Bonei HaTichon

Residential, Commercial, and Luxury Tower Projects Along with Extensive Activity in Urban Renewal


Founding Year 1985
Address 26 HaRokmim St. 5th floor, "B" Building, Holon - View Map
Phone 972-3-9064670
Email [email protected]
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Ami Peretz, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Bonei HaTichon

Ami Peretz

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Ran Malach, Chief Executive Officer - Urban Renewal, Bonei HaTichon

Ran Malach

Chief Executive Officer - Urban Renewal

Doron Zander, Chief Financial Officer, Bonei HaTichon

Doron Zander

Chief Financial Officer

Sivan Peretz, Vice President - Marketing and Sales, Bonei HaTichon

Sivan Peretz

Vice President - Marketing and Sales

Hadar Peleg, Vice President - Bonim B'aeer, Bonei HaTichon

Hadar Peleg

Vice President - Bonim B'aeer

Keren Ben Simon, Vice President - Business Development, Bonei HaTichon

Keren Ben Simon

Vice President - Business Development

About Bonei HaTichon

Bonei HaTichon is one of Israel's leading real estate companies and is involved in initiating, developing, marketing, and managing residential, commercial, and luxury tower projects. The Company was founded in 1985 by the Late Mr. Aharon Peretz and his Son - Ami Peretz, and since then has completed the construction of thousands of housing units throughout Israel. Construction of thousands of housing units throughout Israel.

Along with extensive entrepreneurship activities, Bonei HaTichon is a key player in the urban renewal field and specializes in locating, promoting, and executing large-scale evacuation-construction projects. Bonei HaTichon manages and executes all its projects, internally, including initiation, planning, construction, marketing, sales, and customer service. The Company’s securities have been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1993 and enjoy the trust of investors, institutional entities, and the entire banking system. As well, Bonei HaTichon holds the highest contractor classification in Israel, the “C5”.

Commitment to Excellence
Bonei HaTichon aims to create a better environment for the future while concentrating on sustainability, appropriating green and efficient technologies. To this end, the Company devotes considerable resources to combining advanced construction technologies, recruiting quality manpower, strict quality control processes, and reliable and available customer service throughout and after the construction period. All said, provides the Company’s customers with quality housing units, in advanced projects, along with security and a quick, reliable and professional response over time.
The Company’s many customers are living proof of its success and indeed many return to buy their next housing unit from Bonei Ha’Tichon, and thus add their families and friends to the ever expanding customer base.

Reinventing Urban Reality
Bonei HaTichon Urban Renewal has been working for over a decade in locating, managing, planning, and establishing large-scale projects in the field of urban renewal in areas of demand in Israel. Currently, the Company is promoting more than 15,000 housing units in various projects through out the country. Bonei HaTichon is well aware of the complexity that accompanies evacuation-reconstruction processes from all aspects: social, property, planning, and performance and is experienced in practical and up-to-date planning according to the requirements of the local authority and planning institutions, in full cooperation and transparency with tenants.

Building in Tel Aviv
The company recruits the best architects and uses the best technologies and building materials for all its projects. To build the urban renewal framework, Bonim B’aeer recruits the best architects, and uses the best technologies and building materials, and brings its vision, patience, and soul to breathe new life into the streets of Tel Aviv, allowing the buildings and their occupants to renew, be involved in new adventures and become icons of planning, design and a unique residential experience in the city.

Activities for the Community
Bonei HaTichon believes that contributing to the community is an integral part of its business life. Over time, the Company has contributed to the communities in which it is active, through various frameworks, including donations to non-profit organizations and social organizations, voluntary activities that integrate the Company’s management and employees, help for underprivileged populations, and more. The Company also sponsors community sports activities and professional groups, believing that sports provide an important lesson in striving for excellence, fair competition for all ages, and contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Selected Projects
ONO ONE, Kiryat Ono – one of Israel’s most significant evacuation-reconstruction projects. The project offers over 1,000 housing units in nine 20-21-story towers in the heart of the city. The urban residential complex is surrounded by green gardens, walking paths, bicycle paths, children’s play facilities, and more.
The design of the units excels in generous spaces, open to air and landscape, luxurious specifications, and luxurious balconies.

ELLA, Modi’in – The project excels in an excellent location in the heart of Modi’in’s Moreshet neighborhood, between the ELLA archaeological nature park and the Ha’bustanim Park, and offers 155 housing units in four terraced buildings. The project is designed to create a residential experience that draws inspiration from the locality and is ideal for family life in a luxurious and meticulous environment.
VINEYARD, Ashkelon – The project is noted for exacting and unique planning of various quality housing units in the Wine City neighborhood that enjoys an excellent location and advanced infrastructure. The project offers three residential complexes, each with two 7-story buildings located around courtyards.
WIN, Kiryat Gat – The project is located in the new Carmei Gat neighborhood. It offers over 260 housing units in 14 buildings that excel in intelligent planning, meticulous execution, a breathtaking view of Wadi Anava and the slopes of the Judean Mountains.

Urban Renewal Projects
The Company is now promoting several groundbreaking projects in the field of evacuation-reconstruction in the following areas of demand:
• New Holon – a project that offers over 2,000 new housing units on Har Hatzofim and Megiddo-Shiloah streets.
• Rishon Le’Zion – two projects offering over 2,800 new housing units, one in the Neve Hof neighborhood and the other in the heart of the Older City.
• Haifa – four large-scale projects that offer over 4,000 housing units in Haifa’s most sought-after areas – Neve Sha’anan, Berl Katznelson, Neve David, and Kiryat Eliyahu.
• Jerusalem – a project of over 500 new housing units in five innovative towers in a green and well-kept environment.

In addition, the Company is promoting various urban renewal projects throughout Israel, including Ramat Hasharon, Azor, Petah Tikva, Ramle, Bat Yam, Rehovot, Yavne, Herzliya, Netanya, Kfar Saba, and more.

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