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Chen Weinstein, Founding Partner, Efraim Weinstein Law Offices

Chen Weinstein

Founding Partner

Hanan Efraim, Founding Partner, Efraim Weinstein Law Offices

Hanan Efraim

Founding Partner

About Efraim Weinstein Law Offices

Efraim Weinstein Law Offices (EKW) specializes in commercial law and offers its clients comprehensive and in-depth legal advice that enables them to achieve their business goals. The Firm is headed by Mr. Hanan Efraim and Mr. Chen Weinstein. EKW focuses on legal counsel in the commercial law specialty, a field where it has gained know-how and professional experience.

Among its many clients are major Israeli commercial entities, such as banks, industrial companies, hotel companies, investment funds, technology companies, contractors, real estate companies, etc. In addition, the Firm represents entrepreneurs at their outset, starting from start-up technology ventures, real estate entrepreneurs in Israel, and abroad, and entrepreneurs in a variety of commercial activities.

The Senior Law Team

Hanan Efraim, Founding Partner – Israel Bar Association (2001)

Education: LL.B., Tel Aviv University, BA in Economics, Tel Aviv University.

Attorney Hanan Efraim has extensive experience and know-how in business and commercial law, in particular in corporate law, hi-tech, real estate and hotels law, as well as representation in complex international transactions. In recent years, Hanan has counseled for various commercial transactions, including extensive large-scale capital raising, ongoing representation of diversified investors from abroad as part of their investments in Israel in hi-tech, venture capital funds, real estate and more.

Since 2003, Hanan has served as a senior lecturer at various academic institutions, for a variety of corporate law and corporate finance courses.

From 2017, Hanan serves as a lecturer in the “Mergers and Acquisitions” course in the Faculty of Law at the College of Management Academic Studies.

Hanan serves on the Board of Directors of various corporations in Israel and abroad.

Chen Weinstein, Founding Partner – Israel Bar Association (2001)

Education: LL.B., College of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Accountancy, College of Business Administration.

Attorney Chen Weinstein brings rich experience and extensive know-how and has counseled clients at various judicial instances (including arbitration and mediation), in complex disputes of a commercial and civil nature. Attorney Weinstein heads the Firm’s Litigation and Banking Law practice and counsels leading Israeli entities in banking, energy, infrastructure and communications.

Chen also serves as an arbitrator in several commercial disputes.

Areas of Practice and Specialty

Real estate and Infrastructure – The Firm is involved in many real estate transactions and complex projects, working with, from the legal standpoint, many real estate developers, landowners, contractors, real estate and infrastructure companies in Israel, providing comprehensive legal advice in various aspects of this field, including real estate rental and sales agreements, development agreements, planning and outlining a legal structure for entrepreneurial projects, consulting in real estate leverage, the acquisition and management of income-generating real estate projects, advancing urban renewal projects (TAMA 38, evacuation-reconstruction agreements and more).

Hotels & Leisure – The Firm represents hotel owners and hotel management companies and provides comprehensive legal advice, including hotel management agreements, hotel operating agreements, hotel purchase and sale agreements, hotel financing and leverage agreements, franchise agreements, joint ventures and hotel partnerships.

Commercial Litigation and Arbitration – The Firm is highly recognized for its efficient handling of a variety of complex cases in arbitration and commercial litigation. Its many years of involvement in arbitration and commercial litigation allow it the ability to engage in creative thinking and to design innovative and pragmatic solutions for the apparent controversy. The Firm’s legal team also serves as arbitrators, where the parties involved prefer arbitration over a court appeal.

Urban Renewal, Evacuation Reconstruction and TAMA 38 – In recent years, the Firm has developed a unique and outstanding ability to manage, represent and promote urban renewal projects in all sub-sectors -earthquake reinforcements (“TAMA 38”), the evacuation and reconstruction of residential buildings, and the construction of newer and higher-level residential buildings.

The Firm also represents and promotes many urban renewal projects in senior business, trade and craft complexes. These complexes are currently the most sought after areas in Israel for urban renewal projects. The new areas will offer residential apartments, commercial areas and office space.

Hi-Tech, Intellectual Property and Trademarks – The Firm is intimately involved in the hi-tech field, offering counsel in a wide range of related areas that require specific expertise, including Internet, software, water technologies, telecommunications, medical equipment, communications, telephony, online marketing and e-commerce. The Firm represents both entrepreneurs and young companies in their early stages and advises them on various aspects, including corporate structures, founders’ agreements, shareholder agreements, due diligence, capital issuances, etc.

International Transactions – EKW offers its extensive know-how and experience in conducting international and cross-border transactions and assisting foreign companies and entities in penetrating the Israeli market, along with advice and assistance to its Israeli clients when they enter into international transactions with foreign companies and entities abroad.

Other Commercial Fields

Liquidations, Receiverships, and Corporate Recoveries – Efraim Weinstein Law Office has pronounced expertise and experience in liquidations, receiverships and corporate recoveries, including voluntary liquidations and court-ordered liquidations, counseling creditors on their rights in bankruptcy and insolvency, providing shareholders with advice on voluntary corporate liquidations, bankruptcy litigation, creditors’ arrangements, and more.

Corporate Law and Securities – The Firm provides quality and professional legal advice in corporate and securities law, for public and private offerings, venture capital investments, merger and acquisition investments, and providing ongoing counsel to comply with regulatory requirements that require specific and in-depth legal knowledge. The Firm provides legal advice to both private and public companies, in many aspects of corporate and commercial law.

Commercial Transactions and Collaborations – Outlines of joint ventures and strategic collaborations are common today, given the international competitive business environment that is becoming an integral part of the day-to-day business routine. The Firm believes that by understanding all the variables and relative advantages of each party in the deal, long-term collaborations can be crafted, leading to mutual fertilization and strengthening of business relationships, thus maximizing the well-being of all parties to the transaction.

The Firm provides counsel for a wide range of current and complex commercial transactions, both local and international, including advice and assistance in both the negotiation process and the outline of the transaction structure in the various industrial sectors, including mergers and acquisitions, drafting and negotiating production and supply negotiations, original equipment manufacturer agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements and consignments, transaction agreements,  consulting agreements, service delivery agreements, and more.


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