Joseph Jeshurun & Co. Advocate & Notary

Litigation, Commercial Law, Planning and Construction, Administrative Law, Urban Renewal, Real Estate/Real Estate Law, Maritime Law, Environmental Protection, Legal Collection, and Execution Services


Founding Year 1963
Address 5 Pal-Yam, PO Box 2233 Haifa 3102101- View Map
Phone 972-4-8556633
Fax 972-4-8556634
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Oren Katz, Adv. Senior Partner, Joseph Jeshurun & Co.  Advocate & Notary

Oren Katz

Adv. Senior Partner

Shahar Levinzon, Adv. Senior Partner, Joseph Jeshurun & Co.  Advocate & Notary

Shahar Levinzon

Adv. Senior Partner

Dan Savion, Adv. Senior Partner, Joseph Jeshurun & Co.  Advocate & Notary

Dan Savion

Adv. Senior Partner

Yasser Shahin, Adv. Partner Manager of the Sakhnin branch, Joseph Jeshurun & Co.  Advocate & Notary

Yasser Shahin

Adv. Partner Manager of the Sakhnin branch

Yoni Shalev-Riva, Adv Partner, Joseph Jeshurun & Co.  Advocate & Notary

Yoni Shalev-Riva

Adv Partner

About Joseph Jeshurun & Co. Advocate & Notary

Yosef Yeshurun & Co. was founded in 1963, by the Late Yosef Yeshurun. Later on, Oren Katz, Shachar Levinzon, and Dan Savion joined. The Firm specializes in litigation, commercial law, planning and construction, urban renewal, real estate and real estate law, maritime law, environmental protection, legal collection and enforcement, and has three branches- the main branch in Haifa, a branch in Sakhnin, and another branch in Tel Aviv.

Since 2013, the Yosef Yeshurun has been listed and ranked continuously by BdiCode and Dun’s 100 rating agencies as one of Israel’s leading law firms.

Commercial Litigation – Legal representation for government companies, public bodies, and private clients, in various disputes, including intellectual property.

Planning and Construction – The Firm offers representation before various planning institutions: local and district committees, appeal committees under the Planning and Construction Law, and the National Council. The Department regularly handles objections and multiple claims, including claims and appeals of expropriation and compensation under Section 197 of the Act.

Urban Renewal – legal representation in TAMA 38 projects and evacuation-construction projects, starting from examining the economic-legal feasibility of the project, representation before planning institutions and authorities, including advice on property rights and real estate taxation aspects.

Real Estate and Real Estate Law – The Firm represents contractors and entrepreneurial companies in all facets related to real estate projects, both in Israel and abroad.  The Firm also has proven experience in accompanying investors and entrepreneurs.

Maritime Law – The Firm has experience and a leading reputation in maritime law and maritime transport, in a variety of areas, including establishing a regulatory legal infrastructure for shipping companies, shipowners, customs brokers, ship arrests, property, and bodily injuries.

Environmental Law – For the past decade, the Firm has served as a prosecutor on behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in the Haifa and Northern Districts. The Firm has extensive experience in a variety of environmental areas – an experience that is currently available to its clients in the private sector.

Legal Collection Department – The Firm specializes in debt collection for public companies, governments and corporations – such as banks, Highway 6, insurance companies, etc.


The Firm represents a wide range of private clients, public institutions, government companies, government ministries,  including the Ministry of Justice (case management for state prosecutors, on behalf of government ministries and authorities, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Health, Sewage Infrastructure Development Administration, Derech Eretz (toll road franchise, Road 6), Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, the First International Bank, Mercantile Discount Bank, Clal, Menora, and Migdal Insurance Companies, Schocken Communications, Carmel Shipping (representative of COSCO, the Chinese company in Israel), the Mivna real estate group, the Opright-Lease leasing company and more.

The Partners

Adv. Oren Katz – senior partner, with over 20 years of experience. Recognized, in the past, as a worthy candidate for judicial office. His expertise is in administrative, civil-commercial, environmental protection.

Adv. Shachar Levinzon – senior partner, with over 20 years of experience. Provides legal advice and representation in real estate, civil-commercial, maritime law and more.

Adv. Dan Savion – Senior Partner, serves as a member of the Appeals Committee under the Property Tax Law and the Compensation Fund. Provides legal advice and representation in the field of debt collection and execution, civil-commercial law and more.

Adv. Yoni Shalev-Riva – Partner, Adv. Yoni Shalev Riva is an expert in civil-commercial and administrative litigation issues.

Adv. Yasser Shahin – Partner, Director of the Sakhnin Branch, holds a Master of Laws (“Law and Health” track) from the University of Haifa, worked at the Foreign Relations Department of the Supreme Court, and also served as a member of the Kiryat Hamishpat magazine’s editorial board. Deals with commercial law, banking, execution and real estate.

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