Gama Management and Clearing Ltd.

Financial services, credit card voucher management and clearance, factoring services, management and clearance of notes, Check Discounting, Import Financing


Founding Year 1998
Address Vita Towers, 11 Ben-Gurion St., B'nei Brak 5126015 - View Map
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Eli Unger, Gama Chairman, Gama Management and Clearing  Ltd.

Eli Unger

Gama Chairman


Gama is Israel's largest company for credit card clearance, financial and factoring services, as well as credit card acquiring (payment facilitator), management and financing of receivables, invoices and notes (49% of the company's shares are held by the Phoenix Group).

Other Senior Executives
Ariel Genut

Yaron Soifer
VP, Sales, and Marketing

Gama serves thousands of merchants, leading companies and marketing chains, found in all sectors of the Israeli economy. The volume of credit services that it provides is around NIS 25 billion per year. The company specializes in optimization and processing of various credit products, and their tailoring to the unique financial needs of companies and merchants. By using Gama’s services, clients can improve their capital structure through additional credit, write-off various receivables from their balance sheet, expand financing sources, with full control over credit charges and costs. The company specializes in providing services to Israel’s largest companies, leading chain stores and both midsize and small merchants. Gama, which started operations in 1998, benefits from a strong equity base and the best professionals in the field, affording it the strength to offer its financial services at the highest level possible with the most attractive financing costs for the long term. All these factors have contributed to making Gama into the most extensive and leading Israeli company in its field.
Available Services – Acquiring (payment facilitator), managing, financing and clearing credit card vouchers of all credit companies in Israel, up to 36 payments • Factoring services for early collection of companies’ and merchants’ invoices • Credit for working capital requirements and for business expansions • Management, financing and clearance of checks, receivables and notes • Direct and automatic processing to the business bookkeeping software, including accounting entries • Check discounting • Import financing • Equipment financing • Loans backed by real estate and other collateral.
Credit Card Voucher Management, Acquiring (payment facilitator), Funding and Clearing Services – Gama provides credit card voucher management, acquiring (payment facilitator), financing, clearing and discounting services for all credit cards, and offers immediate payment of credit card deferred payment transactions, with tracks of up to 36 payments. The company offers its clients innovative systems in the field of credit card financing, enabling companies and merchants to establish their own parameters for the financial services which the company can offer, according to their own financial requirements, and to automatically make any credit card adjustments in the interface, including accounting entries directly to the business bookkeeping software.
Credit Card Reconciliations – Gama’s unique systems afford its clients a significant advantage in the market, by making credit card control and supervision simpler and more convenient. When a company uses Gama for its credit card financial services, it receives daily credit card transaction reconciliations with all credit card companies, directly to its bookkeeping and operations systems, thereby avoiding any reconciliation problems. In addition, Gama enables merchants and public companies to write-off various receivables/customer balances from their balance sheets, inter alia, in accordance with IFRS.
Factoring Services and Invoice Financing – Purchasing commercial receivables and converting them from future receivables into immediate cash • Non-recourse financing advances of 70% to 80%, except for commercial defaults.
Types of Factoring Offered by Gama – Local factoring – advancing invoice payments • Reverse factoring (supplier financing) – advancing payment of suppliers’ invoices • Import and export factoring – financing import and export transactions.
Check Discounting – A financial service that allows a business to receive cash against a post-dated check. Check discounting (with a right of return to the supplier) provides an additional source of cash for improving cash flows.
Benefits of the service include: • An improvement in cash flows • Control system and alerts with regard to the check issuer – if there is an alert concerning the check issuer, the business is updated immediately • Management of all facets of post-dated checks by the business • All services are given under one roof – credit card discounting/factoring/check discounting.
Import Finance – Many businesses are involved in the import of goods from various countries around the globe. Many times, importers are required by their suppliers to pay in cash or by transferring funds abroad when purchasing the goods, many importers face difficulties in meeting the terms of payment provided by the foreign suppliers. Gama can help finance this often heavy financial burden.
Equipment Financing – Gama enables companies to renew their equipment and/or purchase additional equipment and apportion its cost over several years. The service is offered both to companies interested in purchasing the equipment and paying for it over several years, as well as to equipment importers who wish to supply the equipment to their clients against deferred payments over several years.
The ability to spread the cost of the equipment enables the business to equalize the equipment cash expense with the expected revenue to be derived from it. Equipment financing transaction is made through a loan under attractive terms which is granted to the designated business in the amount and for the benefit of financing the equipment specifically.
The loan repayment term is spread over several years, and is considered non-bank financing, thus allowing the business to maximize its benefit from the equipment/machine and increase its profitability.
Loans Backed by Real Estate and Other Collateral – If on the one hand, the entity has an asset that returns a zero yield, and on the other hand it has a chance for a profitable deal, which is ripe for funding, Gama can offer a collateral backed credit to finance it. In a competitive and dynamic market, Gama’s speed of response, with an absence of bureaucratic obstacles, and a strong financial backing have a meaning that is expressed in significant savings in money and time for the entity. Gama – the leading credit company in Israel for nonbank business credit, will provide the finance that the entity needs. Gama will use the asset as a collateral and will spread the loan for up to 60 installments at an attractive interest rate.
Commitment to Excellence – Gama, its managers and employees, consider their clients to be central to its operations and are committed to offer the best service possible while capitalizing on economies of scale, its strong equity base and the volume of its financial activities.
Technological Innovations – Gama draws on its exclusive and innovative IT, software and control systems. The company provides merchants and companies with online information vis-à-vis transactions, transmission dates, payment dates and bank account deposits.
Gama’s Internet site is updated online, immediately displaying information on the client’s position around the clock, allowing for control, management and follow-up on all transactions executed.
Dependable Management – The expertise, professionalism, and experience of Gama’s managers, who have served in senior positions in banks, financial industry and capital markets, have combined to make Gama into Israel’s most extensive and leading company in its fields. The company employs around 100 managers and employees, with representatives located nationwide, to recruit new clients and provide service.

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