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Founding Year 1979
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Rick Mann, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Gross Law Firm

Rick Mann

Chairman of the Executive Committee

Esther Koren, Chairwoman of the Executive Committee, Gross Law Firm

Esther Koren

Chairwoman of the Executive Committee

Aya Yoffe, Managing Partner, Gross Law Firm

Aya Yoffe

Managing Partner

Dr. Ayal Shenhav, Founding Partner, Gross Law Firm

Dr. Ayal Shenhav

Founding Partner

David Hodak, Head of Firm, Gross Law Firm

David Hodak

Head of Firm

About Gross Law Firm

Gross‭ ‬&‭ ‬Co‭. ‬is one of the leading‭, ‬most influential law firms‭ ‬in Israel‭. ‬The firm provides its clients with comprehensive services‭ ‬and creative legal solutions in a variety of areas.The‭ ‬firm’s professional staff consists of more than 220‭ ‬professionals‭, ‬including more than 90‭ ‬partners‭.‬

Its local and international reputation‭ ‬is built on innovation‭, ‬creativity and a deep legal understanding‭ ‬that is based on a unique legacy that characterizes the‭ ‬firm and reflects ideals of ethics and commitment to providing‭ ‬a professional‭, ‬uncompromising‭, ‬courteous‭, ‬and innovative service‭. ‬A service that‭ ‬is recognized for its excellence by international ranking guides such‭ ‬as Chambers‭ ‬&‭ ‬Partners and Legal500‭.‬
The heritage of the firm‭ ‬established the legal foundation that benefits our clients‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬a comprehensive‭, ‬one-stop-shop that provides professional services and legal solutions‭ ‬tailored to our clients’‭ ‬specific needs in a wide range‭ ‬of legal areas‭: ‬corporate law‭, ‬mergers‭ ‬&‭ ‬acquisitions‭, ‬capital markets‭, ‬hi‭-‬tech and venture capital‭, ‬intellectual property‭, ‬banking‭ ‬&‭ ‬insurance‭, ‬finance‭ ‬&‭ ‬tax‭, ‬real estate‭, ‬litigation‭, ‬antitrust‭, ‬energy‭ ‬&‭ ‬infrastructure‭, ‬environmental law‭, ‬labor law‭, ‬and administrative law‭, ‬among others‭.‬
Practice Areas
M&A‭: ‬Our‭ ‬mergers and acquisitions department is one of the most prominent‭ ‬and leading practices in its field‭. ‬The department specializes in‭ ‬advising the management and boards of large public companies in‭ ‬Israel‭, ‬representing public and private companies in mergers‭, ‬spinoffs and‭ ‬reorganizations‭, ‬investment transactions‭, ‬sale of activities and agreements between shareholders‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬while handling all aspects related to the transaction‭, ‬including tax‭ ‬aspects‭, ‬required reporting under the securities law and regulatory approvals‭.‬
Capital Markets‭: ‬Our Capital Markets practice is at the forefront‭ ‬of the Israeli industry‭, ‬representing public companies‭, ‬boards of directors‭ ‬and independent committees in connection with corporate law and securities‭ ‬law matters and corporate governance issues as well as investment‭ ‬transactions‭, ‬mergers‭, ‬acquisitions‭, ‬reorganizations and related proceedings‭.‬
Hi-Tech and‭ ‬Venture Capital‭: ‬Our hi-tech and venture capital department is‭ ‬situated at the forefront of the industry‭, ‬accompanying start-up‭ ‬companies from their early stages through their growth until they‭ ‬become established companies‭, ‬mergers‭ ‬&‭ ‬acquisitions‭, ‬fund establishment‭, ‬investments in venture‭ ‬capital funds‭, ‬and ongoing representation of multinational technology companies‭.‬
Banking‭ ‬and Finance‭: ‬Our banking and finance department is one of‭ ‬the largest in Israel‭, ‬with extensive experience in providing legal‭ ‬services to local and international banks and financial institutions‭, ‬investment‭ ‬houses‭, ‬as well as funds in issues related to providing‭ ‬credit and securities‭.‬
