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Commercial Litigation, White Collar Issues, Real Estate, Administrative Law


Founding Year 2018
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Ariel Roth, Founding Partner, Hadad, Roth & Co.

Ariel Roth

Founding Partner

Amit Hadad, Founding Partner, Hadad, Roth & Co.

Amit Hadad

Founding Partner


Hadad Roth & Co. is one of Israel's elite law firms, offering clients legal and professional advice and assistance in a multitude of commercial law and litigation fields, all under one roof. The Firm was founded by Amit Hadad and Ariel Roth who have unique expertise in Israel's legal sector, because of their many years of legal practice as partners at Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. Law Office, with an emphasis on representing key people in Israel's economy, such as the Prime Minister, senior public figures, Knesset members, and leading business people.

The Firm is highly experienced with clients with distinct media, public and business profiles, Including senior figures in the Israeli public and business sector, former and current ministers, heads of local authorities, and leading companies.
The Firm ensures the personal involvement of the partners in every case while exhausting each proceeding, until reaching the best solution for every client.
Hadad Roth & Co. has the knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality legal services, and is a one-stop-shop for many legal disciplines, to provide its clients comprehensive service for all their needs – from representation in complex litigation cases, white collar issues, real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, labor law, administrative law, taxation, and non-profit associations law, and more.
The Firm represents its clients at the highest judicial instances in Israel and abroad, including the High Court of Justice, international arbitrations and more.
In addition, the Firm represents hi wealth and unique private clients in transactions involving real estate, commercial engagements, regulation and provides ongoing consultation to companies and senior executives in the Israeli economy.
Since its establishment, the Firm has enjoyed unprecedented growth, inter alia because of the synergy between the Firm’s various departments, that have created added value for every client, while being able to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary response.

Advocate Amit Hadad
Adv. Amit Hadad is a founding partner and head of Hadad Roth & Co. and is one of Israel’s leading and most erudite lawyers, being involved in Israel’s most complex and well-known civil litigation and white collar issues.
For many years, he was a close associate of the Late Dr. Jacob Weinroth, one of Israel’s paramount legal minds. Amit considered the Late Dr. Weinroth, a teacher, a mentor, and father figure. Since Dr. Weinroth’s passing, Amit Hadad has been careful to instill and preserve the heritage of the Late Dr. Jacob Weinroth at the Firm, matching a pursuit of excellence and the constant desire to learn and develop.
Amit has extensive expertise in a variety of legal fields, and represents senior officials, businesspeople and leading companies in the economy, in a wide range of issues at the center of public and legal discourse in Israel. Among his clients – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu • Boaz Harpaz • Tali Keidar (as part of the Israel Beitenu political party issue); Eyal Golan and Kobi Peretz • defendants in the Ronel Fisher affair • Benzi Lieberman, former Director General of the Israel Land Authority • Einat Kalish, Mayor of Haifa • Danny Dankner • former Member of the Knesset and Minister of Defense the Late Binyamin (Fuad) Ben-Eliezer • Space Communications Company and its Chief Executive Officer • Nazareth Illit Mayor Shimon Gapso.
Amit also represents businessmen and Israel’s largest companies, such as Tahanat Israeli Ltd. • Migdal Insurance • Mark and Jackie Schimmel and the Yated Ne’eman newspaper.
Amit brings strong values of excellence and professionalism, and offers his clients comprehensive and personal service, all the while placing the interests of the client at the top of priorities. Amit can identify the client’s distress and find the solution best for him.
Amit completed his internship with Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy. Over the last decade, Amit has been repeatedly noted on various lists as one of the most promising lawyers today in Israel, as noted by The Marker, Forbes Magazine and other media outlets.

Advocate Ariel Roth
Ariel is a founding partner and also serves as the managing partner of the Firm. Ariel deals with civil-commercial law, with an emphasis on non-profit organizations, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions, and represents and advises individuals and companies on diverse issues, while providing personal, professional and service of the highest quality.
Ariel brings a multi-disciplinary business vision that enables him to advise his clients on issues that go far beyond the specific legal issue. His business experience was gained while serving as a Director and Chief Executive Officer at several leading companies in the Israeli market, and thus bring the knowledge and experience that helps him provide the Firm’s clients with comprehensive business and financial advice, far beyond the ongoing legal advice.
As part of his professional practice, Ariel is involved in the management of complex civil litigation proceedings in the various judicial instances, conducting complex negotiations for various companies and businesses, managing media crises at the center of the business discourse in Israel, and legal counsel for companies and individuals in all their business affairs.
In addition, Ariel has a unique specialization in non-profits law, with extensive experience in accompanying and representing non-profits in various issues, including liquidations, regulatory issues, contracts, and mergers between non-profit organizations, which is a unique and developing field.
Before founding Hadad Roth & Co., Ariel served as managing partner of the Late Dr. Jacob Weinroth’s law office.

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