Danya Cebus Ltd.

• Construction and development of residential, commercial, industrial and office projects, as well as mega projects. • National infrastructure projects. • Real estate development and residential housing ventures in Israel. • Administration, execution and operation of BOT/PFI projects. • Prefabricated construction.


Founding Year 1997
Address 1 C Yoni Netanyahu St., P.O.B. 800, Or Yehuda 6025603 - View Map
Phone 03-5383838
Fax 03-6340340
Email :[email protected]
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Jacob (Luxy) Luxenburg, Chairman of the Board, Danya Cebus Ltd.

Jacob (Luxy) Luxenburg

Chairman of the Board

Ronen Ginsburg, CEO, Danya Cebus Ltd.

Ronen Ginsburg



"Danya Cebus Ltd" is a private company. For decades, Danya Cebus has been making its mark on construction formation in Israel through a wide range of impressive and complex projects, including in the field of national infrastructure (roads, bridges, interchanges, tunnels, buildings and facilities of the security system), the construction of prestigious residential neighborhoods that glorify Israel's cities, as well as state-of-the-art commercial centers. All this is accomplished by Danya Cebus, demonstrating exceptional capabilities for planning and executing complex projects, combining managerial and engineering excellence, advanced construction methods, strict safety and uncompromising quality and service.

Danya Cebus maintains a high-quality residential construction, which is a core activity and a source of pride for the company. The company works in full cooperation with the leading real estate entrepreneurs in Israel and faithfully serves tens of thousands of satisfied tenants.

Alongside the residential real estate activity, the company has established dozens of impressive public, office, commercial and industrial construction projects for public entities and private developers. Furthermore, the company specializes in execution of large scale complex infrastructure projects, which in include, road paving, railroad tracks infrastructure establishment, construction of bridges, parking lots, tunnel mining and related infrastructure development, for public customers, including National Roads Company of Israel, The Trans-Israel Road Company, NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd., Israel Airports Authority, Ministry of Finance and more.

Over the past decade, Danya Cebus has become a key player in the execution of complex DESIGN-BUILD projects, both as an independent contractor and in projects under the Public Sector with Private Sector Integration (PFI, PPP), demonstrating independent engineering capability for designing civil engineering work and examining efficient alternative solutions to existing design.

The Danya Cebus Group, which employs about 2,000 employees in Israel and around the world, has developed and grown significantly in recent years and is now owns many subsidiaries: Cebus Rimon, an industrial construction factory that provides quality industrial solutions for all types of construction and infrastructure; Africa Israel Housing that initiates and builds about 1,000 housing units per year; FORMA company specializing in finishing and reservation work; Geo Danya, which specializes in performing geotechnical and underground work; Danya Sela provides crane services, turret cranes, external elevator services, acro towers and building equipment; The Danya Division of Systems and Holdings specializing in the design and execution of integrated electromechanical systems projects; Alum Danya Plant specializing in the development, design, manufacture and installation of aluminum products for construction; Yovalim company that serves as an employment agency for foreign workers; Danya Cebus HR; and an entrepreneurial division whose main job is residential construction, with focuses on resident’s cost.

In addition, for years the company has been exporting its management and engineering capabilities for successful projects outside of Israel, through its subsidiaries Danya Romania and Danya USA, and has recently established Danya Poland, which is based in Warsaw and operates in the field of construction and infrastructure.

Danya Cebus, who attaches great importance to the safety issue in the construction industry, is the first construction company to advance the issue independently establishing a safety school, which trains internal and external workers in the field of safety and work at height, imparts new work methods for safe work and is the highlight of the construction industry in Israel.

This extensive activity of Danya Cebus is the one that established and positioned the group as a leader in Israel in the fields of construction and infrastructure.

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