Development and Manufacture of Aerospace, Military and Civil Technologies and Systems


Founding Year 1953
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Harel Locker, Chairman, IAI

Harel Locker


Nimrod Sheffer, President & CEO, IAI

Nimrod Sheffer

President & CEO


IAI is a world leader in the delivery of state-of-the-art space, air, land, naval, cyber and HLS technologies and systems. IAI operates in the defense and commercial markets of 90 countries around the world. In 2018, IAI's sales totaled $3.7 billion, with some 80% in exports. IAI's backlog in 2018 reached $13.5 billion. IAI continually expands R&D investment to create additional future growth engines.

Core Areas of Activity
In Space
IAI is a leading integrator of space technology, with dozens of satellites deployed in space. We provide observation and communication satellite systems and an accompanying array of ground control stations, mission centers and launchers – for both national security and commercial applications.

In the Air
IAI provides a wide range of solutions and services for aerial defense – from special mission aircraft and advanced remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) to precision guided munitions, multi-layered missile defense, upgrades for military aircraft and helicopters, and sophisticated C4I, ISTAR and navigation systems.

On Land
From state of the art battle management and communication systems, through targeting and navigation technology and up to combat support systems such as guided missiles and robotic autonomous platforms – IAI provides the latest solutions for land forces.

At Naval
Reigning strong on the naval front, IAI offers integrated maritime systems, manned and unmanned security and fast attack vessels, attack systems and anti-aircraft/missile defense systems.

In Cyber
We provide defense forces, governments, critical infrastructures and large enterprises with end-to-end cyber security tools for intelligence, monitoring, identification, protection and accessibility in the cyber realm, on cellular networks and on COMINT platforms.

In Homeland Security (HLS)
We’ve implemented our extensive defense experience into our HLS systems which secure borders, protected sites, strategic infrastructures, and population centers in some of the world’s most sensitive conflict areas – by air, ground and sea. Our airborne, ground-based, maritime and mobile sensors are augmented by advanced unattended platforms and secure information networks, creating comprehensive solutions for every scenario.

In Aviation
Designing and manufacturing business jets, primary aero-structures, landing gears, servo controls and actuator systems are our specialty. We are also the recognized global leader for aircraft passenger-to-cargo conversions, and provide full MRO services for aircraft, engines and components.

In Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)
IAI delivers real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions for air, space, land and sea applications. Our turnkey solutions cover the entire spectrum, from tactical to strategic, and include SIGINT, IMINT, SAR technologies and EO/IR systems, all implemented through integrated, networked and connected systems.

4 Groups – A Wealth of Solutions
Our sum is greater than our parts: IAI is made up of four key Groups, working in collaboration with each other to provide you with the most comprehensive range of solutions and services in all domains.

Elta Systems
ELTA Group provides the expertise for defense electronics in the fields of ISTAR, Early Warning & Control, Homeland Security, Self -Protection & Self-Defense, and Fire Control applications.

Systems Missiles & Space
The Systems Missiles & Space Group oversees the initiation, design, development and delivering of Missile and Space Systems – with dozens of observation and communication satellite systems deployed in space and an accompanying array of ground control stations, mission centers and launchers.

Military Aircraft
Leveraging decades of combat-proven experience and extensive technological capabilities, The Military Aircraft Group commands the comprehensive array of products and services for the maintenance, upgrade and manufacturing of combat aircraft, unmanned air vehicle systems and helicopters.

The Aviation Group covers the full spectrum of technologies and capabilities for the design, integration, testing, certification, manufacturing, marketing and product support of business jet aircraft, advanced aerostructures assemblies, and aerostructures detail parts. The group also provides comprehensive maintenance services for aircraft, engines and components – including heavy maintenance, modifications, upgrades, conversions and development programs, all with minimum down time.

Management Profile

 Nimrod Sheffer

President & CEO, IAI


Education: M.A., Public Administration, Harvard University (05); B.Sc., Geophysics, Tel Aviv University (94).

Current Positions: President & CEO, IAI.

Past Positions: Head of Planning Directorate, IDF (12-15), Chief of Air Staff, IAF (10-12), Head of the Air Division, IAF (08-10), Head of Planning Division, IDF (05-08), Ramon Air Force Base Commander, IAF (01-04), Head of the Operations Department and Commander of F-16 squadrons, IAF (99-01).

Military rank: Major General.

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