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Founding Year 1999
Address Champion Tower, 30th Floor, B'nei Brak - View Map
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Adi Dana, CPA, Chief Executive Officer, Eldar Real Estate Marketing

Adi Dana, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

Amir Shaltiel, Chairman of the Board, Eldar Real Estate Marketing

Amir Shaltiel

Chairman of the Board

Roni Cohen, chief Executive Officer, Eldar Marketing, Eldar Real Estate Marketing

Roni Cohen

chief Executive Officer, Eldar Marketing


Eldar Real Estate Marketing is part of the Eldar Group and specializes in building winning real estate brands, and is Israel's largest company in the marketing of residential projects field. Eldar stands behind the success of many real estate brands and is considered a prosperous, innovative and market-creating organization. Eldar is currently responsible for the marketing of more than 90 projects, in cooperation with most Israeli real estate companies. Since its inception in 1999, the company has marketed more than 23,000 new residential units, with a sales turnover of more than NIS 29 billion. Over the last three years, the company has won several "Gold" and "Silver" "Effie" awards, as well as an award for effective achievements, thanks to successful marketing campaigns in various projects marketed by the company. These moves also earned Ronny Cohen, company CEO, the title of Marketing Man awarded by the Israeli Marketing Association.

Eldar aims to lead the Israeli real estate market in the sectors in which it operates and to leave its unique mark on its business field. Eldar strives for excellence, innovation and to inspire, and consistently sets a higher standard both for itself and for its customers.

Specialty Divisions
Eldar SOHO – specializes in marketing smaller-scope projects, in city centers, including urban renewal projects, thus providing solutions for the specific needs of the projects and the developers that are active in this sector, who usually do not benefit from professional guidance and monitoring, and therefore, do not realize their full potential. Eldar SOHO allows the entrepreneur a unique opportunity to market a customized project and to benefit from Eldar’s professional experience and expertise in many areas, including: planning, strategic consulting, branding, locating target audiences, marketing, sales, and more.

Eldar North – provides a personal and professional touch in the marketing of real estate to entrepreneurs in projects located in Israel’s north, and offers them all the advantages of Eldar, personally adapted with close supervision, using all the tools and work processes and Eldar’s expertise in building winning real estate brands. Over its many years of activity in Israel’s north, Eldar North became successful by selling hundreds of residential units in Haifa, the Krayot, Tiberias, Afula and more.

Eldar Overseas Projects Marketing – Eldar also has extensive experience in marketing residential real estate projects in various European cities, focusing on major cities with significant potential for global investors, as well as Israel investors.

The Eldar Group
Eldar Marketing is part of the Eldar Group, which is owned by Amir Shaltiel – a real estate expert with extensive experience in residential project marketing and entrepreneurship. The Eldar Group is a private company and includes a group of companies that specialize in residential real estate projects, the initiation and management of a broad range of real estate efforts, including the management of purchase and venture group in Israel and abroad. From its establishment, the Group has initiated 2,500 residential units in the urban renewal field, organized and managed purchase groups with construction costs of more than NIS 920 million, and marketed more than 23,000 residential units worth more than NIS 29 billion. Eldar Group is perceived as a leader in all its areas of activity and is a major player in the real estate field, thanks to a combination of experience, an original management concept and a professional, committed, and cohesive team.

Eldar Investments
Eldar Investments is part of the Eldar Group and is managed by Adi Dana, CPA. The company is an Israeli leader in the management and initiation of real estate projects in Israel and Europe. In Israel, the company specializes in the management and organization of purchase groups using a client-oriented approach, while managing all project phases, from land acquisition by the project partners, up to key delivery.
The company now has 400 residential units in the planning and construction stages, including Eden in the City in Tel Aviv, Eden Marom Negba in Ramat Gan, Eden Tower in Bat Yam, and Eden 24 and Eden Green in Kfar Saba. Recently, the company has expanded its operations into the office and commercial fields and is working on several projects in the field, the first of which is in Holon’s new business park, close by the Azrieli compound. In Europe, the company specializes in residential real estate investments, in central cities such as Budapest, Athens and others

Metropolis is a leading urban development company in Israel owned by the Eldar Group, in partnership with the Allied Group. The company specializes in the development of residential neighborhoods and projects in the field of city-center urban renewal. The company has proven experience in the development of large and significant residential complexes and is now promoting 2,500 new housing units in various planning and execution stages, of which 1,600 are in Tel Aviv. Up to now, Metropolis has delivered over 500 new residential units.
The company has a number of residential complexes, including the “Green Park” project in Neve Sharett in northern Tel Aviv, which was recently populated, with 450 residential units, and the “Metropolis Givatayim” complex, which was launched in early 2018 with 173 residential units, Neot Afeka which offers 288 residential units, a compound in Hadar Yosef which offers 672 residential units, the Mandelblatt complex in Herzliya, which offers 278 residential units and even more.

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