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Boaz Ben Zur, Founding Partner, Ben Zur Corb & Co., Law Firm

Boaz Ben Zur

Founding Partner

. Uri Corb, Adv. Managing Partner, Ben Zur Corb & Co., Law Firm

. Uri Corb

Adv. Managing Partner

About Ben Zur Corb & Co., Law Firm

Boaz Ben Zur & Co. is one of Israel's most prominent litigation firms. The Firm, founded by Adv. Boaz Ben Zur is boutique-sized, and specializes in litigation, represents leading entities of the Israeli economy in especially unique and complex cases and has an exceptional reputation of accompanying and representing its clients, before all legal instances, as well as in arbitration and mediation procedures, national commissions of inquiry, and disciplinary tribunals.

In 2021, the Firm merged with the Uri Corb, Law Firm

The Firm handles litigation at all judicial instances, is one of the most prominent in Israel, and specializes in civil-commercial, white-collar, banking, securities, insurance, class actions, public law, labor law, and defamation. The Firm represents leading entities in the economy in substantial and complex cases, as well as in mediation and arbitration procedures.

Professional and Personal Service
The unique characteristics of the Firm are the management of complex and exceptional cases, the mobilization of an uncompromising struggle for the achievement of the goal and the representation of the client out of a deep understanding of their needs. Case management is done with a professional application of interdisciplinary aspects, and is accompanied by comprehensive research, meticulous attention to detail, creativity and initiative, while ensuring an in-depth knowledge of jurisprudence and quality and fluent writing.
The Firm’s cases, some of which are covered by the media, are managed by a team of lawyers in charge of each case, with Adv. Ben Tzur and Adv. Corb are leading the teams and being involved in case management.

The Firm’s Clients
Since its formation, the Firm has maintained its distinctiveness and uniqueness as a litigation boutique law firm, representing a comprehensive and high-quality circle of clients. Firm clients come from the top echelons of Israel’s business and economy – public companies, large insurance companies, pension funds, workers’ organizations, energy, fuel, real estate, infrastructures and tourism companies, private businesspeople, capital market investors, large insurance agencies, many lawyers and public accountants, public figures, government ministers and Knesset members, and well-known media personalities.

Areas of Specialization and Expertise
Complex Commercial Litigation – The Firm handles complex cases and arbitration proceedings in a variety of fields – business and commercial disputes, corporate control struggles, shareholder disputes, investor claims in the capital market, representation of defendants in class actions, representation in derivative claims, banking, and insurance cases, complex real-estate cases, dissolutions of attorney and accountant partnerships.
White-Collar – Representation of senior suspects and defendants, public figures and executives in public service in white-collar cases, from counseling during investigations and hearings to conducting the defense and obtaining precedents, including high-profile cases, with broad media coverage.
Insurance Litigation – Adv. Ben Zur has unique expertise and knowledge of the insurance sector and was an active participant in planning the regulatory pension arrangements. The Firm represents most of the large Israeli insurance companies in many complex commercial disputes and class actions.
Litigation and Public Law – This field includes representing bodies in a variety of proceedings in public law before the High Court of Justice, in administrative petitions, and in public struggles. The Firm also specializes in election law and counseling politicians.
Labor Law Litigation – Representation of leading workers’ organizations before various judicial instances, including collective disputes in the pension and social conditions field. The Firm also represents employees and employers in hearings and claims regarding labor relations in labor courts, and disciplinary proceedings.
Libel Law – Representing public figures and senior media personalities in unique libel suits.

