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Founding Year 2010
כתובת 3 Ha'Arad St., 4th Floor, Tel Aviv - View Map
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Gidi Rabinowitz, Managing Partner, .Keren Real Estate Ltd

Gidi Rabinowitz

Managing Partner

Yoav Moran, Managing Partner, .Keren Real Estate Ltd

Yoav Moran

Managing Partner


Keren Real Estate Ltd. is a well-known real estate company with proven achievements in development, design, and construction of quality residential projects in Israel. The Company is primarily involved in high-standard residential construction projects in the Gush Dan cities. The Company's founders bring many years of experience in the initiation, management, development, and construction of residential, commercial, office and industrial projects in Israel, Europe, and Canada.

The reputation and extensive experience acquired by Company management in over three decades of involvement in various fields of real estate serves for the development, execution, and marketing of projects that it is involved in. Keren Real Estate is involved throughout the entire process, from the initiation stage and up to completion of the warranty period.

The Company’s Vision
KEREN Real Estate brings the spirit of urban renewal to senior neighborhoods in Israel while improving the environment for the local residents and creating a supply of new apartments in city centers. The Company has espoused three key principles, which it has adopted since its inception:
• Creative initiatives, led by vision and courage
• Professionalism, quality, and reliability, without compromise
• Excellent service and personal care for the customer throughout the entire process

To maximize the viability of projects for customers, and in accordance with its social and environmental philosophy, Keren Real Estate selects senior high-demand locations with the highest opportunities both for local residents and for new buyers who are looking for new and luxurious housing solutions, ensuring the ultimate quality of life. The projects are located in high-demand, quiet and established neighborhoods, where the execution of the projects will benefit the new and current residents alike. The Company works in full cooperation with local authorities and employs the leading architects, engineers, and consultants. All Company projects receive full banking support.

Projects Completed and Populated
• “Keren B’Gan” – The project is located in Gan Rashal neighborhood and is one of the first urban renewal projects in Herzliya. The project was designed by Architect Kika Braz
• “Yisgav al Ha’Gan” in Tel Aviv’s North. The project was designed by Architect Gidi Bar Orian
• “Florentine East,” in Tel Aviv. The project was designed by Architect Gidi Bar Orian
• “Keren B’Giva’a” in Ramat Gan. The project was planned by Architect Danny Mu’allem
• “Tel Hai 30,” in Ramat Gan. The project was designed by Architect Danny Mu’allem
• “Keren in Ajami” in Jaffa. The project was designed by Architect Kislov – Kay
Projects under Construction
“Keren B’Simta” The project is located on Ha’Hashmonaim Street in Ramat Gan. The project is in final stages of construction. The project was designed by Architect Michaela Eitan

Future Projects
The Company is developing more projects, which are currently in the planning, building permit issuance and construction stages, some of which are:
Tel Aviv: 5 additional projects in the “Yisgav” neighborhood, on Olei Ha’Gardom, street; A project in the 4th quarter on Feibel street; A Project in Hadar Yosef on Kehilat Lodz street
Ramat Gan: on Had Nes, Ha’Biluim, Elimelech, Alumim, Hamaagal Streets.and more
In Givatayim’s Borochov neighborhood
In Herzliya in Gan Rashal neighborhood on Haalumim and Haneurim streets

Yoav Moran: formerly one of the owners of Mivnei Gazit, one of Israel’s most senior real estate companies. At the beginning of the decade, was one of the founders of the Neocity Group Ltd. (traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange), served as its CEO for many years. The company under his management carried out many large-scale projects in Europe.

Gidi Rabinovich: A Certified Public Accountant by training, who for many years managed some of the sector’s largest development and construction companies, including Mivnei Gazit, Rasco, and Ofer Brothers Investments.

Arledan Group: This group is managed by its CEO, Advocate Tzaly Reshef, who has been involved in real estate development projects in Israel and abroad for the past 40 years. In addition to real estate, Arledan is involved in the pharmaceutical industry, the import of electronic components for the hi-tech industry and investments focusing on corporate bonds, etc.

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