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All areas of commercial and civil law, contracts, companies, administrative law, municipal-property taxation, fees and levies, class actions, urban renewal – TAMA 38 as well as evacuation-construction projects, legal collections, and execution proceedings


Founding Year 1982
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Eliahu Melech, Founding and Managing Partner, Eliahu Melech & Co., Law Firm

Eliahu Melech

Founding and Managing Partner

About Eliahu Melech & Co., Law Firm

Attorney Eliahu Melech founded the Firm 35 years ago and continues as its Managing Partner to this day. The Firm specializes in all areas of civil-commercial law, administrative law, commercial and administrative litigation, companies, partnerships, non-profit organizations, contracts, municipal-property taxation, fees and levies, urban renewal – TAMA 38 as well as evacuation–construction projects, labor law, class actions, legal collections, and execution proceedings. Eliahu Melech is the largest Firm in legal collections and execution proceedings in Israel's northern region (from Hadera to Metula) and one of the largest in the entire country. Over the last years, including 2018, the Firm has led the BDI rankings in the "legal collections" category. The Firm offers high quality, efficient and readily available legal support building upon its highly professional and personal standards from its Head Office in Haifa and its Branch Office in Tel Aviv.

The Firm’s legal team of 9 attorneys is highly experienced and skilled in managing complex legal proceedings and has appeared thousands of times at various legal instances throughout Israel, at execution offices, labor courts and at all court instances, including the Supreme Court, (when sitting as administrative and/or civil appeals courts or the High Court of Justice), various appeals committees, arbitration, and mediation proceedings. Thus, the Firm has been a party to many principled proceedings and a party to many successful rulings that have changed the laws of adjudications in the Supreme Court.

Main Areas of Practice
Legal Collection and Execution Proceedings – The legal collection and execution proceedings department at the Firm encompasses a unique system and the largest one in Haifa and Israel’s North, and one of the largest in the country. The department includes some 70 experienced and skilled employees (besides execution contractors and external service providers) that operate under instructions of a dedicated legal team. The Firm is involved in prosecution proceedings, significant legal collection and execution proceedings for institutional, commercial and private clients, such as – banks and banking corporations (including Bank Leumi, Union Bank, CAL (VISA)); communications companies such as Bezeq, Bezeq International, Pelephone; as well as other large corporations, such as Israel Electricity, Derech Eretz – Highway 6, Association of Hall Owners and Event Gardens in Israel (a non profit organization); universities, colleges, insurance corporations, municipalities and local authorities, as well as private businesses.
A Proven Advantage in Legal Collections and Execution Proceedings – The Firm considers the special needs of each client in the field of legal collections and execution proceedings. To this end, each client is assigned a dedicated team of attorneys. The team that is aware of each client’s specific needs and maintains regular contact with the client. The size of the team is adapted to the scope of the Firm’s involvement. The Firm is recognized as a firm that specializes and is very successful in “difficult collection” sectors, especially in villages and challenging areas in the Arab and Bedouin sectors in Israel’s north and south. All this, while maintaining strict procedures, the reputation of the clients and the dignity of the debtors. The Firm has the necessary tools for its legal collection-execution proceedings, including state-of-the-art computer systems, a call center which is well-staffed (which also operates outside of regular working hours), online contacts with the courts, execution proceedings offices as well as other entities. The Firm’s clients benefit from full transparency and regular updates regarding status of the legal process, transfers of funds and accounting reconciliations at any given moment. The Firm is committed to excellence in collection results, with exceptionally high collection percentages.
Municipal Taxation – Municipal Property Taxes, Fees and Levies – The Firm’s extensive involvement in this field positions it in the first line of offices dealing with municipal taxati– on issues. The Firm has been practicing for many years with municipalities and local authorities, public and private corporations, enterprises, businesses, and individuals. The Firm’s involvement and success in this field have brought municipalities and local authorities additional substantial revenues, and at the same time, savings and tax refunds of tens of millions of New Israel Shekels to corporations and businesses that the Firm represented. The professional and skilled staff headed by Eliahu Melech, also offers municipalities and local authorities on the one hand, and companies and businesses, on the other hand – ongoing legal counsel, support, and guidance, in all matters of municipal taxation, whether face-to-face or by remote consultation (by Internet, by telephone and by correspondence).

Class Actions – In recent years, the Firm has attended to many class action suits in all the District Courts in Israel and in the Supreme Court. A skilled and experienced team headed by Eliahu Melech represents the Firm’s clients in the field – plaintiffs and defendants – public and private corporations, municipalities, and local authorities. These are class actions involving consumer claims, class actions in the field of municipal taxation and class actions in various other fields such as antitrust, insurance, environmental protection and more.
Contract and Real Estate Law – For many years, the Firm has been providing legal services in the fields of contract and real estate law, including – commercial contracts of all types – in Israel and abroad, sale/purchase contracts, real estate leasing, complete legal support in all matters relating to the existence/breach of commercial and real estate contracts, representation of entrepreneurs and tenants in urban renewal projects – TAMA 38 and evacuation-construction projects, claims against “evacuation refusing tenants”, representation in agreements for entrepreneurs and project financing for entrepreneurs, contracts for the formation of companies and partnerships, and more.
The Firm’s clients in these fields include public and private companies, partnerships and non-profit organizations, private businesses, and individuals.
Litigation – For many years the Firm has represented public and private corporations, municipalities and local authorities, businesses, and individuals – in many and complex litigation cases, in all spheres of commercial, administrative, municipal, and personal law, as well as the High Court of Justice.
Data Security – Our firm provides the most advanced technology available in the field of software and computing infrastructure. Our activities in this field are conducted in the most advanced cloud environment, using sophisticated high-survivability systems, the most advanced Fortigate protection, and the best security systems, including – Firewall, Anti-Spam, Advanced Threat Protection, and EDR systems, web content filtering, mail-inbox protection, access control to infrastructures, and in total – a top-notch information security system that provides maximum protection against mal-use and unauthorized use of information that we maintain, and against various cyber threats.
Contributions to the Community and Society – In addition to the Firm’s extensive legal work, Eliahu Melech, the Firm’s Managing Partner also serves as legal advisor on a voluntary basis, for non-profit organizations established to promote critical important public goals, as well as Extensive volunteer activities in the framework of the Israel Bar. The Firm is highly motivated to contributing to the community, and in this framework, strives to provide legal and other assistance without compensation, to those who cannot afford legal representation.

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