Klil Industries Ltd.

Development, design, manufacture, and marketing of custom-designed windows and sophisticated aluminum systems for building and industry


Founding Year 1950
Address P.O.B. 659, East Industrial Zone, Carmiel 2161601 - View Map
Phone 04-9900201
Fax 04-9900255
Email [email protected]
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Arie (Richi) Richtman, CEO, Klil Industries Ltd.

Arie (Richi) Richtman


Yoni Robinson, Deputy CEO, CFO, Klil Industries Ltd.

Yoni Robinson

Deputy CEO, CFO

Tzur Dabush, Chairman of the Board, Klil Industries Ltd.

Tzur Dabush

Chairman of the Board


Klil Leads the Design of Aluminum Windows and Doors in Israel – Klil was established in 1950 and now has over 300 employees, with a plant in Carmiel. The Company's shares were initially issued to the public in 1981, and are now traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, under the Tel Aviv 90 and 125 Indices. Daboosh Investments Ltd. holds over 62% of Klil's shares, with the rest held by institutional bodies and the public.

Roll Profile Ltd., a Klil subsidiary, develops and manufactures shading solutions.
Klil holds an exclusive license to manufacture and market aluminum products and systems made by ALCOA – the world’s largest aluminum manufacturer.

Super Brands
Klil was once again recognized, for the fourth consecutive year, as an Israeli “Super Brand” by Super Brands, a global organization. Every year, the organization runs a broad consumer survey, and its choice reflects a firm trust in the Klil brand by Israeli consumers.
Klil develops, designs, manufactures and markets advanced aluminum systems for buildings and industry, according to the strictest of standards – windows, doors, curtain walls, shutters, railings, interior partitions, and various profiles according to customer demand.
Klil’s development department, which includes product designer launches, each year, innovative and advanced products and services, with an emphasis on providing unique solutions in niche products and the field of green construction.
Klil holds hundreds of registered patents and designs and is the leading Israeli company in the registration of the newest designs per year.

Seven Year Warranty
Klil provides customers with an extended seven-year warranty (according to warranty conditions). Private customers enjoy professional advice when choosing the windows for their homes; and receive confirmation that the work was done by a Klil-authorized installer,, after verification by KLIL at the end of the project.
Extended warranty is the best way for a customer to be satisfied that he has received Klil windows, as they should be manufactured and installed, and to enjoy a reliable and functioning product over the years.

“Bauhaus” by Klil
The popularity of the “Bauhaus” international style in Israel has led to the development of “Bauhaus” windows. The series includes minimalist windows, narrow lines, square corners and symmetry in a new division style. The series products are noted for functionality with the possibility of advanced insulating glazing, which also provides advantages of green building, because of the increased demand for energetic and acoustically insulated glazing. The unique development process has been termed the “360° Design”.
The two facades of the window have received design attention resulting in their clean, minimalist look. The system is very versatile and can display a wide variety of styles by choosing the correct divisions and shades.

Klil Door
Custom designed interior doors, made to measure, waterproof, and made of acoustically insulating materials. The sophisticated design allows for a unique design for each door using a variety of fashionable Formica, wallpaper, and glass combinations in a variety of luxurious finishes and easy replacement of the design with a change of the door cover only.

Klil Glass
Advanced solutions in glazing that provide advantages such as acoustic insulation, thermal, or energy insulation. With the smart planning of home systems, the customer can enjoy quiet in a noisy living area and save on energy costs. Klil Glass is provided as part of the Klil systems, with a unique seal to ensure product authenticity.

Klil Control
Shutters, sophisticated motors, and control systems that enable the remote control of shutter operations, matched by climate and safety sensors.
Klil is the exclusive representative of NICE, a global company. Klil imports a wide range of NICE innovative products and integrates them in Klil products, under the “KlilControl” brand name.

Klil and the Environment
Klil is a member of Israel’s “Green Building Council” and complies with its most stringent standards for maintaining air and water quality and ecological manufacturing processes. During the manufacturing process, the emphasis is put on • Painting with no chromatic substances • The use of recycled materials • Operating electricity-saving systems. Klil is establishing a butterfly park as part of its visitors center, in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and the Carmiel Municipality.

Klil and the Community
Klil attaches great importance to supporting social institutions in the community in which it operates, the employment of workers from diverse populations and populations with special needs, purchasing “blue and white” (Israel-made) products, integration of social responsibility in the organization, promotion of technological education and worker development.
In 2018, Klil received the “attentive business” award given to organizations that care for stakeholders, including employees, managers, suppliers, customers, the environment and more, and not just the shareholders.

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