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Founding Year 1999
Address Ha'Pa'amon House, 20 Ha'Ta'as Street, Kfar Saba 4442520
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Guy Wichelewski, Founder and Owner, Guy Wichelewski & Co.,  Law Firm & Notary

Guy Wichelewski

Founder and Owner


The Guy Wichelewski Law Firm was established in 2001 and is a dynamic boutique law firm that handles all aspects of commercial, business and real estate law. The Firm is one of Israel's leading boutique law firms that provide diverse legal services of international quality. The Firm has gained a reputation because of a combination of professional and human values that have guided it from its beginnings. The Firm has many years of experience in providing up-to-date multidisciplinary consulting, along with a deep familiarity with the Israeli economy and the presence at business decision-making nodes. At the heart of the Firm's professional approach is the belief that each client is special and has his or her own unique needs and therefore, strives to tailor a basket of services to each client.

Based on this approach, the Firm’s legal team does its utmost to provide each client with the best professional and legal services, while providing personal attention and close advice, continually examining the overall and strategic picture alongside the details, and striving to achieve the best result for the client.

The Firm’s legal team includes professionals with extensive experience in a wide range of fields, enabling the Firm to offer the highest quality service while maintaining a top level of service awareness.

The Firm aims to represent its clients with dedication and loyalty while maintaining maximum confidentiality. The Firm’s legal team undergoes specialized training regarding the privacy and security of confidential information, which gives them maximum reliability and loyalty, with diverse legal ability in real-time.

The Firm has a long list clients, among them the largest and leading in Israel’s business sector, including private and public corporations, commercial-business entities and Israeli and foreign businessmen. The Firm has extensive experience and connections, and represents clients in the business sector with a strategic view of the client’s needs in Israel and globally.

Areas of Practice

Commercial and Corporate Law – The field of commercial and corporate law is at the heart of the Firm’s professional work. The Firm’s legal team works closely with its clients to provide the most professional service, adapted to their needs. The Firm provides legal services such as planning and structuring transactions, drafting contracts, commercial counsel, financing agreements, distribution agreements, sales agreements, concession agreements, licensing agreements, labor agreements, and ongoing counsel. The Firm’s activities include the establishment of corporations, shareholder agreements, capital issuances, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and investment transactions in Israel and abroad. Advocate Guy Wichelewski serves as a lecturer at many business and management courses, as well as a regular lecturer in the training of directors at all levels. He also serves as a course coordinator and academic advisor for the training of directors under the auspices of the union of local governments.

Commercial Litigation – The Firm’s legal team has extensive experience in legal representation and appearances in all aspects of commercial litigation, before all judicial instances – courts, tribunals, arbitrations and mediation proceedings. The Firm handles a wide range of civil and commercial lawsuits at all judicial Instances including, inter alia, various financial claims, declaratory lawsuits, various injunctions whether preventive or mandatory, foreclosures, declaratory orders, statements of defense etc. As well, the Firm handles representation, manages and advises during mediation and arbitration proceedings in various and varied fields. The Firm’s legal team also serve as arbitrators and mediators in various cases.

Real Estate – The Firm provides comprehensive legal advice for all aspects of real estate law, from simple transactions up to various complexities – assisting contractors and apartment buyers, home sellers, handling real estate taxes (purchase tax, sales tax, land betterment levies), parties interested in renting or leasing out properties, etc. The Firm does its utmost to ensure the transaction closing.

Urban Renewal – The Firm is a boutique law firm that specializes in accompanying real estate transactions and entrepreneurship at all junctions, from the negotiation management stage, property purchase, improvement,  construction, up to realization (whether marketing or sale option).

The Firm has gained extensive experience in the field of urban renewal and represents construction companies, investors, developers, commercial companies, management companies and private capital owners in many real estate transactions and project management.

The Firm deals with all levels of real estate and construction, including, inter alia, residential and/or commercial construction projects as part of new construction efforts; urban renewal projects, including TAMA 38/1 (strengthening of buildings), TAMA 38/2/3 (demolition and construction) as well as evacuation-construction projects.

The Firm is currently involved in one of the most significant urban renewal and construction projects in Israel.

As part of the Firm’s guidance efforts, it offers a wide range of services, including close advice in all aspects related to and resulting from the execution of transactions, including finalizing lending and credit agreements vis-à-vis banks and financial entities, planning and construction, real estate taxation, investment management, development plans, environmental aspects and more.

The Firm believes that its legal practice and its wealth of practical experience, combined with a business vision and understanding of market conditions, afford it a significant advantage.

Tourism Law – The Firm also specializes in all aspects of tourism law – hotels, aviation, travel agencies, car rental companies, and tour guides, and provides legal services and legal representation to clients in Israel and abroad, to travel agencies, tour operators, tourist wholesalers, tourist sites, hotels and other tourism operators.

Advocate Guy Wichelewski also serves as a lecturer in tourism law.

Labor and Employment Law – The Firm has extensive experience in advising employees and employers in all matters related to labor law, both in the framework of ongoing counseling and in the management of legal proceedings within the labor courts or settlement of dispute outside the labor courts. The Firm places particular emphasis on this legal field and its various aspects. The Firm provides services in all aspects of collective and private labor law, including representation in the different courts, ongoing counseling, assimilation of procedures and work methods, the accompaniment of organizational processes, drafting of collective agreements and negotiations, representation and consultation regarding the rights of employees in insolvency.

Advocate Guy Wichelewski also serves as a lecturer in the field of labor law.

Law and Medicine – The Firm provides legal advice and guidance to corporations and medical centers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and paramedical professionals. In addition, the Firm provides representation vis-à-vis the various regulatory bodies, including the management of legal (including administrative) proceedings in the field.

Execution and Collection – The Firm has an execution department that specializes in all collection issues, the representation of debtors and creditors, execution of judgments, execution of bills (checks and collateral notes), objections, receiverships and the realization of assets, and representation in the various execution bureaus, the courts, and other judicial instances. The Firm’s unique computer system is connected directly to the courts and the Execution Office. The Firm has extensive experience in the field of debt collection and represents large entities including banks, local authorities, large companies, as well as small and private businesses that are forced into a situation in which they have provided services for which payment has not been paid.

The Firm attributes importance to initial stage consultation and guidance to corporate bodies and managers while building a collection system to “pre-empt a cure.” Building such an infrastructure is essential to maximizing collections and minimizing expenses.

Defamation – The Firm has the expertise and extensive experience in defamation issues and represents many plaintiffs and defendants, including public figures.

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