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. Ilana Braf-Snir, Senior Partner, Harari Toister & Co., Law Office

. Ilana Braf-Snir

Senior Partner

Batia Braf Meilichson, Senior Partner, Harari Toister & Co., Law Office

Batia Braf Meilichson

Senior Partner

. Limor Spachek, Partner, Harari Toister & Co., Law Office

. Limor Spachek


Tamar Igra, Partner, Harari Toister & Co., Law Office

Tamar Igra


Ronit Ovadia, Partner, Harari Toister & Co., Law Office

Ronit Ovadia



Harari Toister & Co. is one of Israel's most senior, prominent, and experienced law firms, providing legal counsel in the areas of public administrative law, planning, construction, real estate, urban renewal, municipal law, and municipal taxation. The Firm, founded 80 years ago by the Late Izhar Harari, a Member of the Israel Knesset, has a solid professional reputation thanks to its expertise and proficiency, and thanks to its high-quality and informed legal work, professional integrity and personal attention to its clients that is offered by its team of partners and associates.

Other Partners

Adv. Asaf Harel

Adv. Sagi Tene

The Firm represents leading clients in the public and business sectors, including government companies, local authorities, and planning committees. As well, the Firm represents private clients and promotes real estate ventures in such diverse areas as urban renewal (TAMA 38), evacuationreconstruction, conservation, planning and construction permits, advancing municipal building plans, representation in the criminal aspects of planning and construction laws, business registrations, tenders, contracts, class actions, etc. The Firm has a diverse practice in the field of litigation in relation to matters relating to the legal fields dealt with by the Firm. The Firm has also been involved and has led a long list of legal precedents.
The accumulated experience, the availability to the client, the full scope of activity and the many successes that accompany the legal work, position the Firm as a renowned expert in all its fields of practice. All said create unique added value for its clients.
The Firm emphasizes innovation and constant updating, alongside the preservation and development of the extensive professional knowledge accumulated in its areas of specialization and alongside its ongoing legal activity. The Firm publishes a legal journal which offers news on case law and legislation relevant to planning and construction, land betterment levies, compensation claims, expropriations, municipal law, class actions, municipal taxation, etc.

Planning, construction and expropriation – Over the years, the Firm has accumulated extensive experience in representing and consulting in the following areas: advancing outline plans, support for the rezoning and re-planning of agricultural land; evacuation-reconstruction plans and restoration plans; all from the initial initiation stages until approval of the plans by the authorized forums; involvement in the submission of objection;, licensing procedures in general and building permits in particular. Representation before the Planning and Building Appeals Committees, the National Planning and Building Council, the Planning and Budgeting Committee, and the courts; representation of the client at all stages of promoting the planning and licensing processes before the various authorities from the local committee through the appeals committees and the courts; criminal representation in building offenses; legal counsel and representation of parties accused of violations of the planning and building laws and the Business Licensing Law; defense of indictments; demolition orders and assistance in building training; TAMA 38; legal counsel for tenants and local committees starting from the first stage of the contract through the stages of planning and execution; betterment levies; legal support and representation in procedures for determination of the levy; exemptions and various appeals processes; claims under Article 197 of the Planning and Building Law; representation of claimants and defendants in compensation claims under said Article; expropriation law; representation in expropriation proceedings and seizure of possession and cancellation of expropriations and determination of compensation; accompanying restoration proceedings and representation in claims under Article 197 claims following a restoration declaration. The Firm has extensive experience and professional know-how in these fields and is skilled in accompanying clients at all planning and judicial instances as required.
Municipal Taxation – municipal law and municipal taxes; development fees and levies – the Firm has extensive knowledge and experience with local and/or private authorities in all areas of the Firm’s practice. In addition, the Firm specializes in the preparation of tax orders for municipal taxes and accompanies the preparation of auxiliary laws and/or their validity; as well as accompanying clients on the following subjects – property taxes and development levies, including representation in objections and appeals.
The Firm has extensive experience in receiving approvals from the Ministry of the Interior in any matter required by law, including changes to the municipal tax orders, their suitability to the needs of the Authority, and advice to the concession committees of the authorities.
The Firm specializes in the preparation and approval of development levies according to municipal bylaws and related litigation.
Class Actions – The Firm specializes in representing local authorities in class actions filed against them, including legal advice and accompaniment regarding notices of cessation, approval of compromises, notices of withdrawal, and more. In addition, the Firm has experience in representing private clients in filing class actions and representing plaintiffs.
Tenders and Contracts – The Firm handles the preparation of tenders in complex fields, including: tenders for the establishment of infrastructures; tenders for the accompaniment of smart city projects; provision of services; tenders for purchase and/or sale of real estate; tenders for comprehensive agreements; construction of public buildings; B.O.T development tenders for real estate and public areas; initiating and developing multi-stage public and private projects. The Firm’s expert teams work with the tenders committee, prepares legal opinions regarding the tenders and represent clients in all judicial instances regarding tenders. In addition, the Firm assists entrepreneurs by submitting bids for tenders and preparing contracts in various fields.
Real Estate and Urban Renewal – The Firm specializes in the field of real estate improvement and real estate transactions, including real estate initiatives; promoting city planning; option agreements; sale; development; combination leasing and rentals; land exchange; sharing, liquidation, representation before the tax authorities; registration of condominiums; registration of plans including reparcellation; expropriations and more. In addition, the Firm specializes in the representation of rights holders in urban renewal projects in the evacuationreconstruction track, and TAMA 38 plans.
Administrative Law – The Firm provides legal counsel and representation in a variety of administrative law matters, including by-laws; freedom of Information; education; municipal taxes; contracts with the local authorities; personal liability procedures; election laws; election appeals; support procedures; land allocation procedures; promotion and approval of real estate transactions with administrative bodies evacuations, etc..
Business Licensing – The Firm has a department that handles criminal and civil aspects of business licensing.
Labor Law, Personnel and Welfare – The Firm represents clients in matters related to labor law, including parity committees; labor courts; tenders for staffing statutory positions; labor agreements; collective agreements and more.

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