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Founding Year 2004
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Amit Ido, Partner, Jacob Spigelman & Co., Law Firm

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Jacob Spigelman, Partner, Jacob Spigelman & Co., Law Firm

Jacob Spigelman


About Jacob Spigelman & Co., Law Firm

Jacob Spigelman & Co. is a boutique law office specializing in the various aspects of commercial law. The Firm offers legal counsel and guidance to leading corporations, and private businesses in Israel and abroad. Among the Firm's clients are leading Israeli corporations in industry, real estate, retail, food, energy, infrastructure, and individual business people from Israel and the world. At the forefront of the Firm's goals - to provide valuable and professional service to clients, emphasizing close personal guidance throughout all stages of the legal process, as can only be achieved at a boutique law office. The Firm is led by its founding partner, Advocate Jacob Spigelman, who is directly involved in each case and is acknowledged as one of Israel's leading and most experienced lawyers in the commercial field.

Areas of Expertise
Commercial Law: The Firm advises corporations and businesspeople on a variety of aspects. The legal services provided by the Firm in commercial law include the formation of companies and partnerships; consulting, negotiating, and handling the acquisition, sale, and merger of corporations and businesses; capital investments; handling loans and other forms of financing; handling large banking financing arrangements; formulating various types of sales contracts and commercial agreements, including distribution agreements, agency agreements, concession agreements, supply agreements, product development agreements; employment agreements, including options and other forms of remuneration for employees and managers, and other matters related to companies and their businesses.
Insolvency – Liquidation, Receivership, and Corporate Rehabilitation: The Firm has extensive experience in liquidation work, receiverships, and various corporate rehabilitations. The Firm specializes in consulting and representing companies, lenders, and creditors in all insolvency proceedings and private clients in bankruptcy proceedings.
Real Estate: The Firm is involved in many real estate transactions such as residential construction, rental real estate projects, shopping malls, shopping centers, hotels, nursing homes, office towers, combination transactions, tenders, land acquisitions, the acquisition of buildings for residential and industrial purposes, evacuation-reconstruction projects and more. The Firm’s professional team, led by Jacob Spigelman, works with the client throughout all stages of the transaction, ranging from due diligence studies, negotiation management, risk identification, drafting of agreements, representation before financing and banking entities, planning and construction procedures and tax aspects – up to the registration of the transaction. The Firm has extensive experience counseling publicly traded real estate companies in Israel (listed on the Tel Aviv 35 index) and counsel for shopping centers and malls from the planning and construction stage to the relationship with tenants.
Litigation: The Firm represents its clients in all judicial instances, in business and civil disputes in all areas of commercial law – corporate law, contract law (including disputes involving domestic and international distribution and marketing contracts), labor law, real estate, insolvency, administrative law (including petitions to the High Court as well as administrative courts, representation before various government ministries and administrative authorities, including in the areas of tenders, licenses, permits, administrative decisions, and antitrust laws). The legal team also provides legal services to resolve disputes in arbitration and mediation proceedings, providing strategic advice to avoid the development of legal disputes.
Class Action Lawsuits: The Firm’s team has unique experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in class action lawsuits. The Firm represents plaintiffs in complex class actions in a wide range of areas – insurance, banking, consumer protection, antitrust, accessibility for disabled persons, corporate law, securities law, and more. The Firm has managed many files that ended in favor of group members and the public at large, at the stage of approval of the application as a class action.
As part of the Firm’s unique experience, the Firm represents corporations’ struggles against class-action lawsuits filed against them. The vast majority of class actions in which the Firm represented the defendants ended with the rejection of the approval application or the plaintiff’s departure from the application.

The Professional Team

Personal attention, professionalism, commitment and loyalty to the client, creativity, determination, and courage – these are the values that guide the Firm’s professional team. The Firm’s extraordinary successes are the outcome of these values.
Jacob Spigelman founded the Firm in 2004 and has headed it since. Adv. Spigelman has extensive knowledge and professional experience in many civil and commercial law areas that have made him one of the most experienced and leading lawyers in Israel over the years. His clients include the largest and leading entities in the Israeli economy – food and retail companies, property and construction companies, gas and energy companies, kibbutzim and moshavim, and represents all with dedication and professionalism. Adv. Spiegelman appears in complex litigation cases before all judicial instances.
Adv. Amit Ido deals with litigation and commercial law. He represents the Firm’s clients in various judicial cases in complex litigation, including class actions and derivative actions, insolvency proceedings, and business disputes. In the field of class actions, Adv. Ido represents in various areas such as banking, insurance, provident funds, antitrust, communications and securities. In addition, Adv. Ido has also represented some of Israel’s leading corporations in the defense of class actions filed against them.
Adv. Ido provides ongoing legal counsel and advice to companies, associations and business professionals on a variety of commercial matters, accompanying transactions and engagements while managing and negotiating, drafting and drawing up agreements, risk management and strategic consulting.
Adv. Shay Sinay deals with complex civil-commercial litigation issues in all branches of commercial law, with emphasis on the field of corporate law and business disputes conducted between companies and senior executives.
Adv. Achiya Rabinovich is involved in litigation and dispute management, representing legal cases and arbitrations in financial claims, real estate and commercial disputes, pre-litigation counseling and business crises, representation in derivative and class actions, litigation following insolvency and liquidation issues, administrative law and more.
Adv. Lital Cohen specializes in commercial law and complex insolvency proceedings and provides legal advice to various corporations regarding their ongoing activities.
Adv. Aviv Granot advises real estate clients in a wide range of real estate transactions. Adv. Granot has experience in complex and high-budget projects of construction and entrepreneurship, both for commercial and residential purposes.
Adv Ori Spiegel specializes in civil-commercial litigation cases, emphasizing class actions and various real estate-commercial disputes.

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