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Promotion and construction of residential, commercial and urban renewal projects


Founding Year 1996
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Akiva Zorbein, Founder and Chairman, ISA Group - Entrepreneurship, Construction, and Urban Renewal

Akiva Zorbein

Founder and Chairman

Shalom Greiba, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ISA Group - Entrepreneurship, Construction, and Urban Renewal

Shalom Greiba

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


ISA is an entrepreneurial and construction company that specializes in the management and construction of residential, commercial, and urban renewal projects. ISA also operates "D. Daniel" – a contracting company that hold the "C5" construction classification, and the Jerusalem Revival Company – which is involved in urban renewal and evacuation–reconstruction projects. ISA is managed by Akiva Zorbein and Shalom Greiba, who began working together more than 20 years ago. To date, and by the middle of its third decade of operation, ISA has promoted and built 2,900 residential units, 100,000 square meters of commercial and business space, and more than 4,900 residential units under evacuation-reconstruction programs.

ISA enjoys a reputation for excellence, along with a high rate of return customers, as a result of its successful execution and planning of leading projects, keen service awareness, and success in meeting construction time frames.

The Senior Team
Akiva Zorbein is an entrepreneur and senior real estate factor who started in his field over 25 years ago. He has been involved in many meticulously designed and executed projects, which have become the quality marker that accompanies the company every day.
Shalom Greiba is a management and finance man, and holds an MBA in Business Administration, with a specialization in Finance. Shalom Greiba has significant and demonstrated experience, having worked at the Ministry of Economy and as a real estate financing consultant at the Bank of Jerusalem. Shalom Greiba leads ISA’s financial management and development vision, including the field of urban renewal throughout Israel.

Company Operations
ISA is now working on 27 residential and commercial projects throughout Israel. Among the projects currently underway:
• Jerusalem Estates – at Jerusalem’s luxurious Schneller complex. This is a rare and unique project, combining the preservation of historic buildings and the construction of hundreds of luxurious residential units in a prime location in central Jerusalem. 460 luxurious residential units are being built in this historic complex, which will offer its luxurious buildings alongside a boulevard of trendy shops alongside historic buildings.
• Mitzpeh Ella Rama Daled – Beit Shemesh – a sought-after location project, which offers 265 residential units overlooking a central shopping area.
• Mitzpe Ha’Horesh Rama Daled – Beit Shemesh – an exclusive project with 210 residential units, in a strategic location overlooking the vibrant scenery of the Ella Valley.
• Mitzpe Ramot Jerusalem – construction of 211 residential units in the very enchanting neighborhood of Ramot A. The project is currently in the third and final phases.
• Mitzpe Mevasseret – in the “Magressa” neighborhood of Mevasseret Zion. The project involves the construction of 186 beautiful residential units, all offering a view of the Jerusalem mountains.
• The Jerusalem Garden House – an exclusive boutique building with only 26 residential units in the prestigious Ramat Sharet neighborhood.
• Bat Yam City Gate Towers – construction of 256 residential units in 2 luxurious 24-story towers, all as part of an urban evacuation-reconstruction plan.
• The “Mitham Tahanat Ha’Kemach” complex in Jerusalem’s Givat Shaul neighborhood – planning and promotion of the construction of three new towers with 75,000 square meters for commerce and business, located nearby the new entrance to Jerusalem.
Many of ISA’s latest projects, now underway, are under the Government’s unique pricing program. ISA believes that everyone in Israel should have the opportunity to have their own home, and is happy to contribute its part to achieve this goal.

Construction Projects – Commercial and Business
In the field of office, commercial, and business construction, ISA is engaged in several prominent projects, such as the “Cardo” – a prestigious boulevard of shops and commerce in the heart of Jerusalem’s historic “Schneller” complex.
Construction of the Hadar Ganim Center in Petah Tikva – 10,000 square meters of commercial and office space.
Construction of the SEA TOWER CENTER – a commercial center on Tirat Ha’Carmel main street, which has created a new standard in the heart of the city.
In addition, the highlight of ISA’s commercial activity is a unique project of three new large towers in Jerusalem’s “Mitham Ha’Tahana” complex, which is the evolving Jerusalem business and commerce center, nearby Highway 16, which is currently being built as the new entrance to the city.

Urban Renewal
The “Jerusalem Revival Company was born out of a connection between two long-standing and experienced companies – ISA, as noted, which is involved in project promotion, development, and execution, and “The Urban Renewal Corporation” a leader in urban renewal and evacuation-construction projects nationwide.
This unique connection is ultimately enjoyed by residents, who benefit from the high-level of construction and entrepreneurship. The companies are experienced in large-scale projects, have practical and proven familiarity with similar projects, and possess economic and financial strength, ensuring rapid progress and success.
ISA ensures that the entire process is carried out with full transparency and partnership with the residents, with close personal attention from the signature stage, through to finding solutions for an

design or performance issue, along with the highest level of service from company personnel, who work with each resident throughout the process until key delivery.

Completed Projects
To date, ISA has completed the construction and population of several successful projects, such as the ” Ramot Mirsky neighborhood in Jerusalem, and the SEA TOWER in Tirat Ha’Carmel, which includes the first floors of a thriving commercial center and above it a residential tower.
The company has also completed the construction of Mitzpe Ramot Stages A and B and other projects in Jerusalem in the neighborhoods of Beit Vagan, the city center, and Mekor Haim near Baka.

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