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Real Estate and Urban Renewal (TAMA 38/1, TAMA 38/2, Evacuation- Reconstruction Projects)


Founding Year 2004
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Dan Halpert, Lawyer and Notary Founder and Owner of the Firm, Dan Halpert, Law Office and Notary

Dan Halpert

Lawyer and Notary Founder and Owner of the Firm


Dan Halpert Law Office and Notary is a boutique firm specializing in real estate and urban renewal and is one of the top 5 offices in the country active in TAMA 38/1, TAMA 38/2, and evacuation-reconstruction projects. The Firm, headed by Attorney Dan Halpert, has extensive experience in working with thousands of clients on hundreds of TAMA 38 and evacuation-reconstruction projects in the Tel Aviv and Central regions, and in many other cities throughout Israel. The Firm's uniqueness is its ability to formulate homogeneous groups of homeowners, move towards the goal while finding creative solutions to complex situations.

Attorney Dan Halpert has extensive knowledge and experience in real estate, planning, and construction law, TAMA 38, and evacuation-reconstruction, along with proven knowledge in the business world. Attorney Dan Halpert holds an LL. B. and an LL.M.,  and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – an optimal combination of business and law that gives him a expansive view of the entire field.

Dan Halpert, Attorney and Notary – Founder and Owner

Attorney Dan Halpert’s professionalism is reflected in the many positions he is retained for. Attorney Dan Halpert serves as Deputy Chair of the National Renewal Committee of the Israel Bar Association. This Committee deals with TAMA 38, evacuation-reconstruction and urban renewal issues. Alongside this position, Attorney Halpert serves as a qualified arbitrator and mediator in legal and commercial disputes in real estate and urban renewal and also serves as an adjudicator with the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Israel Bar.

Attorney Dan Halpert’s expertise and leadership in the field is also reflected in his many articles on real estate, TAMA 38 and evacuation-reconstruction issues, which are regularly published in Israel’s leading economic newspapers – Globes, The Marker, Ma’ariv and Yedioth Ahronoth, and in his lectures at various forums – the Israel Bar Association, the Law and Practice (“Halacha ve Ma’aseh”) Center, the Appraisers’ Bureau, the Surveyors’ Bureau, the Realtors’ Association, etc.

Areas of Practice

Real Estate Planning and Construction – The real estate planning and construction sectors require up-to-date, thorough and in-depth knowledge and complete mastery of real estate regulations and issues, and of the diversity and complexity of the real estate field. Attorney Halpert brings the integration of a bachelor’s and master’s degree in law, a degree in business administration, his involvement in hundreds of diverse transactions throughout Israel and rich litigation experience, all to his professional practice. Attorney Halpert offers his considerable advantages along with a comprehensive and complete view of the transactions, from both the legal and business-commercial aspects.

Real Estate Transactions – Attorney Halpert and the Firm’s staff give personal and individual treatment to each client (buyer/seller/owner of land or apartment in a building where a combination transaction is underway, or an urban renewal project is underway).  The Firm offers its clients total dedication, from the commercial negotiation stage, through the legal negotiation process, the drafting of the agreement and its appendices, regular contacts with the authorities, the contractual contracting with the various professionals and consultants, and full handling of the transaction in the Land Registry. The Firm provides legal representation at the various judicial instances, in a variety of real estate procedures – TAMA 38, evacuation-reconstruction, co-liquidation, tenant protection, brokerage, rentals,  trespassing, construction defects and more. The Firm has a wealth of experience in a variety of real estate matters and works with private clients, contractors, and entrepreneurs alike, in simple and complex transactions, purchase groups, combination transactions, registration, and of course, TAMA 38 and evacuation- reconstruction transactions.

Urban Renewal, TAMA 38, Evacuation-Reconstruction – The Firm is involved in hundreds of TAMA 38/1 projects (renovation and strengthening of an existing building), TAMA 38/2 (demolition and construction), and evacuation-reconstruction projects in many cities throughout the country, with an emphasis on cities in Israel’s center and especially in Tel Aviv where it works on hundreds of projects. Thus, the Firm has gained extensive knowledge and experience in complex transactions and the understanding and ability to promote such transactions in a quick and timely manner. The changing regulations and laws require up-to-date knowledge, along with a sharp and broad business vision. This combination has motivated thousands of apartment owners and developers of hundreds of projects throughout Israel, to hire the services of Attorney Dan Halpert.

The service provided by the Firm begins with the formulation of apartment owners’ agreements to promote the project through project negotiations, confirming the feasibility of the projects, the signing of contracts and guarantees, etc..The Firm’s attorneys provide professional and readily available service, which includes examining and analyzing the legal situation, charting a strategy for the required legal course of action alongside planning project management tactics, with efficiency, creativity, and a constant and uncompromising pursuit of the goal.

Insolvency – Bankruptcies and Liquidations – Attorney Dan Halpert has served for 17 years as Special Officer (Administrator/Trustee/ Receiver/Liquidator) in liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings as an appointment of the Official Receiver. Attorney Halpert represents creditors (corporate and private), financial entities, and other entities alongside debtors/companies that are in financial difficulties or insolvency.

The legal representation offered by the Firm includes investigations, detection, seizure, management, and realization of assets, cancellation of grants, and the management of legal arrangements aimed at the optimal and speedy completion of the proceedings (exemptions/arrangements).

Attorney Halpert was recently appointed by the Be’er Sheva District Court as a temporary liquidator for an entrepreneurial company that is facing difficulties in a TAMA 38 project that it has undertaken in Ashdod.

Litigation – The Firm provides legal, professional and high-quality representation at all judicial instances – Magistrates’ Courts, District Courts, the Supreme Court, Local Courts, the Land Commissioner, the Planning Commission (Local Committee and Appeals Committee) and even criminal proceedings in the planning and construction-sector – construction work with no permit, unauthorized use, etc. The Firm represents clients in a variety of civil and commercial litigation areas, including civil disputes, real estate disputes, planning and construction proceedings at local planning and construction committees, appeals, evictions, receiverships, contract suits, business disputes, criminal issues following planning and construction violations, and the legal management of proceedings (both planning and proprietary) in the area of urban renewal.

Asset Realizations – The Firm works to realize real estate – plots, apartments, and commercial properties. Its rich experience in representing parties in civil and commercial disputes allows it to provide the client with a realistic snapshot and carry out a real and appropriate risk assessment for and before taking the legal steps.

Mediation and Arbitration – Alongside all of this, Attorney Dan Halpert is a qualified mediator and builds understandings between the combative parties, who appear before him until they reach agreements and compromises. Attorney Halpert also serves as a qualified and decisive arbitrator in civil-commercial and real estate disputes.

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