Egged, Israel Transportation Cooperative Society Ltd.

Operation of Public Transportation Lines


Founding Year 1933
Address 5 Menachem Begin St., Beit Dagan - View Map
Phone 03-9142000
Fax 03-9142504
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Avi Friedman, Chairman of Egged & Director of finance, Egged, Israel Transportation Cooperative Society Ltd.

Avi Friedman

Chairman of Egged & Director of finance


Other Senior Executives

Amir Keinan

Public Transportation Director

Zohar Arie

Maintenance Director

Izhak Zitelny

Planning and Development Director

Chen Sender

HR Director

Gilad Riklin


Ron Ratner

Marketing Communication Manager & Spokesman

Nir Novik

Chief of Staff

Amiram Ohayon

Business Development Manager

Efi Arbel

Egged Europe CEO

Gideon Mizrahi

Egged Ta’avura CEO

Giora Gutman

Tevel Metro CEO

Ofer Hakim

Egged He’seim & Tours CEO

Company History
Egged was founded in 1933, to provide public transportation services to the Jewish community. Since then, Egged has developed and expanded along with the State, and is now Israel’s largest public transportation company. Egged has adapted to changing market conditions and customer demands, with steady improvements in service quality.

Egged operates urban and inter-city bus lines throughout the country. In total, each day Egged operates some 24,000 passenger trips on buses, covering 635,000 km. Egged has some 6,700 employees. Egged has 1,305 shareholders’. In Israel, Egged operates a fleet of about 3,000 modern buses, mainly manufactured by the following companies – Mercedes, Volvo, MAN, BYD, YUTONG and Golden Dragon, which are maintained at 16 garages and operated through 21 operational centers. All buses have the most advanced safety accessories, and all structural and environmental innovations. The annual turnover of the Egged Group is 4 billion NIS.
Egged provides maintenance services to its own bus fleet, to bus fleets owned by its Group companies and to other private entities. Egged runs driver’s training centers and operates a manufacturing plant that holds the ISO 14000 Standard, having the unique capabilities to renovate and manufacture assemblies for a variety of bus models.

Egged has several subsidiaries that provide a range of services:

Egged Ta’avura
Egged and the Ta’avura Group each own 50% of the company.
Competes in government tenders for new public transportation lines, operates urban and inter-city bus lines in Netanya, Gush etzion and Binyamin district. Operates a cluster of lines in the Jerusalem areas, and from the “Fast Lane” car park at the Shapirim Junction to Jerusalem. In addition, the company operates shuttle services using approximately 130 buses, minibuses and subcontractors. this operation provides special shuttles – permanent or occasional, private shuttles, shuttles for institutions, shuttle to the airport etc.

Egged He’seim & Tours
The He’seim activity was established to provide shuttle bus services and sophisticated solutions for the effective design of transfer services of Institutions and shuttle services for individuals for any purpose, completely separated from the public transportation lines operated by its Egged parent company, by means of about 440 transport vehicles.
The Egged Tours and Leisure activity which was merged into the company, dealt for many years in recreational tourism in Israel and abroad – leisure packages to groups and individuals in Israel; flights; organized tours and vacations for groups and individuals abroad; tours in Israel; “fun days”; “team spirit days”; conferences and events; incoming tourism – overnight stays and trips. In addition, the company is the largest company in Israel in Educational Tourism, which provides various educational framework trips around the country, trekking tours and field workshops.

Egged Holding
Egged Holding develops new activities and revenue sources in addition to revenue earned from public transportation services in Israel.
Egged Holding also Operates and develop public transportation companies in various countries.
Egged Holding operates through a wholly owned subsidiary (“Mobilis”) urban public transportation in WARSAW, WROCLAW, KRAKOV – Poland. The company operates three clusters in the Netherlands through a wholly owned subsidiary (‘EBS’) – WATERLAND, HAAGLANDEN, VOORN-PUTTEN.
In addition, the Company is the major shareholder of Tevel Metro, the winner company of the operation and maintenance management of the Tel Aviv Red Line LRT Tender (the Red Line).

Corporate Responsibility
Egged undertook to expand and deepen its social and community involvement and many actions in favor of the community were taken throughout Israel, together with the local authorities.

Egged and the Environment
Egged promotes an alternative fuels project and currently operates 35 electric buses in Israel. Egged is currently in the middle of a purchasing process of 150 electric buses which Will be deployed through the country. Egged also operates in the Netherlands 54 CNG buses and 33 electric buses, 94 hybrid natural gas buses and additional 61 hybrid buses in Poland. In addition, as part of the trend to reduce pollution and develop alternative energy sources, Egged has installed solar panels on 3 of the company’s facilities in Be’er Sheva, Atarot (Jerusalem) and Haifa.
In addition, Egged recycles water, oil and debris at its various garages.

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