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Founding Year 2010
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Erez Reznik, Advocate Partner, David, Longo, Reznik & Co., Advocates

Erez Reznik

Advocate Partner

Igal Longo, Advocate Partner, David, Longo, Reznik & Co., Advocates

Igal Longo

Advocate Partner

Sagiv David, Advocate Partner, David, Longo, Reznik & Co., Advocates

Sagiv David

Advocate Partner

About David, Longo, Reznik & Co., Advocates

The David, Longo, Reznik & Co. Law Firm was founded in 2010 by attorneys Erez Reznik, Igal Longo and Sagiv David, all with extensive experience in their respective fields of practice. The Firm provides its clients with decades of experience in civil-commercial law, commercial and administrative litigation, real estate and business entrepreneurship at the disposal of its clients. The Firm stands for professionalism, creativity and quality service, expressed through tailored solutions for each client, while offering clients short response times, full availability, and a close, personal relationship. These attributes, combined with the firm's high professional standards, help its clients execute complex, wide-scale projects and litigation effectively, with proven results. The Firm's staff is professional and experienced, with in-depth knowledge of different areas of legal practice, combined with academic degrees in additional fields and training in complementary economic disciplines.

The firm was founded with an international global view, and it operates with an understanding of its clients’ needs in advancing their business ventures around the world, while receiving full and close legal guidance and direction. The firm maintains ongoing and continuous collaborations with offices around the world in order to provide a complete solution to its clients’ needs. Thanks to the different specializations of each of the firm’s partners and professional staff, the firm’s fields of practice in civil-commercial law are broad and diverse.

The Firm’s partners and staff aim to contribute all their capabilities, training, and experience to the success of their clients, while understanding that in a dynamic and challenging legal and business environment which becomes more complex every day, their role is to help clients overcome obstacles and successfully meet the challenges facing their business and goals with uncompromising legal professionalism.

Our clients include banking corporations, credit card companies, securities companies, technology companies, construction companies, property and investment companies, real estate developers, financial companies, hi-tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, importers, hotel companies, industrial companies, engineering companies, holding companies and private businesspeople.

Key Areas of Expertise

Commercial Law – The firm represents many clients operating in extensive and diverse business sector, including public and private companies, foreign companies, partnerships and private individuals, as well as various entities. We represent our clients in investment agreements, merger and acquisition agreements, founders’ agreements, shareholder agreements, option agreements, company control acquisitions, company acquisition and business operations, due diligence, legal opinions, legal advice and guidance, incorporation of companies and partnerships, as well as ongoing legal guidance to corporations and businesspeople.

Litigation – The firm specializes in complex and extensive litigation, in courts and in other judicial instances. The firm handles all areas of civil law – commercial litigation, with an emphasis on complex commercial litigation and administrative litigation, contract disputes, shareholder disputes, derivative claims, Procedures for the removal of discrimination, class-action lawsuits, securities, real estate, banking, property, intellectual property, public- administrative proceedings , tenders, planning and construction, labor law, insurance, recovery procedures, creditor arrangements and liquidations of companies and more.

Real Estate – The firm specializes in providing legal counsel for both complex and straightforward real estate transactions of all kinds, , including urban renewal, TAMA 38, representing contractors and companies with rental properties, sale and purchase of real estate properties, bank financing, special land ownership and protected tenant situations. The firm works with developers from early development stages through preparing contracts for the purchase of the land, working with local zoning plans and their approval procedures through different planning institutions, including Israel Lands Authority, municipalities, etc., up to securing bank financing, preparing contracts for sale of the constructed properties , registration of condominiums and representation with the various tax authorities (land betterment taxes, property tax, purchase tax, income tax, municipal tax, levies, etc.).

The firm has particular expertise in representing and providing legal assistance to joint real estate property management companies, and the largest property management companies in Israel are among the firm’s clients.

Internet Law, E-commerce – The firm specializes in Internet, mobile, and e-commerce issues with an emphasis on representation and support for entrepreneurs, companies, and investors. The firm’s client list includes companies in Israel and abroad, leaders in their field, such as companies in marketing and e-commerce, Internet media, social networks, network games, development companies, and more.

Hi-tech and start-ups – The Firm has extensive experience in advising hi-tech and start-up companies, from the preliminary idea stage through all stages of the company’s business development, including incorporation, ongoing legal counsel, patent and trademark protections, stock options to employees and consultants, assistance with capital issuances and planning, and representation and support for the company and entrepreneurs at all strategic stages of the venture. The firm has been involved successfully in several capital issuances, exits, as well as mergers and acquisitions of companies in the field.

Technology Agreements and data Systems – The firm has unique expertise in technology agreements, data systems, and banking and financial systems, including agreements to acquire computer systems for systems development, receipt of computer services, outsourcing of technology services, agreements for purchasing software packages, agreements for managing and executing computer and data systems projects, including core systems, agreements to carry out projects in consulting, providing legal opinions and formulating procedures for the organization in the open-source field, agreements for transferring and creating backup sites, trusteeship agreements for holding source codes, and more.

Franchise Law – The firm represents chains and franchisees across the full range of business activity on which chains and franchising are engaged. The firm deals with the preparation and handling of various types of franchise agreements, concession agreements, leases, and asset management in commercial malls required to operate concession business, negotiations with banks for obtaining financing to establish concession businesses, and ongoing advisory for both franchising and management networks. The firm’s attorneys, especially Attorney Yigal Longo, are recommended by MATI (a government-supported business development center) and Franex (a leading expert in franchising).

International Transactions – The firm engages in various international transactions in a variety of fields, including representing of real estate investment groups overseas (Georgia, Romania and the US). Within this context, the firm handles large-scale construction transactions overseas, as well as international companies managing a variety of businesses, in a wide range of activities, globally and in Israel. The firm also has extensive experience and expertise in representing international companies in Israel.

Insolvency proceedings (liquidation and bankruptcy) – The firm has particular expertise in managing liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings of private companies and individuals, including representing creditors in insolvency proceedings. The firm also has special expertise in preparing business entities for insolvency situations, both with regard to creditors at different levels, protection against debtors and Debt settlements.

Intellectual Property – The Firm engages with intellectual property’s legal proceedings such as trademark and sample registration procedures, and objections to trademark registration and modeling before the Registrar of Trademarks and the courts. In addition, the firm deals with various types of copyright protection.

Family Law and Inheritance – The firm deals with family law and inheritance issues, with a focus on drafting prenuptial agreements between spouses, prenuptial and divorce agreements, wills, requests for inheritance, and legal proceedings as part of inheritance and wills proceedings.

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