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Smart solutions for buildings: Elevators, Escalators, Monitoring and Access Control, Consultancy and Planning, Supply, Installation, Service and Maintenance


Founding Year 1961
Address 5 Ha'Melacha, P.O.B. 8026, Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya - View Map
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Ronit Sabbah, HR Director, KONE Israel KONE Ltd.

Ronit Sabbah

HR Director

Cecilia Yitzhak, Chief Executive Officer, KONE Israel KONE Ltd.

Cecilia Yitzhak

Chief Executive Officer

Odelia Alon, Chief Financial Officer, KONE Israel KONE Ltd.

Odelia Alon

Chief Financial Officer

Jakob Karmeli, Operations Director, KONE Israel KONE Ltd.

Jakob Karmeli

Operations Director

Sagie Koznitz, Service Director, KONE Israel KONE Ltd.

Sagie Koznitz

Service Director

About KONE Israel KONE Ltd.

KONE provides technological solutions that add value to the life cycle of buildings and towers, both new and existing, along with the development, production and supply of elevators, escalators and advanced service solutions.

In recent decades, society has been experiencing changes in the landscape of cities, from low-lying to high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, and soon, our towers will contain entire cities, which will be taller, denser, smarter and more useful.

The more attractive and connected cities become, the more significant the challenges.
KONE manufactures solutions that address these challenges: moving and balancing many people and reducing congestion while tailoring solutions appropriate for smart cities, and for people who expect the environment to respond to their needs.

This is not an elevator. This is a digital platform.
The great revolutions of recent years, that have brought new digital experiences to our world, have come not from applications but from platforms.
The cities of the future are already characterized by digital connectivity, from the way we use home appliances, the ways we move, to the way we spend our free time. Buildings and elevators are changing, from a mechanical product to a digital platform.
Recently, KONE Israel launched the first series of digital elevators in the world – KONE DX Class – which redefines the elevator experience with the help of built-in connectivity that creates a personal experience and improves people’s movement.
The platform transforms the elevator from a closed system into an open, dynamic and secure one and allows the elevator to connect all KONE digital solutions and third-party applications, such as drones, Amazon solutions, navigation apps and the like.

Any future external development will connect to the KONE DX Class interface and thus ensure that the building will be smart, relevant, flexible and up-to-date even in decades to come.
This connection will allow technology companies to apply solutions that will enable a unique customer experience in the cities of tomorrow.
Hotel room service is already being activated using a robot that interfaces with an elevator at Chicago’s Marriot Emc 2 hotel.
The platform holds all KONE digital services, such as “24/7 Connected Services” system that enables fault prediction, and undertakes preventive maintenance that saves future resources before the failure interferes with the elevator’s functioning; “KONE Residential Flow” solution for residential buildings, the smart and automatic entrance system that allows smooth movement from the main entrance to the destination floor, with no waiting and any physical actions, remote control, monitoring and managing guest entry and more. The digital experience also enters the elevator with innovative materials capable of repairing themselves, antibacterial surfaces, and a design that varies from floor to floor, from hour to hour and from person to person, virtually a unique travel experience.

New solutions for safe and healthy traffic in the urban space
With the reopening of complexes and offices, people’s safety and health is becoming a core component. The solutions offered by KONE help with efficient mobility and reduce congestion, improve air quality in elevators, and reduce the need for direct contact with surfaces:
• KONE Elevator AirPurifier to improve air quality in the elevator car by reducing most of the potential pollutants, like bacteria, viruses, dust and odors, in the air. It uses Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology developed by NASA for reducing contaminants from spacecraft cabins.
• KONE Handrail Sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to gradually disinfect escalator handrails. Continuous chemical-free cleaning happens inside the escalator, with no risk for passengers. Exposure to ultra-violet radiation helps remove and inhibit the reproduction of micro-organisms such as bacteria.
• KONE Elevator Call lets people call an elevator from anywhere nearby using an app on their smartphone. It works together with the KONE Flow app as well as selected social messaging apps on different mobile operating systems, completely removing the need to touch elevator buttons and screens.

Over 100 years of experience
KONE is a Finnish public company, founded in 1910. The Company has been active in Israel for many years through Isralift, an Israeli elevator company, which was established in 1961 and served as KONE’s Israel’s sole licensed provider. In 2013, this collaboration led to KONE’s acquisition of Isralift, which became an integral part of KONE global family. In 2018, the brand name was officially relaunched and became KONE Israel. Combining the two companies allowed for a combination of local knowledge and experience with the capabilities of a global corporation specializing in technology, innovation and safety.
The Company headquarter is located Helsinki , Finland, and operates eight development centers and seven production plants, along with a network of distributors in 140 countries. KONE employs 57,000 people who serve over 450,000 customers in more than 60 countries around the world.

Leading projects around the globe
The Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, which will soar to a height of more than one kilometer – the tallest building in the world; Greenland Puli Center in Jinan, China, a 300-meter office tower; the famous and unique 180 Brisbane in Australia; The Sky Tower in New Zealand, which rises 229 meters high; and many other projects.

Leading projects in Israel
Menora Mivtachim, Ramat Gan; 22 Rothschild Hotel, Tel Aviv; Assuta Hospital, Ashdod; Herzliya HILLS, Herzliya; The Malibu Project, Harish; Alon Towers, Tel Aviv; Meyer Building, Tel Aviv; Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Herzliya; WEST Lagoon Hotel, Netanya; and many other projects. KONE also won the NTA (Israel’s Mass Transit System Authority) tender and will supply elevators and escalators to the Tel Aviv Red Line Light Rail System.

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