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Founding Year 1972
Address Asia House, 4 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv 6423904, Israel - View Map
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Yaacov Sharvit, Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department, Herzog

Yaacov Sharvit

Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department

Ehud Sol, Head of Corporate, Capital Markets & Securities, Herzog

Ehud Sol

Head of Corporate, Capital Markets & Securities

Alan Sacks, Head of Int'l Practice & Banking and Finance, Herzog

Alan Sacks

Head of Int'l Practice & Banking and Finance

Meir Linzen, Managing Partner & Head of Taxation, Herzog

Meir Linzen

Managing Partner & Head of Taxation


Herzog was founded over 40 years ago as a boutique firm aiming to provide high-quality legal services to international clients doing business in Israel. Since then, Herzog Fox & Neeman has grown to become Israel's premier law firm, with over 400 lawyers of whom more than 150 are partners. A significant portion of Herzog Fox & Neeman's lawyers are foreign-born and dual-qualified, giving the firm a broad understanding of global business culture. In keeping with the firm's international outlook, Herzog Fox & Neeman represents more foreign businesses active in Israel than any other law firm.


Abigail Borowitz ,Adam Eytan, Adam Salkin,  Adar Bengom (Ortal), Adina Shapiro, Alan Sacks, Alon Abcasis, Alon Lederman, Amir Ps, Amir Seraya, Anthony Leibler, Ariel Flavian, Ariel Yosefi, Asaf Nahum, Asher Dovev, Aviram Hazak, Avital Agami-Shlomovich, Aviv Parienty, Ayelet Regavim-Kahanov, Baruch Katzman, Ben Kanter, Chagai Vered, Chen Luzzatto, Dafna Amster-Kahn, Dan Sharot, Dana Kashi, Dana Zur-Neumann, Daniel Lipman Lowbeer,
Daniel Reisner, David Preyl, David Zailer, Efrat Tzur, Efri Berkovich, Ehab Farah, Ehud Sol, Eitan Ella,Eldad Chamam, Eran Wagner, Erez Abu, Esther Sternbach, Esti Hadar, Eyal Bar-Zvi, Gal Eschet, Gal Schwartz, Galia Kleinman, Gil White, Gilad Majerowicz, Gilad Neeman, Gilad Wekselman, Guy Katz, Haim Machluf, Hanan Haviv,
Hanna Bilavsky, Harriet Finn, Haya Ehrman, Hen Tirosh, Ido Manor, Ifat Pagis-Gelman, Ilanit Landesman-Yogev,
Iris Achmon, Iris Weinberger, Irma Tschernia, Israel (Ruly) Ber, Itai Sarfaty, Itay Lavi, Itzhak Shragay, Janet Levy Pahima, Jenia Melkhior, Joseph Ashkenazi, Karen Elburg-Rimon, Karin Fried, Keren Porter-Geffen, Lev Zigman,Liat Maidler, Liat Shaked-Katz, Limor Hodir, Limor Lerner-Schechter, Liran Barak, Maayan Hammer-Zeelon,Maor Roth,
Mark Goldman, Mark Phillips, Meir Linzen, Michal Caspi, Michal Haberfeld, Michal Herzfeld, Michal Lavi, Mor Limanovich, Moran Yemini, Moria Tam-Harshoshanim, Moshe Hardi, Moshe Yaacov, Natalie Jacobs, Natan Wiesenberg, Neil Wilkof, Neta Dorfman-Raviv, Nimrod Kozlovski, Nir Dash, Nir Gal, Nir Miller, Nir Raber, Niv Sivan,
Nurit Dagan, Odelia Offer, Ofer Granot, Ofir Segev, Ohad Elkeslassy, Orit Hipsher, Orli Gal, Orly Gerbi, Ory Nacht,
Pini Duek, Raanan Sagi, Racheli Pery-Reichman, Rafael Herbst, Ran Hai, Ran Kedem, Reut Alcalay, Revital Katz,
Roi Hayun, Ron Ben-Menachem, Ronen Hausirer, Roni Cohen-Pavon, Roni Libster,Roy Nachimzon,
Ruth Dagan, Saar Pauker, Seffy (Yosef) Zinger, Shachar Porat, Shai Kagan, Sharon Petel, Shira Margalit-Elbaz,
Tal Dror-Schwimmer, Tal Hamdi,Tali Azriel, Talya Solomon,Tamara Tapoohi-Waldman,Tomer Farkash,Tsouriel Picard, Tuvia Erlich,Tzvika Bernstein, Uriel Mozes,Vladi Borodovsky, Yaakov Brandt, Yaakov Sharvit,Yael (Neeman) Bar-Shai, Yael Chervinsky-Eden, Yael Hauser, Yair Geva, Yaniv Dinovitch, Yehonatan Ohayon, Yehoshua Shohat Gurtler, Yehuda Aharoni (Hommfor), Yoni Frider, Yotam Blaushild, Yuval Meidar, Yuval Navot, Yuval Zilber, Zara Gold ,Zeev Kallach,Zohar Yahalom, Zvika Friedman

The size of the firm and the diversity of its practice, comprising over 50 practice areas staffed with specialist lawyers, enable Herzog to provide its clients with comprehensive and integrated solutions for all legal matters relevant to their business. The quality of Herzog work, its commitment to excellence and its understanding of the Israeli and global legal environment, has earned the firm a reputation for providing exceptional legal service.

Herzog maintains its reputation as the premier legal practice in Israel by virtue of our continued involvement in all high-profile developments in the Israeli marketplace. We are constantly evolving to meet our clients’ ever-changing demands. Our leading position in the Israeli legal marketplace is confirmed by our prominent ranking in the major legal guides.

In a crowded legal market, Herzog distinguishes itself by providing dedicated and dynamic service to prominent multinational and domestic companies. Our clients come to us for our forward thinking, global perspective and commitment to excellence – core values that enable us to provide legal services at the highest level of international standards. With over 40 years of unrivaled experience in cross-border and domestic matters, Herzog lawyers serve as trusted advisors for our clients on a wide variety of legal issues across all industries. We are proud to be the first choice in Israel for legal counsel and will continuously endeavor to offer our clients “more”.

Herzog  has received top-tier rankings from prominent international and domestic rankings guides for consecutiv,e years, in almost all major practice areas. Herzog  is the most highly rated law firm overall in Israel and has more partners recognized as leading practitioners than any other firm.

Herzog  is regarded as the market leader by clients and competitors alike.

In keeping with the global legal trend toward industry-focused practices, Herzog  continues to lead the way in Israel by recognizing the need for specialist practice areas that deliver comprehensive results at the highest level.

Herzog strives to give its clients the best possible service by keeping at the forefront of an ever-evolving market and proactively recognising clients’ needs for dedicated, expert advice. The firm has created a number of sector-oriented niche departments which are the first of their kind in Israel, including: Environment and Climate Change, Public International Law, Cyber, Cannabis, Adtech and Technology Compliance, Internet & E-Commerce, Gaming and Defense and Aerospace & Homeland Security.

Herzog  has some of the brightest legal minds in the profession, possessing both intimate knowledge of local markets and a clear understanding of global business. Over 50 Herzog lawyers are native English speakers from the U.S., U.K. and Australia, who hold foreign licenses or have studied or worked abroad. Working languages also include Hebrew, English, Chinese, German, French, Russian and Arabic.

In keeping with the firm’s global perspective, the majority of Herzog  business is conducted in English and lawyers work closely with leading firms in jurisdictions around the world.


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