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Founding Year 2012
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Karin Kestenbaum, Attorney Partner, G. Kestenbaum & Co., Law Firm

Karin Kestenbaum

Attorney Partner

Gonen Kestenbaum, Firm Founder and Partner, G. Kestenbaum & Co., Law Firm

Gonen Kestenbaum

Firm Founder and Partner

About G. Kestenbaum & Co., Law Firm

G. Kestenbaum & Co. is a highly experienced law firm, one of the leading boutique law firms in Israel in the field of insolvency (recovery, rehabilitation and liquidation of corporations and businesses), corporations, commercial litigation, and real estate. Our firm is at the cutting edge of these fields of law, and is known particularly for its legal creativity, closing exceptionally complex transactions, and achieving legal precedents. The combination of the unique experience acquired by Attorney Gonen Kestenbaum in the course of his work in the most prestigious accounting firms, affording him a financial and administrative understanding of corporations, and his in-depth legal knowledge and experience as an officer of the court in corporations entering into stay of proceedings or liquidation are the added value from which all the players in insolvency cases benefit. The firm employs seven lawyers, clerks, and skilled auxiliary staff, and is located on the 13th floor of Levenstein Tower, in the heart of the Tel Aviv business center. G. Kestenbaum & Co. is one of the top firms in Israel in the field of insolvency and real estate, according to the leading companies ranking of Coface BDI and Dun's 100.

Attorney Gonen Kestenbaum began to build his reputation after completing law and accounting studies in New York, while still working in the most prestigious accounting firms, KPMG and Arthur Anderson, going on from there to the law firm of Yerushalmi, Shiboleth, Yisraeli, Roberts, Zisman & Co. in New York, before returning to Israel in 2002 and establishing an independent firm. In 2005, Adv. Gonen Kestenbaum’s office merged with Nathan Meir & Co., and in 2012 the firm was founded after Adv. Kestenbaum’s retirement, together with the attorneys in his department, from the joint law firm.

Fields of expertise
Recovery and rehabilitation of corporations and businesses, liquidations, bankruptcies, receiverships, and creditor arrangements.
G. Kestenbaum & Co. has a dynamic professional department in the field of insolvency, with considerable success in handling cases with a high media and public profile. Most of the insolvency cases have resulted in a very successful outcome and optimal arrangements with both preferential right and regular creditors, to the satisfaction of the creditors and, of course, to the satisfaction of the Courts, who have chosen to appoint Adv. Kestenbaum in intricate cases requiring complex legal services. The expertise of Adv. Kestenbaum, as head of the department, covers all aspects of receivership and liquidations, including wide-ranging activities in different positions in corporations stays of proceedings, dissolution of companies, receiverships, and representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings. The attorneys in the department, working ethically and with integrity, as well as with great creativity, are skilled in their field and have been involved over the years in many of the major stay of proceedings, liquidation, receivership, and recovery cases in the economy. Among other things, the department’s attorneys represent potential buyers of companies in insolvency proceedings, groups of creditors in creditor arrangements, rehabilitation and recovery of corporations, manage dissolution and stays of proceedings, manage receivership proceedings and disposal of assets, and manage bankruptcy proceedings, debt collection, debt arrangements, and creditor arrangements.

Real estate
G. Kestenbaum & Co. has many years of comprehensive and multidisciplinary experience in real estate, providing legal services offering uncompromising professionalism and an in-depth view of projects to developers, buyers’ groups and private customers, both before implementation of the project and handling all stages of its implementation. In addition, the firm handles everything relating to its clients’ assets.
The attorneys in the firm’s real estate department advise developers and corporations involved in real estate. They also provide professional representation in real estate transactions on a substantial scale, including combination deals, sale and purchase deals, rental deals, evacuation-construction deals, purchasing groups, and so on.
The real estate department accompanies developers in everything relating to setting up commercial and/or office and/or residential projects, in all the legal aspects relating to the project, from acquisition of the land rights to registration of the condominium, legal representation in various issues relating to the Israel Lands Administration, land expropriation and planning injuries, legal handling of municipal taxation issues, including municipal rates, betterment tax, building permit fees, and development duties, on behalf of property owners and developers. In recent years, the firm has accompanied developers and tenants implementing large National Outline Plan 38 projects, including Evacuation-Construction.

G. Kestenbaum & Co. has an experienced litigation department that has acquired a considerable reputation in all the courts, including in arbitration and mediation proceedings for a wide range of clients, complex civil and commercial disputes, among them white-collar crimes requiring an understanding of different areas of the law, while providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout all stages of the legal proceedings. The firm’s staff is very experienced and knowledgeable in handling a range of lawsuits and legal and administrative proceedings in the fields of banking, commercial transactions, and real estate. Its meticulous handling of cases has resulted in considerable achievements for the firm and its clients, and has even produced in precedent-setting results with broad implications, giving the firm its reputation for professional excellence.

Professionalism, determination and thoroughness
G. Kestenbaum & Co. believes in uncompromising commitment to providing its clients with first-rate service focusing on excellence, availability, and meeting its targets, as well as the exceptional creativity displayed by its attorneys.

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