Hod Assaf Industries Ltd.

Industrial Steel Processing


Founding Year 1947
Address Kiryat Haplada, P.O.B. 493, Acre 2410401 - View Map
Phone 04-9015000
Fax 04-9552230
Email [email protected]
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Hod Assaf Industries Ltd. is among the most longstanding and leading companies in Israel for the manufacture and processing of construction iron, welded mesh for concrete reinforcement and metal fencing products. The Company also manufactures complex elements, including attached and welded poles, columns, bars, bridge columns, etc.

Senior Executives

Rami Shani

Controlling Shareholder

Avraham Novogrocki

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yossi Alaluf

Chief Executive Officer


The Hod Assaf’s products are used in the construction, industrial, infrastructure, security and agricultural sectors in Israel’s leading companies.
The Company has the necessary know-how and skills to manage the entire supply chain for steel manufacture, including steel scrap collection, processing, welding and casting into ingots. I process the ingots into metal beams, concrete reinforcement meshes and other elements.
Since its establishment, the Company has aspired to render its loyal customers products at the highest quality, optimal precision, excellent service values and short delivery times.
The Company puts at its customers’ disposal an experienced and skilled engineering team that assists project engineers in planning iron products including pickets and composite elements.

About the Company
Hod Assaf Industries Ltd. was established in 1947. In 1992, the Company floated its securities on the Stock Exchange and went public.
The Company has two main production sites, one in Acre, where the smelting recycling, and iron processing for the building, production of nets, piles and complex elements operate, and a production site in Kiryat Gat, where the rolling operation is carried out – turning steel ingots into building iron in rods and cylinders, and a plant for processing iron into building, manufacturing nets, piles and complex elements.
Construction Iron and Products – Hod operates the two construction iron processing sites, in the north and south of the country (Acre and Kiryat Gat respectively), allowing for a quick and efficient answer to all customer sites countrywide.
Welded Meshes for Reinforcing Concrete are produced in various standard, special, cut, and bent, high-quality forms, extending up to 3.3 meters in width and up to 20mm in diameter. Fencing meshes for various uses in construction, industry and security are also produced.
Composite and welded elements are produced in Company plants for different uses in construction sites such as pillars, beams, beam heads for bridges, all of which are employed in leading construction and infrastructure projects nationwide.
From July 2018, Hod Assaf produces and markets iron in accordance to the new W400 Israeli standard as well as C500 iron.

Hod Zamir Construction Supplies and Equipment Company Ltd.
Hod Zamir specializes in construction equipment and tools, complementing Hod Assaf’s activity as a Company rendering comprehensive services to its varied customers.

Iskol Trade Ltd.
Iskol Trade Ltd. trades and processes and timber products mostly for the construction, infrastructure, and communication poles industries.

S.C. Sirme Si Cabluri
A Company that manufactures steel cables for cranes, mines, anchors and a wide range of galvanized and drawn wire, barbed wire, mesh from galvanized and metal wire. The Company is located in Southeastern Romania and exports its products mainly to the European market and Israel.

Hod Atir Ltd.
The Company handles the design, production and installation of a variety of fences and fencing systems, including welded mesh fences, gates and wickets, light chain fences and other fencing products. The Company is certified as a purveyor for the Ministry of Defense.

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