Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.

Insurance and Long-Term Savings, as well as Non-Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Pension Funds and Provident Products, for Private, Corporate and Business Clients


Founding Year 1987
Address 36 Raul Wallenberg St., Kiryat Atidim, Tower 8, Tel Aviv ADDRESS 36 Raul Wallenberg St., Kiryat Atidim, Tower 8, Tel Aviv MAILING ADDRESS P.O.B. 37070, Tel Aviv 6136902 - View Map
Phone 972-3-6387777, *5454
Fax 972-3-6387676
Email [email protected]
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Haim Samet, Chairman of the Board, Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.

Haim Samet

Chairman of the Board

Yoram Naveh, Chief Executive Officer, Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.

Yoram Naveh

Chief Executive Officer

About Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd.

Shares of Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings are held by the public, with no controlling shareholder, and are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Alrov Real Estate and Hotels Ltd. holds 15% of the Company's shares, while the Phoenix and the Harel Groups each hold 7.4%. In terms of gross earned premiums, the Group's market share is 14% of the insurance market (in 2020), and the volume of assets managed by it is over NIS 250 billion (as of the end of June 2021). Clal Insurance Company Ltd. is rated ilAA+ by Ma'alot - Standard & Poor's, while Midroog Ltd. has rated Clal Insurance as Financially Stable at Aa1.

The Group owns insurance agencies, pension funds, provident funds, study funds, and a credit insurance company. The Company has 4,100 employees and works with 2,000 insurance agents. All said place Clal as one of the leading long-term insurance and savings groups in Israel.

Long-Term Savings
Clal Insurance and Finance provides comprehensive solutions in long-term savings, including life insurance, pensions, provident funds, provident funds for investment, and financial savings, for private and business clients in all sectors of the economy. The Clal Insurance and Finance Group has a market share, based on assets, of 13% of the long-term savings market in Israel, as the Supervisor of Insurance defines this term. The Group’s new pension funds manage assets totaling NIS 87 billion for its 550,000 members, and the provident funds manage NIS 38 billion for its 450,000 members (as of the end of 2020). In life insurance, the Group holds a market share of 19% in terms of premium, with a total annual premium of NIS 5.7 billion (in 2020).
Clal Insurance and Finance manages its members’ money with full responsibility, and members earn the highest returns in the market in Israel, with full assurance that their money is managed by a prominent, professional, and leading body in its field.

General Insurance
Clal Insurance and Finance is one of Israel’s leading non-life insurance companies, with an annual premium of NIS 2.5 billion (in 2020). The Company offers a wide range of insurance plans to individuals and businesses – in vehicles, apartments, property, and more, with outstanding professionalism and expertise while understanding the unique needs of its many clients.

Health Insurance
The division manages annual premiums totaling NIS 1.3 billion (in 2020) and offers various private health insurances, foreign travel insurance, and more. The private health insurance basket provided by the Company allows its insured parties to choose the right coverage that meets their needs, with proper pricing, professional guidance, and an understanding of the changing trends in the industry.

Canaf, Clal Finance Management, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clal Insurance and Finance, is one of Israel’s most prominent and robust financial companies, and is one of its largest non-banking institutional investors. Canaf, as the Group’s investment arm, manages assets of over NIS 250 billion (as of the end of June 2021), which includes members’ funds in pension funds, provident funds, executive insurance, as well as the Clal Group’s equity and insurance reserves.

Service and Innovation
At the base of Clal Insurance and Finance’s worldview is the desire to provide excellent and quality service in the moment of truth to its clients and agents. Accordingly, the Company offers digital tools, innovative services, and unique products that are tailored to clients’ changing needs and makes it possible to receive service and manage their insurance and savings products from anywhere and whenever.
For example:
The “Clal Button” app – an emergency button that triggers urgent help from relevant service providers in the areas of vehicle, apartment, and foreign travel, without waiting online and in short and straightforward processes. The app, the first of its kind in Israel’s insurance industry, allows policyholders to contact the Clal Insurance and Finance call center at any time and to request a variety of emergency and rescue services – in cases of accident, flooding at home, to locate lost luggage abroad or any medical event abroad.
The app connects calls directly to a hotline, and allows video calls from any accident scene, WhatsApp calls, and quick claim filing. In this way, the Clal can provide policyholders with top security and availability, both in Israel and abroad.
Clal BEHAVE – This year, the Company launched a new and unique track in comprehensive car insurance – Clal BEHAVE. The new track allows clients to determine their monthly premiums for comprehensive car insurance by monitoring the quality of their driving and travel volume. The driving information is collected through the “Clal Button” app and reflects the mileage and its quality without installing additional equipment in the vehicle. At the end of each month, the app sends a weighted driving score of all drivers specified in the policy and summarizes the cumulative mileage. The monthly premium discount is calculated according to this score. The service allows for significant savings in premiums, which can total up to tens of percent.
The app allows for total transparency, with a convenient and straightforward display of driving data and dynamic driving and monthly savings analysis. The app also connects when needed to the Clal BEHAVE call center that offers 24/7 help in an accident, including towing, emergency services, and a taxi home.
Guaranteed Pension – a revolutionary model that guarantees pension savers, for the first time in Israel, management fees known in advance, throughout the savings period, and until retirement. Additionally, the management fee decreases as the accumulated balance in the fund increases, regardless of the changing market conditions. The new model promises a very broad cut of customers significantly higher money accumulation.
“Clal First” Executive Insurance – a new executive insurance policy that allows policyholders to save from the first moment and benefit from low accumulation management fees, and premium management fees that do not exceed NIS 40 per month. This track enables the management of ongoing deposits as well as mobility within the same policy, with optimal management fees for clients , depending on the amount of the accumulated balance, and adapted to employees and self-employed alike
MediClal Critical Illness Policy – Clal Insurance and Finance has expanded the “MediClal Critical Illnesses 33” policy coverage and added coverage for “juvenile diabetes,” which includes compensation of up to NIS 700,000, without additional payment, for insured persons aged 0 to 21 who will develop, heaven forbid, juvenile diabetes. This compensation is besides compensation for the prolonged hospitalization of a child because of other illness or accidents, including hospitalization following an epidemic, which is also provided without additional premium payment, and was recently updated as part of the Company’s policy extension.
Clal Express – direct and immediate service for buyers of foreign travel insurance. The service allows the insured to receive immediate payment via a mobile phone of up to $500 in case of a medical incident and up to $170 for delayed luggage. The policyholder can also converse with a doctor online in Hebrew 24/7, from anywhere in the world.
Launch of a New Media Language – In 2021, Clal Insurance and Finance launched its new media slogan – “You Will be Happy That you are at Clal.” The new message reflects the face of Clal Insurance and Finance as a leading financial company in the Israeli economy, with decades of experience, but also up-to-date, innovative, and dynamic.

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