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Cecilia Yitzhak, Chief Executive Officer, KONE Ltd.

Cecilia Yitzhak

Chief Executive Officer

Jakob Karmeli, Operations Director, KONE Ltd.

Jakob Karmeli

Operations Director

Sagie Koznitz, Service Director, KONE Ltd.

Sagie Koznitz

Service Director

About KONE Ltd.

Over time, we have experienced changes in the character of cities, from low rise to high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Soon, towers will contain entire cities, be taller, denser, more innovative, and have many uses.

Three significant trends affect the way of life for all of us and the real estate industry in particular: urbanization, sustainability, and technology. These areas developed and changed even before the Corona crisis, but the virus and its effects accelerated them.

The results will be seen in the coming years, when dense urban areas will require solutions to challenges associated with overpopulation, air pollution, economic viability and healthier and more efficient movement of people in space.

KONE provides technological solutions that add value to the life cycle of those buildings and towers, new and existing alike, and creates solutions that address these challenges: transporting many people and reducing congestion and crowds while adapting solutions suitable for smart cities, safe and healthy traffic in the urban space and for people who expect the environment will respond to their needs.

This is not an Elevator, This is a Digital Platform

The cities of the future are already characterized by digital connectivity, from the way we use home appliances, to the ways we move, to the way we use our free time. Buildings and elevators are changing from a mechanical product into a digital platform that delivers an experience.

Recently, in Israel KONE launched the first digital series of elevators in the world – KONE DX Class, which redefines the elevator experience with the help of built-in connectivity that creates a personal experience and improves the movement of people. It also makes it possible to connect any digital solution and external interface to the elevator, using a secure Application Programming Interface (“API”) and throughout the life of the building.

These elevators open up options to connect all of KONE’s digital solutions and any external interface, from apps, drones, robots, etc. that aim to make our lives easier, provide a personalized experience and improve the movement of people in space.

This connection will allow technology companies to adopt solutions that will provide a unique customer experience in the cities of tomorrow. This is how KONE helps make the building intelligent, relevant, flexible and up to date in decades to come – Future Proof.

To show the capabilities of the platform, KONE conducted an experiment in which it connected to a user a device used to record electrical activity in the brain. This device measured signals from the brain and the actions of neurons and taught the elevator to understand those signals. Thus, they operated the elevator only by the power of thought.

Today, there is room service using a robot that interfaces with an elevator at the Marriot EMC2 Hotel in Chicago, USA. Through this service, one can send a message to room service and a robot will take the order, call itself the elevator and reach the room door.

The platform contains all KONE’s digital services, such as the 24/7 Connected Services system that enables fault prediction and preventive maintenance that saves future resources before the failure interferes with the operation of the elevator; and the KONE Residential Flow solution for residential buildings, a smart and automatic entrance system that allows smooth movement from the main entrance to the target floor, with no waiting and any physical actions, remote control, viewing and managing guest entry and more. The digital experience also enters the elevator cabin with innovative materials that can repair themselves, antibacterial surfaces, and a design that varies from floor to floor, from hour to hour and from person to person.

New Solutions for Safe and Healthy Traffic in the Urban Space

Today, more than ever, in complexes and offices, the safety and health of people are becoming a key component. The solutions presented by KONE help with efficient mobility and reduce congestion, improve air quality in elevators, and reduce the need for direct contact with surfaces:

  • KONE Elevator AirPurifier – an air purification system for elevators, which improves the air quality in the elevator while destroying most potential pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, dust and odors. The system uses PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology developed by NASA to remove pollutants from space shuttles.
  • KONE Elevator Call – an application that allows people to order the elevator from anywhere near it, thus eliminating the need to touch the elevator buttons.
  • KONE Office Flow – a modular solution that is linked and adapted to the needs of the building and its users, and provides smart movement of people without hand contact and customized user experiences that make the office environment more attractive and efficient.

Over One Hundred Years of Experience

KONE is a Finnish public company, founded in 1910. The Company has been active in Israel for many years through the Israeli elevator company Israelift, established in 1961 which served as the official and exclusive distributor of KONE. In 2013, the collaboration matured into the acquisition of Israelift, which became an integral part of the global KONE, and in 2018, the brand name was officially adopted and became KONE Israel. Connecting the companies allowed for combining local knowledge and experience with the capabilities of a global corporation specializing in technology, innovation, and safety. The Company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and has eight development centers and seven manufacturing plants. In addition, the network has distributors in 140 countries. Kone has 60,000 employees, serving 500,000 customers in over sixty countries around the world.

World Leading Projects

Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, the tallest tower in the world, which will rise to a height of 1,000 meters; the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel towering over Singapore Bay; the prestigious Clock Tower Hotel in Mecca; Center Puli Greenland – an office tower that rises to a height of 300 meters, a huge mall in the ancient city of Jinan in China; the famous and unique 180 Brisbane Building in Australia; the Sky Tower in New Zealand, which is open to visitors all year round and rises to a height of 229 meters; and the Arena Stadium in Moscow, which was built to prepare for operating the elevators at temperatures expected to drop below 0 degrees Celsius.

Selected Projects In Israel

The new Microsoft Building in Herzliya; an 80-Story Tower on the Wix Campus in Tel Aviv; the Landmark Project in Tel Aviv’s Sarona district, the Gindi Complex in Tel Aviv; Menora Mivtachim in Ramat Gan; The 22 Rothschild Hotel, in Tel Aviv; Assuta Hospital in Ashdod; Alon Towers in Tel Aviv; the Mayer Building on Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv; the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Herzliya; the West Lagoon Hotel in Netanya; and many other projects. Kone has also won a tender published by NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. and will supply elevators and escalators to the red line of the Light Rail in Tel Aviv.

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