Adv. Boaz Ben Zur – Head of the Firm, with over 30 years of experience in the field, is one of the most respected litigators in Israel and is consistently ranked in the top professional rankings. He holds a B.A. (cum laude) and an LL.M. from the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. In 1987 began to practice at S. Horowitz, and in 1990 joined up with Dr. Weinroth & Co., where he was a partner for 15 years. In 2005, Adv. Ben Zur set out on his own. Adv. Ben Tzur has lectured at the Academic College in Kiryat Ono and the Israel Bar. He also serves as a mediator and arbitrator in commercial arbitration cases. Adv. Ben Tzur led the Bar Association’s staff on civil justice reform and took an active part in formulating the reform with the Justice Minister and judicial officials.
Adv. Uri Corb – Adv. Corb has over 20 years of experience as a senior and director of the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office, in which he represented the state in hundreds of administrative and civil criminal proceedings. As a prosecutor, Adv. Corb handled very significant cases, including the trial of former Prime Minister Mr. Ehud Olmert and the trial of the murderers of Muhammad Abu Hadir. After several years in the private sector, where he served as a partner with Tulchinsky, Stern, Marciano Cohen, Levitski & Co. Uri Corb at the beginning of 2021 joined the Firm as a managing partner alongside Adv. Boaz Ben Tzur. Adv. Corb has expertise in white-collar offenses, economic offenses (such as tax offenses, and money laundering), and the management of forfeiture proceedings.
Adv. Hagai Halevy – Graduated from Bar Ilan University’s Faculty of Law and interned at the Supreme Court under Justice Theodor Or (Retired), was an associate at S. Horowitz & Co., and a partner at Ze’ev Scharf before joining as a partner with Adv. Boaz Ben Zur in 2005. Specializes in complex, large-scale, commercial litigation issues.
Adv. Dikla Sirkis – Graduated from The Hebrew University Law Faculty with an LL.B. and from the Tel Aviv University Law Faculty with an LL.M. Interned with the criminal department of the State Attorney’s Office. Practiced as an associate at Dr. Weinroth & Co. and later at Spigelman, Koren, Barak, Zamir & Co. Joined the Firm in 2011. Specializes in complex civil-commercial litigation cases and white-collar crimes.
Adv. Assaf Benmelech – specializes in managing lawsuits in a variety of legal areas, including commercial lawsuits including hi-tech, environmental law, and white-collar law, and sensitive issues related to capital and family property, as well as managing class actions and derivatives. Adv. Benmelech began his legal career as an intern with State Attorney Edna Arbel. In 2003, Adv. Benmelech joined the Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co Law Firm. Since 2010, he has been a partner in the litigation department at the Firm’s Jerusalem branch.
Adv. Elad Peleg – Graduated from The Hebrew University Law Faculty. Interned at Meitar Liquornik & Leshem Brandwein & Co., and later was an associate at Gilat Knoller Graus & Co. Joined the Ben Zur law firm in 2008. Specializes in commercial litigation, with an emphasis on the representation of defendants in class action cases, mainly involving the major insurance companies.
Adv. Tomer Shikarchy – Graduated from Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty. Interned at Doron-Chet, before joining up with Dr. J. Segev. Joined the Firm in 2012 and specializes in complex commercial litigation and arbitrations.
Adv. Avraham Avrahamof – Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the College of Management. Began with the Firm in 2010. Specializes in commercial litigation and handles a variety of complex cases.
Adv. Sivan Russo – served as a state attorney for about 12 years, mostly with the criminal department of the State Attorney’s Office. Adv. Russo represented the State before the Supreme Court on appeals in serious criminal cases, in appeal proceedings, and even in requests for a retrial. Adv. Russo took part in teams dealing with the issue of prosecution in sensitive and complex cases. Upon moving to the private sector, Adv. Russo began representing in criminal proceedings mainly in the field of white-collar offenses and complex civil proceedings, and in early 2021 joined the firm as part of the litigation department.
Adv. Naama Horn – specializes in real estate and has extensive experience in accompanying and providing legal advice, including complex real estate transactions and accompanying developers and property owners in initiation and construction proceedings. In addition, Adv. Horn specializes in civil and commercial litigation, in complex litigation cases before all judicial instances. Adv. Horn interned with Adv. Lipa Meir and later worked with Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co.
Adv. Ori Schneller – Graduate of the Law Faculty and holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, with a specialization in Finance both from the College of Management. Began his legal carrier with the Firm as an intern and from 2013, practices law with the Firm. Specializes in commercial-civil litigation.
Adv. Carmel Ben Tzur – holds an LL.B and LL.M (Commercial Law) from Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law. Interned at the Supreme Court of Justice under Justice Uzi Fogelman and later served as a legal assistant between 2012 – 2017. Joined the Firm in 2017. Specializes in civil-commercial litigation, administrative law, and white-collar cases.
Adv. Guy Raveh – LL.B. (Specialization in Government) from Herzliya’s Interdisciplinary Center. Interned at the Supreme Court of Justice under Justice Salim Joubran (Retired). Joined the Firm in 2014. Specializes in administrative and commercial litigation.
Adv. Osnat Goldschmidt-Shrier – LL.B., LL.M., and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration all from Herzliya’s Interdisciplinary Center. Began her practice as an intern with the Firm and as a lawyer in 2015. Specializes in civil-commercial litigation, complex real estate cases, and extradition laws.
Adv. Inbal Borosh – LL.B. and LL.M (Technology) as well as a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Haifa. Interned with S. Horowitz & Co., and the practiced law at Fisher, Bachar, Wale, Orion & Co., as well as at Nir Cohen & Co. Joined the Firm in 2018. Specializes in diverse commercial-civil litigation in a variety of fields as well as in class action and derivative claims.
Adv. Noya Ben Zaken – interned and worked for two years at Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co., and joined the firm in 2021. Specializes in real estate and provides comprehensive legal advice and advice on real estate transactions as well as civil and commercial litigation.
Adv. Idan Segar – LL.B. from Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law. Interned at the Supreme Court under Justice Dafna Barak-Erez and the State Attorney’s Office and joined the Firm in 2020. Specializes in administrative and constitutional law, civil litigation, and white-collar cases.
Adv. Hadar Goldstein – LL.B. in Law and Government from Herzliya’s Interdisciplinary Center. Interbed with the Firm and in 2021, joined as a lawyer. Specializes in complex commercial-civil cases.
Adv. Ohad Weigler – LL.B from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2019). Interned with the High Court Department of the State Attorney’s Office. Specializes in white-collar offenses, commercial litigation, and public law.
Adv. Rotem Donowicz – LL.B from the University of Haifa (2019). Interned in the Supreme Court with the Honorable Justice D. Mintz. Specializes in commercial litigation and white-collar.

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