Isracard Ltd.

Financial services, credit card voucher management and clearance, factoring services, management and clearance of notes, Check Discounting, Import Financing


Founding Year 1975
Address 40 Hamasger St., Tel Aviv, P.O.B. 62030, Tel Aviv 6162001 - View Map
Phone 03-6364636
Fax 03-6895526
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Eyal Desheh, Chairman of the Board, Isracard Ltd.

Eyal Desheh

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Ron Wexler, Chief Executive Officer, Isracard Ltd.

Dr. Ron Wexler

Chief Executive Officer


Isracard is Israel's most extensive and leading credit card company. With 43 years of experience in the field, Isracard enjoys continuous growth while developing innovative products and services for both its private and business customers and providing discounting and clearing services to the four leading credit card brands - Isracard, MasterCard, American Express and Visa, which are respected in some 100,000 businesses in Israel.

Leading Israel’s E-Commerce World
Isracard is leading Israel’s E-commerce revolution, and this year has deepened its cooperation efforts with the world’s most popular shopping sites to provide unique benefits to its customers. This is besides a variety of special deals available on “blue and white” shopping sites.
Deepening cooperation with Alibaba Group – Isracard launched a credit card in cooperation with AliExpress – the giant Chinese retail website. Israel thus has become one of the first countries in the world to launch a loyalty card, which affords its customers exclusive benefits for use on the site.
Leading in Customer Affinity Clubs
Isracard is a leader in customer affinity clubs in Israel and manages a wide range of customer clubs, some of them among Israel’s largest, in cooperation with large organizations and entities, including Hever, Lifestyle, Ashmoret, Mega Daily Plus, Rami Levy, Raphael, Extra Members, various employee organizations, and more.
Isracard operates a digital platform for setting up customer affinity clubs, managing variable and fixed benefits, branding, advertising, and marketing, and offers infrastructures used for focused and productive activities with customers and the clubs During 2018, Isracard launched several customer clubs, including Adif, Lahav and reinvigorated its Extra Members Club for lawyers, accountants, and tax consultants.

Leading in Network Payment Solutions
Isracard Global Payment Services – Isracard continues to promote international clearing services through strategic partnerships. The service is geared to Israeli e-commerce companies recognized in the US and Europe and includes global payment services through a range of leading clearers and innovative technological solutions.

Digital Solutions for Private Customers
Isracard is committed to meeting the expectations of its customers and is continuously working on new solutions, so that they can enjoy convenient, efficient, accessible and quick service anytime, anywhere, as required.
Website and App for Private Customers – Isracard offers a variety of digital services to its private customers, including online secret code recovery, online credit card issuance, loss of card reporting, renewal of standing orders and clarification of transactions. In addition, Isracard operates a loan site that allows customers to take out a loan for any purpose online. This year, Isracard launched a new app for private customers. The app offers an innovative, customer-focused user experience with a personal, intuitive and straightforward interface that connects the world of benefits to the world of information and financial operations.

Digital Solutions for Business Customers
A website and app that support business management: This site provides up-to-date business information to business customers to improve business management. The information provided on the site includes an analysis of peak and low activity in different time cycles (daily, weekly, etc.), segmentation of the business cycle by credit versus cash, geographical breakdown of customers that made purchases at the business, segmentation of the use of credit cards at the business and repeat customers. This information enables business customers to focus their marketing efforts on the different customer populations, according to results of the findings.
Ezmatch: During 2018, Isracard launched a business credit adjustment service in cooperation with Ezmatch. The service was launched based on the idea that credit card clearing is a complex challenge for every business and requires working with various entities. Isracard offers a system for streamlining, improving and controlling business activities, in a way that enables, inter alia, tracking and matching credit-card transactions.
360: Isracard has developed a product that will include a payment page, a management interface and a quick connection to clearing on a single platform. The product is an open payment platform that includes customer and product management for anyone who wants independence. The system allows each self-employed to act professionally vis-à-vis clientele and to send a demand in advance, on time or after the transaction in any manner, whether by email, SMS, or “WhatsApp.”

Leading the Content World
Isracard continues to upgrade its “Tachles” content magazine, which it offers on its website, providing consumers and business owners with a variety of directed content, including guides, advice, and checks. Isracard is Israel’s first financial company to regularly operate a content magazine that provides added value to all consumers in areas relevant to their lives, taking ownership of its areas of activity and positioning itself as a leader in each. This year, Isracard expanded the magazine’s interests to video content, which surveyed the world of using cash abroad, shopping online at fashion sites, and so on.

Leading in Service
Isracard has established a strategic goal – to lead excellence in service, out of a deep understanding of its importance to business success. Therefore, service is a leading value at Isracard and crosses the entire chain of the organization – from the CEO to the last of the managers. With this in mind, Isracard established regular learning, improvement and control set-ups that measure customer satisfaction, run quality control tests and handle complaints, all with the goal of providing the best possible service for its customers, while addressing their diverse needs.
This year, Isracard won in two categories in a competition for excellence in service run by the Israel Management Center – “Service Starts from Within” – for its excellence in internal service, and for creating a high level of organizational commitment, for creating cooperation between Isracard and businesses by providing solutions that contribute to their growth and an exceptional service experience for them and their customers.
Voice-to-Voice Response Prediction: a system that identifies events and activates a specific voice-reply menu, which efficiently and quickly identifies the customer’s needs. The system directs the customer to the desired action via digital means or through a skilled service representative.
Visual Voice Response: displaying the call routing visually and directing the customer to a variety of services. This enables the customer to get to the service it needs faster, and to receive information that cannot be voiced by standard voice mail.

Investing in Human Resources and the Community
Isracard, through its managers, works to create a supportive and pleasant work environment that generates results, placing its employees at its center and investing heavily in organizational welfare activities. In addition, Isracard initiates many activities that reflect the employees’ significant contribution to business results, including initiated activities for employee involvement. As a leading company in its field, Isracard is committed to giving back to the community and pays special attention to advancing the future generation, empowering women and strengthening disadvantaged, needy and diverse populations in Israeli society. Isracard’s involvement in the community is reflected in a wide variety of social involvement efforts, financial contributions, and volunteer activities, and believes that the added value of giving to the community is to reinforce the “pride of the unit” and the sense of identity of its employees.

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