City Projects Entrepreneurship and Urban Renewal Ltd.

Entrepreneurship in the field of urban renewal and real estate


Founding Year 2017
Address Migdalei Uptown, 35 Ha’Rav Nissenboim Bat Yam - View Map
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Amir Peres, Adv. Chairman & Owner, City Projects Entrepreneurship and Urban Renewal Ltd.

Amir Peres

Adv. Chairman & Owner

Moshe Sharon, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, City Projects Entrepreneurship and Urban Renewal Ltd.

Moshe Sharon

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Fanny Avital, Tenant Relations Manager, City Projects Entrepreneurship and Urban Renewal Ltd.

Fanny Avital

Tenant Relations Manager

Bar Sharon, Marketing Manager, City Projects Entrepreneurship and Urban Renewal Ltd.

Bar Sharon

Marketing Manager


City Projects was founded by Amir Peres and Moshe Sharon, each with 20 years of experience in real estate. City Projects is an entrepreneurial company specializing in urban renewal. Today, the Company focuses on execution, planning, and initiating many projects in the field of TAMA 38-1 - Strengthening and Construction, demolition and construction transactions, and construction transactions for mixed-use buildings, including employment and trade. The Company provides advanced solutions for large-scale projects in the construction industry while strictly adhering to schedules, safety goals, and quality.

Two Important Principles Guide the Activities of City Projects:
1. Professional and efficient planning while acting smartly, meeting schedules, quality and safety during construction.
2 As part of the Company’s strategy, each tenant is provided quality and professional service, through a high level internal and external supervision and control system.
City Projects is one of the leading companies in urban renewal in Israel’s center, with the number of its projects always growing. The Company has extensive professional and quality experience and works with the sector’s best human capital.
The Company’s suppliers are among the best in passenger elevators, parking facilities, kitchens, ceramics, sanitary ware, entrance doors, interior doors, etc.

Financial Strength and Thinking About Environmental Planning Issues
The Company has the requisite financial strength and provides full banking support for all projects. Its staff includes the best professionals in their respective fields – architects, engineers, contractors, supervisors and staff. Each in its field focuses on carrying out the project at the highest and most innovative level, which currently exists globally.
Citi Projects operates according to the highest quality and service standards available in Israel, while maintaining construction quality and planning, meeting the requirements of the Israeli Standards Institute, investing substantial resources in planning, relating to environmental issues and placing particular emphasis on “green construction” which will give quality of life, savings in energy, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, water-saving and accessibility to natural light.

Emphasis on the Personal Treatment of Tenants
The Company places particular emphasis on the personal treatment of existing and new tenants. The care is professional and dedicated, all the while thinking about and adapting the architectural design to the tenant needs. The Company provides the tenants with a professional and attentive quality team that accompanies the projects closely and directly. The Company’s extensive experience is also reflected in its relations and activities with the various municipal authorities and regulators. The Company has a significant advantage in significantly shortening the planning and bureaucratic procedures until the building permit is obtained.

Completed Projects
The Company has initiated and completed various projects in the Tel Aviv area, Rishon Le’Zion and Holon, including 43-45 Leib Pinsker in Rishon Le’Zion and 6 Chelnov in Holon.

Projects Now Underway
The Company is now working on various projects in the Bat Yam area, such as
• City Project on the Sea – 15 Halper St., Bat Yam
• City Project on the Park – 56 Hashmonaim St., Bat Yam
• City Project on Herzog – 17 Herzog St., Bat Yam

Projects Being Planned
The Company is in the midst of a planning and execution process for over 40 projects, involving over 1,200 housing units and tens of thousands of square meters of employment and commercial space.
• More than 30 projects in Bat Yam
• Three projects in Holon
• Three projects in Tel Aviv

Company Vision
The Company believes that it can help its customers improve their quality of life and connection with their area of residence. The Company’s goal is a full partnership between itself and the new homeowners, and most importantly, a personal connection, which will ensure the success of the whole project. City Projects ensures its adherence to schedules, project execution at the highest of quality, flexibility and adaptation.

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