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Adv. Dr Jacob Weinroth, Founding Partner, J. Weinroth & Co. Law Firm

Adv. Dr Jacob Weinroth

Founding Partner

Adv. Dr. Yechiel Weinroth, Partner, J. Weinroth & Co. Law Firm

Adv. Dr. Yechiel Weinroth


Adv. Oded Nesher, Partner, J. Weinroth & Co. Law Firm

Adv. Oded Nesher


Adv. David Johan, Partner, J. Weinroth & Co. Law Firm

Adv. David Johan


Adv. Dov Weinroth, Partner, J. Weinroth & Co. Law Firm

Adv. Dov Weinroth



Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. Law Office is one of the most senior and leading law offices in Israel. The Firm's flagship practice is white-collar crime and litigation (criminal and civil). The Firm also specializes in real estate, commercial, banking, securities, insurance transactions, corporate and family law, including wills and estates.

Major Areas of Specialization

White Collar Crime and Disciplinary Procedures – repeatedly ranked as one of the leading firms in the field, the Firm represents senior business executives, elected officials, and public servants in all issues related to administrative offenses, security violations, disciplinary violations, antitrust violations, bribery, etc.
Commercial Litigation – One of the significant areas of specialization of the Firm. The team appears before the courts, including the Rabbinical Court, the Supreme Court, and alternative dispute resolution procedures.
Administrative Law –The Firm represents senior clients in precedent-setting petitions before the High Court of Appeals and represents local authorities and government bodies in administrative claims.
Real Estate, Planning, and Construction – Complex real estate transactions, including building contractor projects, purchase groups, “TAMA 38” projects, evacuation and reconstruction. Israel Land Authority tenders, etc.
Antitrust Practice – Leading Israeli companies and organizations are represented. Drafting of legal opinions, representation in antitrust courts, working in conjunction with the Antitrust Commissioner, analyzing the antitrust status of the company and implementing internal enforcement programs in this field.
Commercial and Company Law – commercial, private and public entities are represented through ongoing legal counsel and representation before various judicial instances.
Tax Law – The Firm is highly experienced in taxation issues, and deals, inter alia, with income tax, capital market taxation, real estate taxation, etc.
Mergers and Acquisitions – Clients include leading companies in complex mergers and acquisitions in Israel and abroad. Representation includes preparing financing documents, due diligence reports, public takeovers, etc.
Banking and Finance – The Firm provides legal counsel in the field of finance as well as in banking litigation. Some of the leading Israeli financial entities, along with Israeli and foreign investment companies, are clients of the Firm.

The Firm’s Client List
The Firm represents prominent figures and accompanies proceedings with a high public and media profile. The Firm’s client list includes – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah Netanyahu; Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman; Minister of Welfare Haim Katz; former Minister of Defense The Late Fuad Ben-Eliezer; former Housing Minister Meir Sheetrit; former Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz former Minister Tzachi Hanegbi; former Knesset member Amnon Cohen; Attorney David Shimron; Danny Dankner; Shimon Gapso, the Mayor of Upper Nazareth; Eyal Golan; Koby Perez; Rabbi Yoram Abergel; Rabbi Moshe Shapira; Mr. Moshe Abutbul, Mayor of Beit Shemesh; Benzi Lieberman, former Head of the Israel Lands Authority’ former District Judge Moshe Gilad.
The Firm’s legal team also represents suspects and defendants in the IEC corruption case; the IAI corruption case; he Ronal Fisher case; corruption cases in the municipalities of Ramat Gan, Netanya and Ashkelon; the corruption case of former Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger; the UBS Bank affair and more. In addition, the Firm works with leading insurance companies; infrastructure companies; diamond production companies; Israeli satellite companies and the like.

The Partners

Adv. Dr. Jacob Weinroth, The Firm’s Founding Partner – Adv. Weinroth holds a Ph.D. and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Law, all Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University. His doctorate dissertation on the subject of spousal repudiation later became law at the Rabbinical Courts (upholding divorce decrees) which improved the status of abandoned wives. Adv. Jacob Weinroth is one of Israel’s leading litigators in Israel and counsels high-profile personalities in the secular and the Haredi sectors. He has also set many legal precedents that have impacted Israeli society.
Adv. Dr. Yechiel Weinroth – Adv. Yechiel Weinroth holds a Ph.D. and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Law, all Cum Laude, from Bar Ilan University.
He specializes in commercial litigation, white collar crime, and disciplinary procedures. Furthermore, Adv. Yechiel Weinroth serves as Deputy Chairman of the Judicial Procedures Committee acting on behalf of the Tel Aviv and Central District Council, and as a lecturer in law at the Ono Academic College.
Adv. Oded Nesher – Adv. Nesher holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law (cum Laude from Tel Aviv University. He specializes in civil litigation, handling complex procedures, and successfully represents clients in broad spectrum arbitration processes and court procedures relating to the approval and rejection of arbitration verdicts. In addition, Adv. Nesher specializes in representing procedures enacted against banking corporations and disputes among company shareholders and land related disputes.
Adv. David Johan – Adv. Johan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law (cum laude) and a Master’s degree in Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Adv. Johan serves as Head of the Firm’s Real Estate Department. Adv. Johan also serves as Deputy Chairman of the Real Estate Committee and the Planning and Construction Committee of the Tel Aviv District of the Israel Bar Association. He also serves as trustee in the construction of an orphanage in Netanya.
Adv. Dov Weinroth (CPA) – Adv. Weinroth holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Business Administration from the College of Management Academic Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (cum laude) from the Open University. Adv. Dov Weinroth specializes in white collar crime, commercial litigation, tax offenses, wills and estates, antitrust matters, class actions and disciplinary law cases.

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