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Founding Year 1951
Address 1 Sapir St., New Industrial Area, Rishon Le'Zion 7570460 - View Map
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Daniel Salkind, Chairman of the Board, Electra Consumer Products (1970) Ltd.

Daniel Salkind

Chairman of the Board

Zvika Schwimmer, Chief Executive Officer, Electra Consumer Products (1970) Ltd.

Zvika Schwimmer

Chief Executive Officer

Yoni Tsabri, Chief Financial Officer, Electra Consumer Products (1970) Ltd.

Yoni Tsabri

Chief Financial Officer

About Electra Consumer Products (1970) Ltd.

Electra Consumer Products (1970) Ltd., founded in 1945, is considered Israel's leading and largest group in air conditioning, water heating, household appliances, and retail home electrical products. The group has 6,500 employees, serves 3 million customers a year, executes 80,000 transactions per day at 250 points of sale, owns income-generating real estate properties covering over 225,000 square meters, and closed 2020 with a sales turnover of NIS 6.3 billion.

Electra is part of the Elco Group Ltd., one of Israel’s leading and largest holding companies. Electra was founded by the Late Gershon Salkind and is now owned by Daniel and Michael Salkind, Co-Chief Executive Officers. Elco’s securities are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
Electra Consumer Products has the largest plant in the Middle East to produce air conditioning and heat pump systems. It recently acquired control of the Saar A.T. Enterprise & Commerce Ltd. group and the Bitan Wines retail group.
The Company operates five divisions – the Consumer Electric Products Division, the Retail Electric Division, the Food Division, the Sports and Leisure Division and the Real Estate Division.

Areas of Activity
Electrical Consumer Products (import, manufacture, export, marketing, sale, distribution and support) – Electra imports, markets, distributes global and local electrical consumer brands, including home and commercial air conditioners, climate systems, white products (major appliances), brown products (light electronic appliances), and small products. In addition, Electra manufactures and purchases various climate system products, which it distributes in the local market and abroad, inter alia through a plant in partnership with the global “Bush” Company (which acquired 40% of the Electra plant).
Electra leads Israel’s air conditioning sector with a market share of 42% and sells over 300,000 units a year.
Retail Chains – Electra operates chains specializing in selling and marketing leading and large electrical consumer products in Israel. The “Electrical Products Warehouses” (“Machsanei Heshmal”), “Shekem Electric,” and Duty-Free chains operate through 63 branches found throughout Israel, with a 2020 sales turnover of NIS 1.5 billion. “Electrical Products Warehouses” is Israel’s leading and largest electrical products retailer, with a comprehensive, nationwide distribution of 40 branches. The chain has adopted the “pay and take” policy and has an established reputation as the most affordable chain. In addition, the chain also operates an e-commerce site that allows its customers to purchase products and receive them at home or collect them at the branch closest to their home, all this automatically, quickly, and transparently. Electra is also the official representative of “Apple” in Israel.
Home Electrical Appliances – The trade division is the marketing and sales arm of Electra brands for all home appliances, except air conditioners, in cooperation with the best manufacturers in the world. Electra has over 30 years of experience in the home appliances market and the highest market share in super-premium brands. The Company has an excellent reputation in launching and strengthening world-leading brands such as SAUTER, MIELE LIEBHERR, BREVILLE, WHIRLPOOL, PHILIPS.
Retail Food – Electra recently acquired 30.5% of the shares in “Yeinot Bitan” and effectively became the controlling shareholder of the retail food chain. The chain currently operates 152 branches under its “Yeinot Bitan,” “Mega” and “Mehadrin Market” brands nationwide. Sales turnover in 2020 totaled NIS 3.3 billion.
In October, Electra signed a franchise agreement with the “7 Eleven” international retail chain, and in the coming three years will open many convenience stores under the “7 Eleven” brand. The chain’s first stores are expected to open in Tel Aviv next summer. 7-Eleven is the leading brand name in the global convenience retail market and operates through franchising and/or licensing arrangements in more than 77,000 stores in 18 countries and regions, including 16,000 in North America.
Sports and Leisure Division – In 2020, Electra acquired the Saar Group, Israel’s largest Company for travelers, athletes and security forces. The three sub-chains have 240 employees, under the “Columbia” (17 branches), “Outsider” (8 branches) and “Shavilim” (9 branches) brand names, as well as three internet trading sites.
Real Estate for Investment – Electra Consumer Products owns a 180-dunam real estate complex in Rishon Le’Zion. In 2019, Electra purchased over 50 dunams from the Rishon Le’Zion Municipality for an income-generating real estate project. Electra sold half of the real estate complex in Rishon Le’Zion to the Reality Fund, yielding NIS 275 million. The book value of the investment was NIS 216 million, and accordingly Electra recorded a gain of NIS 60 million.
With an investment of NIS 100 million, Electra and Bush will establish a techno-industrial park in Ashkelon, where to the strictest of green standards, the largest and most advanced plant for air conditioning and heating systems, a technological incubator, and Electra Academic will be built in a unique collaboration with the University of the Negev. The park will have 300 employees.

Electra’s Vision
The vision of Electra Consumer Products (1970) Ltd. is to continue to lead the consumer products market in Israel and continue to be the leading retail company in Israel. The Company is committed to providing quality and innovative products tailored to the needs of the Israeli consumer. Electra’s goal is to continue to improve the quality of life of its customers and make their lives more enjoyable and comfortable, to increase the range of solutions for the consumer constantly – from his home, through his leisure and sports experiences, to food and to take responsibility for the entire value chain of the products and services it provides.

• Leadership • Reliability and transparency • Innovation • Quality • Consumer commitment • Corporate Responsibility • Commitment to the community and the environment • Projects to increase diversity with an emphasis on women and minorities • Setting quantitative goals in the areas of environmental, social, and corporate governance • Calculation of greenhouse gas emission projects to reset emissions • An orderly process of assimilation of a code of ethics among employees • Turning the concept of sustainability into a written policy • Establishment of a recycling plant as part of a circular economy concept.

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