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Founding Year 1988
Address 14 Abba Hillel Silver Rd., Ramat Gan, Israel 5250607 - View Map
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About Dardik Gross & Co., Law Firm dglaw

Dardik Gross & Co., Law Firm (dglaw) is a law firm that specializes in commercial and civil law. The firm is highly reputed and experienced in handling both local and international affairs. The firm is renowned as one of Israel's leading law firms in the fields of international commercial, immigration law, M&As, real-estate, commercial litigation, transportation, telecommunication law and more.

Founding Partners
Amnon Dardik – Founder of the firm, manages the commercial-civil activities of the firm. He holds an LL.B. from the College of Management and an M.A., Diplomacy and Defense from Tel Aviv University; served as a representative of the Jewish Agency in South America, active in public associations for promoting education and sports in Israel.
Dan Gross – Founder of the firm, manages the International Department of the firm. He serves as a director in local and international corporations. He holds an LL.B. from Sheffield University and an LL.M. from Bar-Ilan University. He specializes in commercial law, corporate law and corporate governance. As part of the firm’s pro bono work, he volunteered for many years as the General Counsel of the Pediatric Surgery Department of Soroka Hospital, Beer Sheba.

The Firm’s Specialization
The firm specializes in a wide variety of issues, including: local and international commercial transactions, corporate and companies law, civil and commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions, work visas (B-1) to Israel and to foreign destinations, all types of real-estate, franchise law, labor law, communications and media, infrastructure projects, tenders, administrative law, regulations, security and protection law, intellectual property, wills, estates and more.
The firm has far-reaching relationships with tens of law firms worldwide and it is, inter alia, the exclusive Israeli representative of the Law Firms Network, Alfa International. Alfa is one of the oldest law networks in the world and includes some 300 law firms in 145 countries, with our firm being the representative of the Israeli Desk.

Practice Areas
Commercial Civil Law – the firm provides legal services for private clients and corporations in Israel and abroad. The legal services include, inter alia, transaction advisory and planning, negotiations on behalf of the client, agreement drafting, handling the setting-up of ventures or liquidating them, handling matters before the state authorities and other regulators, preparation of legal opinions, appearance before legal forums including mediations, arbitrations and courts. Adv. Amnon Dardik coordinates the department.
International Law – dglaw is ranked as one of Israel’s leading international commercial law firms, and represents a wide variety of companies, including Israeli companies with operations abroad and foreign companies with Israeli operations. The firm guides important and highly complex transactions of international corporations with operations in Israel, including in the areas of infrastructure, transportation, communications, power plants, participating in tenders, managing agreements etc. The firm provides diverse legal services to foreign corporations from the stage of entry into the Israeli market, while adapting the corporation’s operations to Israel’s regulatory requirements. Adv. Dan Gross coordinates the department.
The Immigration/Visas Department – The firm handles all aspects of obtaining work visas for foreign experts and has acquired international recognition as one of the leading immigration law firms in Israel. Our clientele includes companies active in communications, transportation, energy (gas and oil), aviation, high-tech, medicine, engineering and more. Our services include handling B-1 expert work visas and B-2 residence visas for their families and planning the arrival of the experts to Israel. The department is coordinated by Adv. Yaakov Neeman, together with Ms. Michal Shmueli. .
Civil and commercial litigation – The firm dglaw has extensive experience in commercial litigation at the highest levels and it represents local and foreign clients. The firm handles legal proceedings that concern commercial matters, real-estate, tenders, monetary claims, IP and more. The department is managed by Adv. Assaf Ezrati together with Adv. Tamar Cohen.
Real-estate – the firm has extensive experience in real-estate and it handles all types of transactions in Israel including supporting contractors and developers, guiding contractors in executing projects, combination transactions, Tama 38 transactions, Pinui-Binui (clearing and building) transactions, legal counsel and assistance before planning committees, Israeli Lands Authority law, real-estate partnership agreements, second-hand properties purchasing transactions, purchasing properties from contractors and more. The department is managed by Adv. Anat Galili together with Adv. Erez Solow.
Mergers and Acquisitions – the firm represents VC funds, investors and target companies in Israeli and international transactions. The firm regularly handles the following matters: negotiating & drafting agreements for purchasing shares, assets, mergers and other transactions; Due Diligence; Board of Directors’ counsel concerning corporate governance matters. Adv. Aharon Factor coordinates the department.
Technology and Telecommunications – the firm represents a wide variety of technology companies, an innovation laboratory and telecommunications companies. The firm’s team supports these clients, inter alia, in agreements with various players in industry, with the Innovation Authority, Antitrust, Monitors and Regulators. Adv. Ophir Davidovitz coordinates the department.
Labor Law – the firm has vast expertise and experience in representing clients in the labor law area. The firm handles the drafting of employment agreements, provides opinions and explanations concerning work-relations duties and rights, represents clients before the labor courts and more. Adv. Dafna Egoz coordinates the department.
Inheritance Law – The firm counsels and supports in will preparation and in proceedings for will enforcement or inheritance execution in cases where no will was left. Adv. Mali Feinstein coordinates the department.

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