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Founding Year 1950
Address 3 Har Sinai St., Tel Aviv 6581603 - View Map
Phone 03-7130200
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About Isras Investment Company Ltd.

The Isras Group, one of Israel's largest and most senior real estate groups, specializes in the development, construction, and management of income-generating properties. The Group has some 110 employees and celebrates its many years of experience and hundreds of successful projects located throughout Israel.

Isras is a public company, and its shares are listed for trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, under the TA-125 Index. In 2019, the Group’s consolidated balance sheet totaled NIS 7.4 billion, shareholders’ equity totaled NIS 3.4 billion, and net income totaled NIS 562 million.

The Isras Group was founded some 70 years ago and is now one of Israel’s largest real estate groups. The Isras Group includes the following companies:
• Rassco–Company for Agricultural and Urban Settlement Ltd. (100% owned);
• GATI–Jerusalem Technology Park Ltd. (74% owned);
• Rassco Residential Ltd. (formerly “Ocif” Investment & Development Co. Ltd.) (100% owned);
• Ogen Real Estate Investment Yielding Ltd. (100% owned).

The Group has extensive strength and experience in the development, construction, and management of income-generating properties (through Isras, Ogen and GATI) and residential construction (through Rassco and Rassco Residences). The Group also holds substantial land reserves and building rights.
Isras, Ogen, and GATI–Income Generating Properties:
These companies hold over 650,000 square meters of properties for rental purposes. The properties include, inter alia, the Malha and Har Hotzvim technological parks in Jerusalem (through GATI); office and commercial parks in Ramat Ha’Chayal, Rehovot, Netanya, Petah Tikva, Holon, Ramat Gan, Rosh Ha’Ayin, Afula, Neve Ilan Jerusalem and more.
Isras also owns, through said companies – industrial and workshop buildings, as well as parking lots throughout Israel. The value of its income-generating properties is NIS 6 billion. The companies also have land and building rights for the construction of additional income-generating properties to cover 500,000 square meters.
GATI – Jerusalem Technology Park:
Among the park’s tenants are hi-tech companies, government offices, banks, institutions of higher learning and international communications networks.
Built-up area: 61 thousand square meters,
Occupancy rate: 99%,
Fair value: NIS 869 million,
Future rights: 32 thousand square meters.

Rassco – Company for Agricultural and Urban Settlement Ltd. and Rassco Residential Ltd. (Formerly Ocif):
These companies focus on the development and construction of hundreds of residential units in the in-demand areas of Jerusalem, Haifa, and Kiryat Tivon. The companies hold land reserves now in various planning stages for an additional 600 residential units. Moreover, the companies are involved in several urban renewal projects, now at various stages of finalization for 1,350 residential units.

“David’s Crown” – The Diamond in the Crown:
“David’s Crown” is one of the most prestigious and attractive projects in Jerusalem. The project was built on the former YMCA property and covers 31-dunams. Building rights are for 35,000 square meters for sale and rental. The project offers 140 deluxe residential units, along with offices, shopping areas, and hotels. Most properties have already been marketed and occupied.

Projects Under Construction:
• The Olivex complex, Kiryat Aryeh/Petah Tikva. Isras has rights covering 118,000 square meters. In the first stage, 62,000 square meters will be built up.
• An open commercial center in Kfar Ganim/Petah Tikva, covering 10,000 square meters. Occupancy is expected by 2021.
• Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem–expanding the existing complex by 38,000 square meters.
• Metro-Mall Park, Rehovot – close by the train station, increasing the existing park by 38,000 square meters.
• Tirat Ha’Carmel – during the first phase 15,000 of the 50,000 square meters available will be designated for employment and commerce

Other Selected Projects:
• Ogen Park in Netanya.
• Ogen Park in Ramat Ha’Hayal, Tel Aviv.
• Metro-Mall Park in Rehovot (close by the train station).
• Ogen Park in Rosh Ha’ayin, (Siebel).
• Ogen Park on Ha’Sivim Street, Petah Tikva.
• The Elbit-Elisra complex in Holon.
• The “D-Mall” Center – a business center in Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange complex. .
• Neve Ilan – telecommunications park
• GATI – Har Hotzvim – Jerusalem

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