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Founding Year 2002
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Gil Hirschmann & Co., Advocates, is a boutique law firm specializing in real estate, insolvency and commercial litigation. Among the firm's clients, it is proud to include, Israel's leading banks, construction companies, hotel chains, Israeli and foreign private clients and private and public corporations. The firm, currently consisting of more than 10 attorneys, was founded in 2002 by Adv. Gil Hirschmann, an experienced and highly esteemed professional in the fields of insolvency, real estate and litigation. For many years now, the firm has been routinely accompanying entrepreneurs, real-estate companies, banks and various corporations.

The firm is highly experienced, and as such, provides accompaniment to real estate projects from the early stages of concept formation, onto project financing and ending with the sale phase.

The firm represents its domestic and foreign clients in litigation procedures of significant financial volumes. The firm also represents on a continuous basis companies from inception stages onto their ongoing operations. The firm serves as officer of the court as receiver, trustee and estate administrator. The firm pays special attention to giving its clients personal services throughout all stages of the project and legal procedure, based on an understanding that to each and every case a creative and unique approach is to be applied.

The firm is characterized with a professional team, with the ability to observe the ‘big picture’ and put in motion complex procedures. Such characteristics are which enable the firm to achieve the required results. The firm’s uniqueness is in exceptional professionalism in the variety of aspects related to the fields of real estate and insolvency.

In addition, the firm accompanies its clients in litigation procedures which are often an outcome of insolvency proceedings and real-estate transactions. An advantage of the legal accompaniment in litigation procedures comes to effect in light of the profound acquaintance with the commercial sphere which stands at the basis of the litigation case. The firm is responsible for a line of legal precedents which serve as land marks in the field of commercial law.

Adv. Gil Hirschmann, Partner
Heading the firm is its founding partner, Adv. Gil Hirschmann, an experienced and highly esteemed professional in the fields of insolvency, real estate and litigation, with more than 17 years of legal experience. Adv. Hirschmann is among Israel’s outstanding attorneys in the field of insolvency and represents Israel’s major banks as special administrator/receiver/trustee/liquidator of dozens of distressed companies. Adv. Hirschmann is among the few Israeli attorneys who serve both as receivers as well as litigator in insolvency related procedures in which he serves as officer of the court, a unique element based on his many years of experience. Member of the Israeli Bar since 1995.

Practice Fields
The real-estate department holds considerable professional experience and attorneys with a profound acquaintance with the real-estate realm with the ability to mobilize and promote procedures vis-à-vis governmental and municipal authorities. It is considered as one of the leading departments in its field. In the framework of its activity, the department accompanies outstanding residential and commercial real-estate projects, beginning from the initiation phase and onto locating investors, the financing phase, agreements with constructors, representation before the various planning authorities and sale of the properties. The firm represents both sellers and purchasers in real-estate transactions.

Real Estate Finance
The firm provides its clients with accompaniment in the field of real-estate financing. The firm’s team has profound knowledge regarding the different existing alternatives for project financing as well as an acquaintance with the requirements of the financing parties. The firm’s familiarity with the world of bank financing on the one hand, and the diversity of its clients on the other, create a synergy that often leads to financial assistance to business enterprises.

This unique field lies in the patch between the legal sphere and the business sphere. It is a complex and delicate field, in which the firm specializes. The firm represents Israel’s major banks which seek Adv. Hirschmann ‘s representation in large projects under difficulties. His success in this field and his ability to achieve positive outcomes for companies and creditors thereof, have all turned the firm into one of the leaders in this field.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution
The department has significant experience in representing clients in complex litigation procedures and it represents many clients from Israel and overseas before all Israeli legal instances including in alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Commercial Law
The commercial legal department provides comprehensive, fluent legal services to Israeli and international clients, entrepreneurs, investors, industrialists and Israeli and international companies. The clients enjoy close attention, a comprehensive apprehension of their business goals and an efficient legal service suited for their legal and strategic necessities.

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