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Founding Year 2010
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Carmel Horev Altman, Partner, Holin - Hadas, Law Firm

Carmel Horev Altman


Yaron Seiger, Partner, Holin - Hadas, Law Firm

Yaron Seiger


Rafi Holin, Founding Partner, Holin - Hadas, Law Firm

Rafi Holin

Founding Partner

Tomer Hadas, Founding Partner, Holin - Hadas, Law Firm

Tomer Hadas

Founding Partner


Holin-Hadas is one of Israel's leading labor and employment law firms, in both the private and public sectors. The firm also specializes in sports law and provides legal services to sports clubs, organizations, and athletes. Every year, including in 2020, Holin-Hadas has been rated by both BdiCode and Dun & Bradstreet as one of Israel's leading law firms, in the fields of both labor law and sports law.

Among the Firm’s clients are governmental institutions and companies, local authorities, academic institutions, all of Israel’s leading employers’ organizations, and especially private employers in all areas of business activity, including commerce, industry, services, banking, hotels, hi-tech (Israeli and multinational companies), construction and leading personnel agencies.
The Firm also represents senior employees in legal disputes and in cases of employers’ insolvency/bankruptcy.

Practice Areas
Labor and Employment Law:
• Comprehensive legal services in employment and labor law and in related fields, including intellectual property, privacy, anti defamation law, equal rights / anti discrimination laws and administrative law – all in employment related disputes.
• Legal counseling, written legal opinions and preparation of contracts of employment and services.
• Litigation – legal representation in judicial instances, including arbitration, mediation, hearings and disciplinary proceedings.
• Counseling and legal representation regarding collective bargaining agreements, labor disputes and strikes.
• Legal support for employers as part of recovery and reorganizational processes.
• Compliance projects for employers, as part of an internal audit.
• Certified Wage Auditor services, as prescribed by law.
• Lectures and training for employers on various issues, including the prevention of sexual harassment and bullying.
• Representation of employee groups in liquidation proceedings and in the exercise of employee rights vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute.
• Dispute resolution – Attorney Rafi Holin is a consultant and mediator in labor disputes.

Sports Law
The Firm provides a variety of sports law services, including representation and support of clubs, organizations and athletes.

Advocate Tomer Hadas – Founding Partner
Advocate Hadas was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1997. Advocate Hadas holds a B.A. in Political Science (with honors) and an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University. He has practiced law at Haim Berenson & Co., co-managed the Department of Labor Law at Netowitz-Halperin-Hadas & Co., and then headed Tomer Hadas & Co. Advocate Hadas is a member of the Labor Law Association, a member of the Labor Law Committee and the Law and Sports Committee of the Israel Bar Association.
Advocate Hadas has extensive expertise and experience in ongoing counseling and legal representation in labor law disputes, representing both employers and employees. Advocate Hadas has the expertise and experience in ongoing counseling and legal representation in the field of sports law, in labor courts and arbitration institutions.

Advocate Rafi Holin – Founding Partner
Advocate Holin was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1997. He holds an LL.B from the University of Sussex, England, and an M.A. in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University. Advocate Holin is a member of the Labor Law Association and lectures in academic and professional institutions on various aspects of employment and labor law.
Advocate Holin has extensive expertise and experience in representing leading companies and organizations, offering legal counseling and litigation services in collective and personal labor and employment law disputes.
Advocate Holin serves as the employers’ representative on the National Appeals Tribunal for Employment Law Financial Penalties. Adv. Holin is also an experienced mediator in labor disputes. He also has academic training in negotiation from the University of Oxford and has particular experience and expertise in negotiating and resolving complex employment-related disputes.

Carmel Horev Altman
Advocate Carmel Horev Altman holds an LL.B from the University of Haifa, and an M.A. in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University. Advocate Altman interned at the Haifa Regional Court of Justice, under The Honorable President, Rami Cohen. Advocate Altman was accredited in 2005 and began her practice with the Firm. In 2019, Advocate Altman became Partner. Advocate Altman has unique expertise in issues relating to equal rights and equal opportunities, women’s rights at work and the prevention of sexual harassment.

Yaron Seiger
Advocate Yaron Seiger holds an LL.B from the University of Haifa. He interned at Goldfarb-Seligman & Co. in its Corporate Law department. He was accredited in 2008 and began his practice with the Firm. In 2019, Advocate Seiger became Partner. Advocate Seiger is a specialist in privacy related issues and holds a GDPR certification (General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union). Adv. Seiger is also an expert in the field of pensions and social security, as well as the employment of Palestinians and foreign workers.

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