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Founding Year 1999
Address ADDRESS BE'ER SHEVA BRANCH OFFICE 7 Ben-Zvi St., Beit Avisror, 6th Floor, Be'er-Sheva 8410302 ADDRESS TEL AVIV HEAD OFFICE 90 Ha'Hashmonaim St., 2nd floor, P.O.B 20445, Tel Aviv 6713307 - View Map
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Jacob Goldman, Founding Partner, Goldman & Co. – Law Offices

Jacob Goldman

Founding Partner

Uri Goldman, Partner, Goldman & Co. – Law Offices

Uri Goldman



Goldman & Co. is one of Israel's leading civil and criminal tax firms, with a specialty in Prohibition on Money Laundering Law violations. In addition, the Firm has collaboration agreements in the commercial/real estate field allowing its clients to benefit from tax and commercial synergies. The Firm stresses professionalism and creativity - which are the essential tools for providing the quality services that the Firm seeks to provide to its clients. The Firm believes in identifying practical solutions and avoids useless struggling, save for cases that the exhaustion of proceedings is essential. The Firm works with financial and credit service providers in procedures and arrangements with the authorities and with the Ministry of Finance.

The Firm has a long-standing, fruitful, and professional working relationship with the various income tax and value added tax authorities, heads of the respective
departments, the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, currency service offices, district attorney offices, the investigating authorities, etc. – all the while maintaining and distinguishing between acquaintances and professionalism, and always bearing in mind the client’s rights and business needs. The Firm believes in cooperation among its attorneys handling an individual case, and a Firm partner is always assigned to each case and is intimately involved in all phases and details of the case. The Firm’s attorneys are members of various professional tax committees of the Israeli Bar Association (civil and criminal), the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, serve as counseling specialists to various entities, are the authors of many professional articles in their fields of expertise and regularly lecture before various professional forums.

Professional Practice
The Firm specializes in a broad spectrum of legal services in the tax field, including, income tax, value added tax, real estate tax, international tax, purchase tax and customs, as well as in the Prohibition on Money Laundering Law (both civil and criminal in nature). Also, the Firm provides counsel in the planning of commercial transactions – in tax planning, both domestic and overseas, acquisitions, restructurings, rights sales, joint ventures, real estate projects, investments, etc. The Firm specializes in representing individuals, companies, registered associations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, and more. The Firm provides counsel throughout all phases – planning, administrative appeals, rulings and pre-rulings, special arrangements – with the objective of providing an answer to situations which require special permits, and which are not regulated specifically under law, legal opinions, and legal representation in courts, as required.
Economic Crimes – White Collar – Along with its expertise in the civil field, the Firm is among Israel’s leading law firms in tax violations, money laundering, economic and white-collar crimes, including “mega case” representations. The Firm is involved in legislative procedures, in various proceedings before the authorized authorities, including voluntary disclosures and forfeiture requests, along with criminal investigations and accompanying proceedings. The Firm has significant experience in handling complex investigations, which usually involve a large amount of investigation material, many suspects, forfeitures, recovery of forfeited assets, international issues, including the rights of the investigating authority vis-à-vis foreign countries and taking advantage of the Firm’s specialty in as much as it relates to the reciprocal relations between the civil and criminal aspects and vice versa and the connection between the various authorities. The Firm specializes in representing suspects and those accused of tax law violations, including under the Income Tax Ordinance, Value Added Law, Property Taxation Law, Prohibition on Money Laundering Law, currency provider regulations, and more. This level of work is concentrated mainly with the investigations department of the tax authority, along with working intensively with the relevant prosecutors and the attorney’s offices. The Firm counsels for large cases in the indictment stage and regarding the investigation, property seizure, procedures for unfreezing, the release of funds seized at border crossings, Sanctions Committees, procedures concerning the suspension of licenses of currency service providers, procedures for forfeiture and so on.
Commercial and Business Law – Building on its collaboration agreements, the Firm’s clients’ benefit also in the commercial and business fields, also drawing on the Firm’s expertise in tax and commercial aspects, a combination which allows maximization of service in transactions of such nature; both in Israel and abroad, including drafting various commercial agreements, restructurings, ongoing counseling and representation to companies, partnerships, individuals, virtual coins (such as bitcoins), internet gambling issues, etc.
Real Estate – Legal counsel vis-à-vis a full range of real estate transactions, such as transaction promotions, purchase groups, combination transactions, gentrifications, TAMA 38 programs, etc. The Firm counsels various entities on negotiations, transaction planning, drafting agreements including purchases, partnership, performance, financing, and joint venture agreements.
Litigation – The Firm has extensive experience in litigation before all legal instances and tribunals, including arbitrations and mediations, both in civil and criminal proceedings. The Firm builds on its expertise in various fields and counsels its clients, in many cases, from the beginning of the proceedings.

MasFax – A Leading Tax Journal
As part of the Firm’s various activities, it also issues its “Mas Fax,” professional tax journal, which is distributed bi-weekly to thousands of readers, including public accountants, lawyers, tax consultants, controllers, managers, business people, judges, attorneys, and the Israel Tax Authority. The journal, a leader in its field, summarizes everything happening during the relevant period in taxes, including references and editorial comments on the issues discussed, and is available at

The Firm’s Clientele and Activities
Law firms, public accountants and tax consultants, some of the largest in their field in Israel and abroad, both medium and small, can discover an experienced professional for the purpose of consultation and representation in the fields in which the Firm specializes, sometimes discreetly because of the sensitivity of the case (for example – voluntary disclosure, financial sanctions, etc.), and maintain contact with the Firm utilizing and maximizing the relationship, emphasizing the value-added aspect of taxation. The Firm represents public companies, private organizations, professionals, partnerships, ventures, various stock exchange listed companies, public accounting firms, and law firms (also with regard to personal cases of partners in those offices), people in business, currency service providers, business service providers, and more.

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