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Yigal Borochovsky & Co. was founded in 2018 and is a reputed litigation, real estate & finance, banking and dispute resolution firm who prioritizes the client and its ultimate goal is to lead to an optimal legal solution. Its main guiding values are extraordinary legal expertise, fairness, caring, transparency, integrity, justifying the clients' trust in the firm and its lawyers and acting to the clients' satisfaction. The firm provides clients with comprehensive legal & business services while identifying their specific needs & goals and customizing the services rendered accordingly.

Lawyers who are, First and Foremost, Human Beings
All of the firm’s lawyers are extraordinary professionals with unique knowledge. The firm includes 4 separate departments that create a broad legal & business service offering. The firm emphasizes its human capital and its lawyers were carefully selected by Adv. Borochovsky, owing not only to their excellence as lawyers, but also as high-quality individuals, with personal & professional integrity, who would provide excellent services.

The firm represents some of Israel’s largest business and public entities and international corporations and its broad clientele includes banks, financial institutes, hospitals, insurance companies, real estate groups, commercial companies, assisted living companies etc.

The Firm’s Managers
Adv. Yigal Borochovsky, Partner – has 20 years of extensive experience as a lawyer, with legal achievements and precedents. Before founding the firm, he was a senior partner of YSL, served as General Counsel, VP and member of the Executive Board of Discount Mortgages Bank and as Litigation Partner of Prof. Yuval Levy & Co.. Beyond his practice, he is also a board member of Shufersal Finance Management, deputy chairman of IBA’s TLV Courts’ Committee, member of the Judge Appointment Advisory Committee in TLV, Judge in the Journalists Ethics Court, Judge in the High Court of the Israeli Olympic Committee and arbitrator in the Business Arbitration Institute. He gained broad academic education – LL.B., B.A., Economics (cum laude), and LL.M. (cum laude). He was selected by the prestigious international ranking firm Chambers&Partners as one of Israel’s promising litigators and was included in PLC’s team of excelling and recommended lawyers.
Adv. Eli Shimelevich, Senior Partner & Head of Litigation – has longstanding and diverse experience in the full spectrum of litigation. He managed complex cases such as corporations and partnerships control struggles and disputes, commercial and real estate disputes, including administrative proceedings, tenders and petitions to the High Court of Justice, class and derivative actions, capital markets lawsuits, insurance, insolvency and liquidations, libel, antitrust and more. He was a partner in major litigation law firms, including Hamburger, Evron & Co..
Adv. Ivri Feingold, Partner, Litigation Department – accompanies the firm’s clients and represents them in proceedings before all courts and arbitration institutions in extensive and complex cases in the fields of banking, properties, real estate development, communication and corporate law lawsuits. He holds unique experience in representation in class actions claims in the fields of antitrust and administrative law, and in complex financial claims. He led his clients to precedential rulings on constitutional topics, and fundamental issues of title and civil procedures. He worked in leading Israeli law firms and has an LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Adv. and Notary Yafit Mitrani, Business Development Director, is responsible for identifying business opportunities, developing the firm, marketing, PR and media. She is a certified notary and provides diverse notary services to clients and colleagues. Adv. Mitrani has over 15 years of experience in real estate and business development and she previously managed real estate investments in the U.S. and managed & marketed rental offices of “Beit Hapraklitim” in the Museum Tower in TLV. She has an LL.B. and a B.A (Marketing).
Adv. Nadir Aviad, Head of Real Estate and Finance – has extraordinary experience in facilitating assisted-living projects, support in land acquisition and statutory rezoning. He also has vast expertise in the representation of banks and commercial companies in related financing transactions and he provides ongoing legal advice and consultation on civil legal issues, including representation in TAMA procedures, urban renewal projects, entrepreneurship etc. He has an LL.B. (magna cum laude), a B.A., Psychology, Criminology and Sociology, and an M.A., Cognitive Psychology.

Practice Areas
Litigation – The department comprises experienced lawyers from leading firms and academic institutes. It represents clients in the courts, arbitrations and vis-à-vis administrative authorities, in significant proceedings that receive media attention. The department accumulated unique experience in managing large monetary claims, real estate, banking, communication, antitrust, securities, insurance, shareholder and partner disputes, class actions, derivative claims, environment and public tender cases. Its clientele includes some of Israel’s most prominent entities, including airlines, banks, real estate developers, public and governmental companies and international corporations.
Real Estate and Finance – The department has comprehensive experience in facilitating complex and large real estate and financing transactions, including urban renewal transactions – “Pinui Binui” and “Tama 38”, asset-swap transactions, purchasing group, assisted living homes and commercial real estate and provides comprehensive legal support vis-à-vis the planning committees and government ministries. The department supports clients throughout the entire legal process (purchasing, due diligence, rezoning, agreements etc).
Banking, Finance and Risk Management – The department has vast expertise in representing financiers and banks in Israel and abroad and provides ongoing and regulatory counsel and representation in large complex financing transactions. In its finance practice it specializes in representing banks and funds in complex financing real estate projects. The department practices in the risk management field where it supports and represents banks and financial institutes in regulatory matters, compliance risk management and more. The clientele includes some of Israel’s leading banks and insurance companies. It provides them with legal opinions, ongoing advice on regulatory matters, handling compliance risk management and legal risks and preparation of policy and of a multi-year work plan for the management and handling of various risks.
Dispute Resolution – The firm’s mediation and arbitration department is led by Adv. Yigal Borochovsky, who has extensive legal and commercial experience and is regularly appointed as a mediator and arbitrator by the Israeli courts, the Israeli Chamber of Commerce and by the parties of the dispute. The department is co-led by Adv. Yuval Goldberger, Chairman of the Mediation Committee of the IBA’s Central District, who accumulated experience on tax, commerce, real estate, family and inheritance matters.

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