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Ram Museri, Lawyer, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Ram Museri


Itay Chelouche, Lawyer, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Itay Chelouche


Shai Pines, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Shai Pines

Lawyer, Partner

Haim Waintrob, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Haim Waintrob

Lawyer, Partner

Gabriel Moyal-Maor, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Gabriel Moyal-Maor

Lawyer, Partner

Amnon Sorek, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Amnon Sorek

Lawyer, Partner

Menachem Abramovich, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Menachem Abramovich

Lawyer, Partner

Dor Shacham, Lawyer, Managing Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Dor Shacham

Lawyer, Managing Partner

Yaron Sobol, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Yaron Sobol

Lawyer, Partner

Ronen Yardeni, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Ronen Yardeni

Lawyer, Partner

Assaf Englard, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Assaf Englard

Lawyer, Partner

Steven Berelowitz, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Steven Berelowitz

Lawyer, Partner

Ori Primo, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Ori Primo

Lawyer, Partner

Miriam Donin-Shoob, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Miriam Donin-Shoob

Lawyer, Partner

Yifat Fux, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Yifat Fux

Lawyer, Partner

Yael Urieli, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Yael Urieli

Lawyer, Partner

Eleanor Stark, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Eleanor Stark

Lawyer, Partner

Achai Gomeh, Lawyer, Partner, Hamburger Evron & Co., Law Offices & Notaries

Achai Gomeh

Lawyer, Partner


Since its inception in 1928, Hamburger Evron & Co. has been at the forefront of Israel's legal profession and has taken part in many transactions that have shaped Israel's economic reality. The Firm offers comprehensive services in all areas of civil and commercial law.


The Late Arie Hamburger,


The Late Amnon Evron,



Sarit Rozenberger Zada, Liz Arzi, Liat Elpaz, Tal Dan-Gour, Karin Breslr, Oshri Yamin, Zohar Ilan, Nisim Menashe

Tom Wolfstein, Asaf Naymark, Rotem Paist, Gilad Goni, Adva Ben Or, Einat Amidi, Shaked Nissan – Cohen

Yaakov Halpern, Bat El Levy, Gal Rosenzwe,, Yael Messinger Ashkenazi, Ori Shasho, Tal Hazan, Mor Damti

