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Founding Year 1995
Address Oz House, 14 Abba Hillel Silver St., Ramat Gan 5250607 - View Map
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Ori Avigad, Senior Partner, Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein,  Avigad & Co.

Ori Avigad

Senior Partner

Boaz Edelstein, Senior Partner, Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein,  Avigad & Co.

Boaz Edelstein

Senior Partner

Amir Goldman, Founding Partner, Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein,  Avigad & Co.

Amir Goldman

Founding Partner

Amitai Erlich, Founding Partner, Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein,  Avigad & Co.

Amitai Erlich

Founding Partner


Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co. is one of Israel's leading law firms in real estate, urban renewal, planning and construction, personal and family wealth management, finance, banking, commercial law, and litigation. Since its establishment in 1995, the Firm has always strived to lead and excel in its fields of practice, and is now at the forefront of Israeli law firms in Israel and abroad, specializing in complex and extensive legal cases, combining its unique business experience accumulated over many years of legal practice, dynamism, innovation, and expertiseAdditional Partners Adi Aharon-Feldman Liora Manzury Yaniv Yogev Eli Nevo Rachel Carmon Additional Partners Adi Aharon-Feldman Liora Manzury Yaniv Yogev Eli Nevo Rachel Carmon

Additional Partners

Adi Aharon-Feldman

Liora Manzury

Yaniv Yogev

Eli Nevo

Rachel Carmon

About Us
Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co. is in close and exceptional contact with its clients, providing them comprehensive and personalized service tailored to their needs. The Firm believes in placing the client’s interest at the top of its concerns, in identifying with him and his needs. The Firm shares in the client’s happiness, but also suffers along with him, and always seeks the most comprehensive cure. Its experience enables it to anticipate problems and to provide solutions immediately, in a way that gives the client peace of mind and security. The Firm emphasizes the quality and professionalism of its legal teams and the synergy between them and its many legal departments are staffed by the most experienced lawyers in their fields.

About Our Clients
Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co. provides professional and multi-disciplinary services to a wide range of clients, among them Israel’s largest construction companies, entrepreneurs, investors, landowners, banks, insurance companies, capital funds, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, trade, and service companies, as well as private entities. In addition, the Firm represents foreign companies and many foreign residents, providing comprehensive legal services for managing their assets and capital. Its close and personal relationships with its clients has earned it a reputation for reliability and professionalism, both among its clients and its professional colleagues.

About our Activities
Real Estate Department – The Firm is one of Israel’s leading law offices dealing with real estate issues and serves a wide range of Israeli clients, along with non-residents in the management of their assets in Israel. The real estate sector is a significant part of the Firm’s ongoing work and includes planning and construction, taxation and financial counsel to a wide range of clients, such as entrepreneurs, contractors, investors, and companies. The Firm specializes in large and sophisticated real estate transactions, combination transactions, real estate funds, purchase groups, TAMA 38 projects, non-profit associations for self-construction, clearance and reconstruction projects, “occupant price” transactions and more. The clients enjoy a full basket of legal services, which is supported by an extensive network of professionals from various fields.
Urban Renewal – The Firm is also one of Israel’s leading law offices in urban renewal issues, with experience and an outstanding reputation in representing developers, contractors and apartment owners in urban renewal projects of all types, such as TAMA 38, TAMA 38/2, clearance and reconstruction.
The Firm provides its comprehensive solutions in such transactions, including the legal aspects of project feasibility studies, legal negotiations before agreement signing with emphasis on critical points that will appear in the agreement such as schedules for project planning and execution, appropriate tenant collateral, project insurance and the relationship with the financing institution The Firm also handles the tax aspects of the transaction, works with clients in their contractual agreements with the project’s financing body, handles the planning and construction aspects of the project, and the eventual registration of the buyer’s rights at the Land Registry Office, at project end.
Personal and Family Wealth Management Department – The Firm is also one of Israel’s most prominent in personal and family wealth management. With creativity, an extensive network of contacts with professionals in the field and multi-disciplinary knowledge, the Firm crafts effective solutions for managing personal and family wealth for its clients, with an emphasis on personal relations and a high level of service. The Firm offers its clients a wide range of solutions for international tax planning, protection of multinational assets, risk reduction and increasing returns on assets and estates, both in Israel and abroad. Inter alia, the Firm handles the establishment and management of trusts and foreign companies, the acquisition of assets and adjustments of investments. In this framework, the Firm handles an extensive spectrum of Israeli and foreign clients, as well as entities and trusts to plan family assets for charitable and social purposes.
Litigation Department – The Firm provides comprehensive legal representation in all practice fields, including contract, company labor, planning, construction, taxation, banking, administrative, tender, and insolvency laws. The Firm handles its clients professionally and with great commitment, without compromise, until the client’s goals are realized. The department provides professional and dynamic service suited to developments in the portfolio and changing circumstances; and emphasizes creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. The department’s staff offers its clients total coverage of all their legal needs and in all instances, in close cooperation with the Firm’s other departments.
Planning and Construction Department – The Department has extensive experience in promoting complex and prestigious real estate projects for leading real estate companies in Israel, real estate owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. The Firm’s lawyers specialize in a wide variety of planning and construction issues, including the promotion of outline plans and permits, urban renewal (clearance-reconstruction and TAMA 38), betterment levies, claims for planning damage, expropriations, municipal taxation, objections and easements, zoning excesses, one of the largest and most complex transactions in Israel in terms of planning, representation at planning committees and all judicial instances. The Department works in full synergy with the Firm’s other departments and provides comprehensive legal advice to all its clients. The harmonious and personal cooperation between the departments enables support in all aspects of customer activity and plays a vital role in meeting the needs of clients who receive comprehensive, creative and professional advice.
Finance and Banking Department – The Firm has extensive experience in representing lenders and entrepreneurs in real estate, energy, and infrastructure projects, as well as in various commercial transactions. The Firm provides legal services to different financial entities such as banks, insurance companies, and capital funds, and specializes in representing borrowers, such as public and private companies, partnerships and ventures. The Firm specializes in advising and drafting financing agreements in transactions involving senior debt loans of various types, construction loans, BOT financing, equity and mezzanine loans, the creation of collateral, financial syndication, agreements between lenders and financial closings.
Commercial Department – The Firm provides legal representation to corporations of all types and from all sectors, on a current and particular basis, as well as niche legal representation in labor law. The Firm’s commercial department clients come from diverse fields and structures and include public companies, government companies, private companies, partnerships of various types, and more.


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