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• Real estate and contracting litigation; commercial and civil litigation • Insolvency, foreclosures, and liquidations • Real estate and real estate transactions, urban renewal, planning and construction entrepreneurship, contracting and execution projecrts


Founding Year 2017
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Gideon Goldstein, Founder Manager, Goldstein & Co. Law Office and Notary

Gideon Goldstein

Founder Manager

About Goldstein & Co. Law Office and Notary

Gideon Goldstein is an esteemed litigator with an exceptional reputation, who has gained unique expertise and experience in real estate litigation and contracring litigation. Adv. Goldstein founded the Firm in 2017 after more than a decade with one of Israel's largest and leading firms. Shortly after its establishment, Goldstein & Co. recorded impressive success and achievement in litigation, insolvency, and real estate transactions. The Firm was established with the insight that the most efficient and best service must be professional, along with a close and constant personal basis with the client. Aside from uncompromising professionalism, the Firm's management is influenced by Adv. Goldstein's mentality as an athlete and his practice of climbing cliffs and boulders. Calmness under pressure, determination, willpower, adherence to a fundamental goal and aspiration to achieve better achievements are an integral part of the way Gideon's character radiates on the firm.

The solutions that the Firm provides are tailored to the client’s needs, from an overall perspective of the business world, in order to bring the client with confidence and efficiency to the most profitable results and in the best cost-benefit ratio. Each case is well studied, handled carefully and gets the full attention out of an understanding that there is no “simple” case. Each case has its own complexity and each client and his unique sensitivity.
The Firm’s clients include public and private companies, business owners as well as individuals, and all benefit from the Firm’s rich experience in advising and dealing with various entities and the Firm’s unique characteristics in the range of services it provides.

The Firm’s “I believe”
Integrity, excellence, joy of life and human relations are part of the Firm’s core values, which has set itself a clear objective to lead in the law market and provide the highest level of service, using technology to save time and costs and thus improve client chances, reduce risks and even streamline processes. Adv. Goldstein leads the Firm with clear vision and values and is goal oriented.
The Firm’s legal team applies work methods developed from accumulated experience with leading law firms as well as from leading companies and even from other fields. For example, the Firm applies:
• Game theory strategies and research results from the field of behavioral economics in decision-making and negotiation processes.
• Flexibility, intellectual creativity and continuous innovation from industry and hi-tech.
• Teamwork, defensive strategies and attack methods that create effective pressure on the opposing side from the areas of team sports.
• Tactics from sports designed to plan a sequence of actions that connect to an aggressive move.
• Insights learned from the climbing field designed to look a few steps ahead and plan how to overcome obstacles and neutralize problems along the way.

The Art of Litigation and Specialization In Real Estate and Contracring Litigation
The Firm is one of the leaders in appearances and litigation before all judicial instances and considers its role as very important in preventing escalation and the development of disputes. The Firm has a unique and fascinating expertise in real estate litigation and has rich experience in various types of real estate disputes and real estate projects, including representing developers, contractors, apartment buyers and rights holders. The Firm has extensive experience with the world of building contracting and works in collaboration with engineers, appraisers, project managers and experts in complex cases.
Proceedings conducted by the Firm in this field include real estate rights disputes (ownership, possession and use), claims for liquidation of real estate partnerships, lease eviction claims, disruption and extension of claims, professional negligence claims and real estate stings, construction defects, lawsuits against brokers, supervisors of condominiums, and administrative procedures.

Real Estate
The Firm is experienced in leading complex real estate transactions and considers itself the party to assist the client and navigate the transactions safely until their successful completion, while providing a full and enveloping service even after. The Firm offers comprehensive legal advice and treatment in various aspects of real estate transactions, such as income-producing properties, plots, apartments, and rental properties. The Firm accompanies entrepreneurial and contractor projects for housing and industry, urban renewal, accompanying purchasing groups, planning and licensing procedures, and representation on planning and construction committees.

Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation, Liquidations, Bankruptcies, Receiverships, and Crisis Management
The Firm is prominent in representing creditors and stakeholders in the courts and enforcement in insolvency proceedings, receiverships, stay of proceedings, liquidation, and recovery of companies, and advises corporations in difficulties, including crisis management. Adv. Goldstein is appointed from time to time both by the courts as a trustee in corporate insolvency proceedings and as a receiver for the realization of liens and judgments that require solutions in complicated real estate cases.

Adv. Gideon Goldstein – Profile
Holds an LL.B from Tel Aviv University and a B.A. in Economics specializing in Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University. Between 2016 and 2019, Adv. Goldstein served as Deputy Chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s Liquidation and Insolvency Committee and co-chair of the Arbitration Team. Since 2015 has served as an arbitrator for the Israel Bar Association’s Arbitration Institute.
Adv. Goldstein, has had hundreds of appearances in various courts, including before arbitrators and mediators and even in international arbitration (ICC) in civil and commercial lawsuits, business disputes, contracts, corporate control struggles, etc. Adv. Goldstein has gained extensive experience in representing prominent and complex construction projects and litigation proceedings, such as:
Representing the BST and Electra Construction partnership against the Haifa Economic Company in the construction of the Sami Ofer Stadium project in Haifa.
Representation of ‘Brand Industries’ in arbitration before the Arbitration Institute of the International Trade Organization (ICC) vis-à-vis Alstom in connection with the construction of the Ashalim power plant.
Representation of BST in its conflict over the ‘Ha’Birah Towers’ project in Jerusalem.
Receivership in the liquidation of the Dortel-Sol Hotel in Eilat.
Appointment as receiver in a dispute between shareholders in a construction group that includes public companies.
Representation of a purchasing group in Inbal Or’s insolvency proceedings.
Representation in receivership proceedings of TAMA 38 projects.
Representation of entrepreneurial companies such as ‘America-Israel’ and ‘Reich-Shahar’ in entrepreneurship and construction projects, including urban renewal.

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