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Founding Year 2017
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Rami Fargan, Founding Partner, Fargan Peles & Co., Attorneys at Law

Rami Fargan

Founding Partner

Alon Peles, Founding Partner, Fargan Peles & Co., Attorneys at Law

Alon Peles

Founding Partner


Fargan Peles & Co., Attorneys at Law, was founded in 2017, following the merger of R. Fargan & Co., which was founded in 2006 by Rami Fargan, with I. Peles & Co., which was founded in 2003 by Alon Peles.

The Firm is boutique-sized and is proud of the personal and close attention proffered to its clients, with professionalism and efficiency, all geared to provide each client with the best of service possible.

The Firm, works with the client throughout the various legal service stages, from top to bottom, while updating the client all in real time.

The Firm’s client list includes public, institutional and private parties, business and financial entities, hi-tech companies, investment companies, construction and development companies, local authorities, etc.

The Firm has an active branch in Paris, which has adopted the Firm’s Israeli working style.

Practice Areas

Real Estate

Fargan Peles & Co., as one of Israel’s leading law firms, counsels real estate transactions, entrepreneurs, and contractors; handles purchase and sale agreements, construction services agreements, cooperation agreements, cooperation liquidation proceedings, combination agreements, bank financing agreements, the registration of rights and/or caveats in the Land Registry, the registration of condominiums etc.

The Firm takes an active part in counseling many real estate transactions, from the initial planning stage and until construction completion, the receipt of Form 4, and the registration of rights at the various Land Registration Offices, at the end of the project.

Commercial Litigation

The Firm’s litigation department has extensive experience in legal representation and appearances in all aspects of commercial litigation before all judicial instances, including the civil courts, labor courts, tribunals, arbitrations, mediation proceedings, as well as with private and administrative bodies, the management of a wide range of claims, including derivative, class action, commercial and proprietary claims.

Commercial Law, Corporations and Companies

The Firm specializes in the formation and ongoing handling of companies (including corporate groups), partnerships and registered associations; emphasizing practical and efficient client advice, negotiations, drafting of various agreements (Hebrew, English and French), including investment, production, distribution, transfer and/or the sale of shares, franchising, marketing, employment, research and development agreements, handling of joint ventures, stays of proceedings, corporate recoveries, liquidations and receiverships, creditor arrangements, bankruptcies, trust management, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, involvement with various investments, representation before various state, private and administrative bodies.


The Firm has practical experience in all legal aspects relating to TAMA 38 transactions, including the representation of developers and apartment owners, throughout all stages of the project. The Firm has the requisite experience and practical familiarity with legislation in the field, drafting agreements, approval of agreements before the competent judicial instances, amendments to condominium building articles of association, registration of separate units, working with various planning authorities, drafting agreements with contractors, counsel for the receipt of Form 4 and certificates of completion, registration of the condominium, etc.

Intellectual Property

The Firm provides legal counsel in the field, including solutions for the protection of intellectual property assets; registration of trademarks and designs; advice and drafting agreements for rights holders such as artists, software companies, production companies, photographers, etc., legal counsel for rights holders in cases of rights violations, handling and consulting in matters related to know-how, technology, and hi-tech intellectual property (including software, computers, and the Internet); legal advice in respect of trade secrets, including confidentiality agreements and more.

Labor Employment Law

The Firm deals with all issues arising from employer-employee relations and/or severance, as well as issues arising from collective agreements and personal employment agreements, severance pay claims, wage holdbacks, the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law and more, including representation before the labor courts and the civil courts.


The Firm has an execution department with expertise in all aspects of the collection, the representation of successful parties and receivables, execution of judgments, collection of bills (checks and various pledges), objections, receivership and the realization of assets and representation at the various Execution Offices, and judicial instances. The Firm has a computerized system connected directly to the courts and the Execution Office.

Pro Bono

The Firm advocates social and community involvement, and thus provides legal services to the underprivileged while protecting the community and society in which we all live.

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