial and corporate law, Adv. Noga Rubinstein in regulation and competition, and Adv. Roy Blecher in litigation and dispute resolution. The Firm provides its clients with a complete basket of legal services regarding their commercial and business activities. Among the Firm's clients are public, private and government companies, international companies operating in Israel, public entities and institutional investors, all active in a wide range of fields and among the top business leaders in Israel.

About the Firm
The Firm’s advocates and partners offer the highest level of legal services, effectively and creatively, with the personal involvement of the senior partners. The cooperation between the various legal teams enables the Firm’s clients, some of which are Israel’s largest companies, to benefit from dedicated, efficient and professional legal services, based on professional knowledge, experience and expertise.

Areas of Expertise:
Energy and Infrastructures – the Firm has taken part in the design of regulation and in implementing significant reforms in Israel’s energy market and advice for many energy projects, including conventional private power stations, as well as advanced technologies such as renewable energy. Additionally, counseling in the construction and operation of infrastructures for natural gas distribution, natural gas purchase and transmission agreements, tender procedures, contractors, infrastructure companies, and more.
Among the firm’s clients are Enlight (Ta’anach Settlements); the Dorot and Haluziot projects; Canadian Solar Inc., one of the world’s largest solar companies in a joint venture with Menora Mivtachim Energy Ltd.; Dorad Energy Ltd.; Ramat Negev Energy Ltd. and more.
Regulation and Competition – comprehensive strategic legal advice vis-à-vis regulation and competition in the communications, banking, food, pharmaceuticals, health, transportation and antitrust sectors, consultation in the formulation of initiatives and obtaining approvals of the relevant authorities from the beginning of the regulatory processes, while analyzing the relevant regulatory fields of activity; strategic consulting in economic regulation in the banking and financial sectors and in the infrastructures and services sectors, including transportation, health, food, postal, communications, privacy protection and databases; providing legal opinions on economic regulation for administrative and civil proceedings, including class actions; involvement in administrative enforcement proceedings with supervisory bodies and conflict of interest arrangements, “cooling-off” procedures, and more. Advice for companies and international law firms on regulation and antitrust matters in Israel and counsel for Israeli companies involved in international transactions, regarding the management of regulatory processes abroad.
Antitrust – representation before the Antitrust Authority, legal proceedings before the Antitrust Tribunal and before civil courts in claims for causes of action under the Antitrust Law; counsel for leading companies on antitrust matters in merger and acquisition transactions and restrictive trade law representation in claims of dominant status, and in investigations and examinations performed by the Antitrust Authority. Recently, the firm represented before the Strum Committee and the Committee for Increasing Competition in Banking and Financial Services.
The firm also represented (along with the Agmon & Co. Law Office) before the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on the conduct of the financial system in credit arrangements for large borrowers; the firm also represented Delek Group; Harel Insurance Company; Clal Group; Discount Bank; Israir; Soglowek; Machsanei Ha’Shuk; IDE Technologies; the firm represented Tnuva in deliberations over the price of regulated dairy products.
Communications – Adv. Noga Rubinstein has served as Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Communications and was responsible for significant reforms in the Israeli communications market. The firm advises leading companies in the fields of communications, telecommunications, and broadcasting on complex regulatory issues, as well as licensing, mergers and acquisitions, transfers of control, local and international transactions, financing, privacy and information security, regulation and competition, etc. Among the firm’s clients are the commercial television channels, HOT, Cellcom, Verizon, Nati Saidoff (who expressed interest in acquiring Eurocom, Bezeq’s parent company) as well as employees of Hadashot 10 and more.
Administrative Law – representation before government authorities, administrative courts and the High Court of Justice; advice at state commissions of inquiry, public examination committees, parliamentary committees and administrative hearings before various authorities; advice on complex issues in administrative law vis-à-vis license tenders, franchises and permits; Antitrust law; taxation; planning and building; communication; education; infrastructure; industry and government incentive programs; counsel for individuals from the public sector, including public administration and conflicts of interests.
Legislation – the firm participated in designing the legislative framework for various projects and issues, representing before government authorities; representation of government ministries and government companies in the promotion of legislation proceedings and arrangement laws, with an emphasis on national infrastructures, road systems, infrastructures and communications; Accompaniment of legislative changes, enactment of regulations and orders, legal opinions and more.
Commercial and Corporate Law – the firm specializes in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, hi-tech, tenders; representation in complex commercial transactions in the fields of energy, transportation, banking and industry, from the early stages of the initial agreements, establishment of the company, preparation and handling of capital issues, loan agreements, investment agreements, intellectual property, employment agreements, etc.
Litigation and Dispute Resolution – Adv. Blecher, who specializes in civil, commercial, administrative, criminal and disciplinary litigation, is one of Israel’s leading advocates, representing high profile defendants as well as private and public bodies in litigation and dispute resolution proceedings.
Administrative Litigation – representation in complex administrative disputes in all relevant judicial instances, including the High Court of Justice. Among the firm’s clients are leading companies in the energy, infrastructure, communications, broadcasting and industrial field.
Corporate and Commercial Litigation – the firm’s legal and business expertise allows for effective and comprehensive conflict resolution, using sophisticated and creative legal tools. Representation of Israeli and international companies, key business people and senior officials from the public sector; counsel on complex commercial litigation issues; corporate litigation in public companies; class actions; international litigation and arbitration; business restrictions; internet; real estate and more.
White Collar – representation of senior business and public sector executives in securities, antitrust, taxation and money laundering, security and national security offenses and more; representation before government and military commissions of inquiry and national security procedures; advising companies on designing compliance programs for the preventions of bribery of foreign public servants and advising companies and individuals on investigations of such offenses; accompanying witnesses and suspects in judicial proceedings involving foreign enforcement authorities.
Among the firm’s clients: Israeli Military Industries; Caesar Stone (representation in commercial arbitration proceedings in South Africa); Dor Gas Exploration (representation in a class action); Beeper Communications (representation in petitions concerning tenders); representing the residents of the new Ramat Aviv neighborhood in a petition to the High Court of Justice, etc.

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