Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd.

Agricultural and gardening supplies


Founding Year 1993
Address Derech Hadassim, P.O. Box 3935, Kadima 6092000 - View Map
Phone 076-8014800
Fax 076-8014806
Email [email protected]
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Amit Ben-Itzhak, Chairman, Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd.

Amit Ben-Itzhak


Yaniv Cohavi, CEO, Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd.

Yaniv Cohavi


About Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd.

Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. is one of the leading agricultural supply companies in Israel. With more than 25 locations of sales and serving centers in Israel, Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. has a significant leading presence throughout Israel's agriculture market. Hamashbir Agriculture Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky Fund, one of Israel's leading mid-market private equity funds.

Other Senior Executives

Gilad Liber

V.P. Merchandising

Tiran Kochanovski

V.P. Pesticides & Business Development

Eran Keshet

VP Greenhouse Division

Ofer Zinger

VP Branches

Lior Klien

VP Information Systems and Supply Chain

The company, founded in 1993, employs today a staff of 160 people in Israel and 12 people in East Africa and Eastern Europe.

Hamashbir Agriculture markets a wide and comprehensive variety of agricultural products including: technical products and services, packaging supplies (cardboard and plastic), pesticides, irrigation and infrastructure equipment, agro-chemicals, fertilizers, greenhouse solutions, seeds, clothing and footwear. Hamashbir Agriculture serves as a “one-stop-shop” for agricultural and gardening supplies, maintaining professional and customer oriented service. As a full-service distributor, Hamashbir Agriculture is a vital link between the products manufacturers in Israel and overseas and the end users growers. The said link enables Hamashbir Agriculture to provide information and professional expertise as a complete package of services.

Hamashbir Agriculture is managed by a highly professional team of experts in the agricultural, financial and supply sectors. The company’s CEO has set out the company’s goal – to be the leaders in service, quality and after service consultancy among agricultural supply companies.


  • Innovation: Hamashbir Agriculture aspires to continue to be a market leader through innovation as well as strengthening our core business.
  • Service: An obligation to skilled and professional service.
  • Human Capital: An obligation to develop and advance our employee’s knowledge and abilities.
  • Community Service: An obligation to the community and wider society.
  • Development: An obligation to corporate entrepreneurship and penetration to other synergistic sectors.


Hamashbir Agriculture is an involved party in the wider business community and as such devotes time and donates to three “children at risk” centers in Israel.

Our Divisions

IRRIGATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE DIVISION – Hamashbir Agriculture is committed to marketing advanced technology irrigation solutions. In recent years, the division has expanded to include a broader selection of products and has begun to develop new products in order to provide smart water solutions and improvements. Hamashbir Agriculture is providing immediate response to customer’s needs in the field and has implemented a network of response teams that are able to be deployed as per customer needs.

PESTICIDES AND FERTILIZERS DIVISION – Hamashbir Agriculture distributes a wide range of generic crop protection products and specialty chemicals. Our wide range of agrochemical products includes Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides. We keep in very close touch with the growers through a network of skilled company field representatives. Our representatives accompany the growers, manage endrow meetings, field trials, discuss crop protection issues and devise solutions. The company is committed to high quality products, environment protection and R&D.

PACKAGING DIVISION – Hamashbir Agriculture provides a wide range of comprehensive packaging solutions such as: small baskets, trays, netting and a wide variety of bags. Hamashbir Agriculture is the exclusive importer of several high quality packaging products providing the Israeli market with a wide selection of cardboard boxes and packaging material. Our packaging centers in Israel are highly advanced facilities providing high quality services for export products.

TECHNICAL SERVICES DIVISION – Hamashbir Agriculture supplies highly skilled technical services covering a broad range of areas among others agriculture equipment, fertigation and after care services. Our technical services division is staffed by a team of experts who can respond to growers’ questions, troubleshoot problems and solve growing challenges.

GREENHOUSE DEVISION – Hamashbir Agricultural provides variety of tailor made solutions for greenhouses from the planning and engineering phase trough the construction. We we also supply complementary accessories and internal control systems and continue to provide support to ensure the proper operation of our projects. Our highly professional staff specialized in execution of cannabis, nurseries and hydroponics projects while maximizing the customer’s needs.

Seeds Division – Hamashbir Agriculture specializes in the import and marketing of seeds such as vegetables, field crops, potatoes, flowers and others. Our seeds services staffed by a team with knowledge and experience that provides full professional support to our customers.

Peka Hipper Garden – Provides a comprehensive line of gardening and irrigation products to institutional clientele, private gardens, local authorities and retail markets.


Hamashbir Agriculture wholly owns INVECTRA-AGRO LTD., a Cyprus based company established in 2006 specializing in distribution operation in Africa markets. We are involved in four principal categories: liquid fertilizers, plant protection products, surfactants and seed dressing.


Hamashbir Agriculture differentiates itself in the agricultural market by having facilities throughout Israel that are conveniently located for agricultural communities. We are also unique by serving both the wholesale and retail markets. Hamashbir Agriculture staff is widely respected as professional and knowledgeable providing personalized service and advice for our customers.

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