Energy and Project Financing‭: ‬Our energy and‭ ‬project financing practice encompasses numerous energy disciplines and solutions to‭ ‬the various legal issues associated with energy and infrastructure projects‭: ‬from the funding stages and tender procedures‭, ‬through negotiations and‭ ‬discussions‭, ‬to project operations and maintenance‭.‬
Infrastructure‭: ‬Our tenders ad‭ ‬infrastructure team has extensive‭, ‬comprehensive legal knowledge in the infrastructure‭ ‬field‭. ‬The team provides solutions and support in various legal‭ ‬issues related to infrastructure‭, ‬tenders of infrastructure projects‭, ‬and financing‭ ‬of infrastructure projects‭, ‬including project development and financing‭, ‬obtaining required‭ ‬licenses and permits‭, ‬handling construction and operating contracts‭, ‬examining environmental‭ ‬and energy factors‭, ‬accompanying privatization transactions‭, ‬accompanying M&A transactions‭, ‬advising on procurement‭, ‬regulation‭, ‬taxes‭, ‬competitiveness‭, ‬dispute resolution and more‭. ‬
Litigation‭: ‬Our litigation department has cumulative experience and knowledge‭ ‬in various civil and commercial fields‭- ‬This includes class actions‭, ‬derivative actions‭, ‬corporate and partnership laws‭, ‬complex contractual disputes‭, ‬insolvency‭ ‬proceedings‭, ‬banking‭, ‬white-collar‭, ‬real-estate‭, ‬labor law‭, ‬family disputes‭ ‬involving complex commercial issues‭, ‬and much more‭. ‬
Labor Law‭: ‬Our‭ ‬labor law practice has experience dealing with all matters related‭ ‬to labor law‭, ‬including litigation‭ (‬civil or criminal‭), ‬injunctions‭, ‬collective‭ ‬disputes‭, ‬class actions‭, ‬and administrative proceedings before law enforcement agencies‭ ‬and various government ministries‭.‬
Taxation and Tax Planning‭: ‬Our tax‭ ‬practice provides counsel‭, ‬planning‭, ‬and support in all areas of‭ ‬income tax‭, ‬capital gains tax‭, ‬betterment tax‭, ‬purchase tax and‭ ‬value-added tax‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬both for companies and individuals‭.‬
Real Estate‭: ‬Our real estate department deals with all aspects of the‭ ‬real estate field‭, ‬both domestic and international‭. ‬The department is‭ ‬characterized by in-depth knowledge‭, ‬great professionalism‭, ‬vast experience and‭ ‬an established reputation‭. ‬It employs a large number of lawyers‭ ‬whose vast experience‭, ‬knowledge and expertise provide the firm’s‭ ‬clients with the highest level of professional service‭.‬
Administrative Law‭, ‬Tenders and Municipal Government‭: ‬The department accompanies government bodies‭, ‬private‭ ‬bodies‭, ‬and municipal government bodies in Israel‭, ‬including local authorities‭ ‬and municipal corporations‭, ‬in a wide variety of fields‭. ‬Among‭ ‬other things‭, ‬the department provides legal advice in tender proceedings‭, ‬contracts for the development and construction of large-scale projects‭ ‬in the fields of infrastructure‭, ‬transportation‭, ‬energy‭, ‬urban development‭, ‬as‭ ‬well as conducting litigation proceedings before the administrative courts in‭ ‬Israel‭, ‬including the Supreme Court‭.‬
Antitrust‭: ‬Our antitrust department represents‭ ‬clients before the Competition Authority and the Israeli Competition Tribunal‭ ‬in appeal proceedings against the decisions of the Competition Commissioner‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬the legal team represents the department’s clients‭ ‬in criminal proceedings for alleged violations of the Economic Competition‭ ‬Act and related criminal offenses‭.‬
Expertise in Global Markets‭: (‬China‭, ‬Singapore‭, ‬Turkey‭, ‬and Brazil‭) ‬‮–‬‭ ‬We advise Israeli companies on‭ ‬transactions in China‭, ‬Singapore‭, ‬Brazil and Turkey‭, ‬and international companies‭ ‬on expanding their business to the Israeli market‭.

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