Mor Vardi,Michal Sapir

Administrative Law – The Firm’s Administrative Law Department has extensive expertise and experience in the field, inter alia due to the Firm’s handling of planning and construction issues- a field that often touches on public law and requires dealing with administrative decisions vis-à-vis public authorities and bodies, while managing cases in all administrative and judicial instances, including the Supreme Court.
Africa Department – In recent years, African countries have become a significant target for Israeli business people, for a variety of reasons. The Firm’s Africa Department is unique in the Israeli legal profession, offering comprehensive legal support for those operating in various African countries. The Firm offers extensive legal support, enabling clients to deal with various and complex issues – both regarding the business and any legal aspects.
Arbitration, Mediation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – The Firm’s Arbitration, Mediation, and ADR Department offers clients a wide range of effective and creative dispute resolution solutions. The department has extensive experience in managing complex disputes in all areas of commercial law, including real estate, contract disputes, land issues, monetary claims, partner disputes, intellectual property and more.
Banking and Finance – The Firm is one of the leading law firms in Israel in the banking field, with many years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the field. The Firm’s department is at the forefront of Israel’s banking sector, representing many of Israel’s commercial banks in complex financing transactions, financial accompaniment of construction projects, and legal proceedings in all legal instances.
Capital Markets, Securities, and Venture Capital – The Firm’s Capital Markets, Securities, and Venture Capital Department offers legal services to companies that issue shares and bonds to the public, financial intermediaries, and institutional entities active in Israel in the capital market, venture capital funds and hi-tech companies.
Class Actions – As part of the litigation department, this sub-department has the knowledge and expertise in dealing with complex claims in the case of large companies and organizations in Israel. The Firm handles large-scale class actions on behalf of large groups in the Israeli and worldwide markets, some of which have become judicial precedents. Among the Firm’s clients are powerful entities in the Israeli economy, including large banks, public and private companies, hi-tech and biotech companies, and more.
Corporate Law – The Firm represents many companies, including those belonging to prominent groups and corporations in Israel, providing them with legal counsel throughout the corporate life cycle. The Corporate Dep. represents corporations and investors in private placements, share purchase transactions, bond transactions, mergers, restructuring, purchase and sale of businesses, and deals with disputes between shareholders, antitrust cases, derivative claims, and class actions.
Cyber Security – The Firm specializes in cyber security issues and offers a complete one-stop shop for dealing with this complex field, both legal and business. The Firm’s Cyber Security Department is unique in being at the forefront of the Israeli legal world, and offers a comprehensive solution to complex issues in the field, both vis-à-vis ongoing counseling and crisis management.
Insolvency, Receivership, and Liquidation – The Firm specializes in handling complex insolvency and corporate recovery cases. The department’s lawyers serve as official receivers and liquidators, as trustees in bankruptcy, and as trustees in stay of proceedings in complex and involved cases.
International Transactions – Since its start, the Firm has been active in the international commercial field and represents entrepreneurs and investors in international projects in the corporate, partnership, banking, finance, and real estate sectors. The Department provides the following services – establishment of a company, penetration outside of Israel, ongoing legal counsel in commercial matters, contracts with local entities, merger and acquisition agreements with international bodies and public securities issues.
Litigation – Since its establishment, the firm has developed litigation skills, and its lawyers have rich and diverse experience in representing clients in courts, arbitrations, and various judicial instances. The firm offers litigation services in most areas of civil and commercial law, including real estate, banking, planning and construction, tenders law, class actions, business and commerce, corporations, capital markets and securities, shareholder disputes, antitrust and labor laws.
Planning & Building and Zoning – The Firm is considered a leader in this field, with many years of experience. The Planning and Zoning Department handles all aspects of planning and construction (including representation before planning, and building committees, various legal proceedings, including administrative petitions, and appeals before the Supreme Court), through civil-commercial aspects (such as handling real estate disputes) and criminal aspects of various offenses, relevant legislation, construction irregularities, irregular uses, etc.
Private Clients, Trusts, and Estates – The department offers ongoing legal counsel to both Israeli and foreign clients regarding the local and overseas management of capital and personal and family assets. As a multidisciplinary-commercial firm, the Firm offers private clients a full range of legal services, including creative and up-to-date legal solutions in complementary areas required for effective mutual management, including commercial law, real estate law, taxation law, property law, investments, and finance.
Projects and Infrastructures – The Firm has been involved in projects and infrastructure for years, and is closely involved in projects that are at the core of the State of Israel’s infrastructure. The department is involved in transportation projects that connect the periphery to the center, infrastructure projects that help the development of the economy, as well as large government projects.
Real Estate – The Firm is one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of real estate, and has been ranked for several years in an elite group of the ten leading law firms in the field. The department handles complex transactions and large-scale projects in the country and provides comprehensive legal advice, inter alia, in respect of residential, vacation, shopping centers, and office tower projects. The department also operates in several sub-specialties, such as assisted living; urban renewal; non-profit organizations and acquisition groups in the process of acquiring land rights, alongside the representation of hundreds of tenants in projects throughout the Dan Region; representation of large groups of landowners in combination transactions; and more.
Renewable Energy – The Firm has one of Israel’s most creative Renewable Energy Departments in the legal sector. While “traditional” sources of energy are dwindling, the renewable energy field, based on inexhaustible sources such as sunlight, wind, sea waves, and more, is taking a place in the foreground. Fortunately, the State of Israel is rich in renewable energy sources.
Technology and Life Sciences – The Firm has extensive experience in technology and life sciences and has been proud to represent many corporations and private investors from the forefront of technology in Israel, as well as institutional entities in various financing and investment transactions. Inter alia, the department’s staff assists in establishing companies, planning their capital structure, financing issues, creating international strategic alliances and various business collaborations.

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